Unexpected Outings

I woke up several times throughout the night and then the morning. I stayed up till 2:30am reading. I finished Twilight a few days ago (finally) and started on New Moon yesterday. I’m thinking it’ll take me about 2 months to finish this one LOL.

I was sweating up a storm most of the night and it didn’t help that Alaethia was tossing and turning because she was hot, too. I kept thinking how wonderful it’ll be when her toddler bed finally comes in.

Sally called around 9:30 to let me know she was making the banana pancakes she had when she’d come over last month. We chatted a bit and agreed to meet sometime today. She said she didn’t want me to have the baby and not give me my baby shower gift yet LOL.

I tried sleeping more and then when I finally woke up, started making banana pancakes, too. We had 5 bananas that desperately needed to be eaten so I used one and saved 4 for some banana bread later.

I checked my e-mail while I was cooking and got the notification about Alaethia’s toddler bed coming in to Walmart. Sweet. Mario woke up around an hour later after I told him to get up (he’d been outside drinking beers with Adan till 4am!). Mary invited us to go watch Coraline. I so wanted to watch that movie so I got ready, Mary got Alaethia ready and Mario got ready. We learned about some drama going on in the family, so we stood around talking about that for a while.

The movie was SO darn cute! Alaethia made it a little difficult to watch, since for most of the movie she refused to sit down. She spent the rest of the time jumping from lap to lap declaring loudly that she wanted to go to the car. She was really scared at the end. I was too far from Eenan to see how he was reacting, but during a sad part towards the end Jaylen lifted his 3-d glasses and wiped at his eyes with the back of his hand. My poor dude!

It was such a good movie that even Mario enjoyed it. I could have watched it all day. I love that type of Intru 3-D.

Mary took all the kids with her and we went to meet Sally at Las Tiendas. I set up my e-mail properly on my Centro finally, while we waited. We stood around talking for a while and she gave me her and Pete’s gift: one of those shopping cart/high chair covers. Too cool. They didn’t even have those around when Jaylen and Eenan were babies and we didn’t get one for Alaethia, though I really wanted to. I’d told her about how cool those were when we had breakfast with her and Pete at Le Peep a while back and she said not to let anyone get it for me ’cause that would be her gift to me, and it was!

We talked a while more about house renovations she and Pete are making and told her to get a hold of us if they need help again. That type of stuff comes second nature to Mario and his dad; they hadn’t remembered and poor things forked out a lot of money.

After we met with Sally, we went straight to Walmart. On the way there I figured out how to upload pictures from my Centro to my Flickr account! I’m hoping I can upload a pic of Emily from the hospital, if I have the strength and time, of course.

We picked up some pillows Jorge asked us to and picked up Alaethia’s bed. It’s so cute.

I dropped Mario off at Jorge’s since he had some stuff to help him with and I came straight home to make dinner. I’d been wanting chicken chalupas for a while so I began to make them. Mario texted me to go to Yadira’s, where everyone was, and I told him I’d just started making dinner so I’d be there soon. He came over to pick up his beer an hour later and that’s when I was finally done. I made him eat–because he hadn’t eaten all day–and I ate and so did the kids. Mary stayed with the boys and Mom stayed with Aly while I went over.

The girls sat around the table, as usual, and we shared gossip and were all just stunned with the news we’d heard about earlier during the day. Yazmin asked to see my belly, as in bare belly, so I lifted my blouse and showed them my beautifully round, stretch-marked belly. Everyone came over and rubbed it LOL. I need to take pictures of my bare belly, stretchmarks or not. I need to chronicle everything I can since this’ll be our last lil’ one.

After everyone started slowly leaving, Mario and I hung out with Yadira, Tommy and the kids. I forget why our initial visit to Yadira’s closet happened, but we were looking through her things and she showed me her box of Hannah’s tiny baby things she’d saved from when she was born/passed away. I still don’t know how you word that. I felt a little…apprehensive, I guess, while she was taking each tiny thing out and describing it. I was afraid it would be too hard for her to talk about it but she seemed fine. I think it was a bit therapeutic for her.

Mario and I left around 10:30 and had a conversation on the way home. We were talking about the girls’ room and the toddler bed and sleeping arrangements for the girls and me and my hormones started getting the best of me. I felt like he was telling me I basically sucked at training the kids with sleeping but he wasn’t. He was just trying to tell me both the girls would end up sleeping in our room like the boys did for a really long time. Then the conversation steered into one about our relationship and how we’ve really come a long way. I’m glad :). It’ll be 10 years next month!

So now I’m here, blogging with a tiny, curly-haired girl climbing all over me. She hasn’t had a nap all day and still isn’t even nodding her head. I told Mario I need to get the rocking chair back from Mom and get her on a schedule.

And tomorrow. Tomorrow will be the day I get all the final baby things ready. I told Mario earlier, imagine how funny it would be if I go into labor tomorrow after being at Yadira’s today. When I went into labor with Alaethia 2 years ago we’d been at Tommy and Yadira’s the night before for Angela’s birthday. I really hope she waits till Friday, though–if today’s even the week it’ll happen. That way Mario doesn’t have to miss work!


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