I’ve spent many hours reading up on complications regarding breast reductions. MANY. I’m not even sure how some of those stories became so severe; you’d think they’d run to the hospital when they’d see, oh you know, PUS! So with that said, 3 months to the day of my surgery, I’m a bit paranoid about the pain I’m still feeling on my right breast, plus I got a small, blister-like spot near my areola scar, plus the redness on that same areola towards the bottom scar. AND, my T-intersection on my left boob still has a small scab. So I made an appointment for Thursday afternoon, just to be on the safe side.

I started experiencing these things about 2 weeks ago 😳 and Jorge scolded me for not going in sooner. At first I thought it was irritation from my sports bra since I took up running (occasionally!), or that the pain I was feeling was because my nerves were waking up (that was the boob that was really numb at first), or that maybe the pain was from my menstrual cycle, but nope. Still have it.

Other than that, I feel really good! I can run, drive, lift my arms, I’m doing yoga again and I’m still walking around without a bra at home most of the time, so I feel really grateful. I’m sure it’s probably nothing, but the hypochondriac in me NEEDS reassurance.

[edited on Thursday, May 12]
I went in for my appointment today. The reason for making this appointment is because of the blister-like spot and the pain under my areola, but those healed already. But I already had the appointment scheduled, so I went in since I was feeling the pain on the right side of my right breast and my nip is still very sensitive. Running water from the shower makes it hurt type of sensitive.

The girls were welcoming and asked how I was doing. Then I got my vitals taken and I changed into my gown. My doc asked how’d I’d been doing and I said fine, BUT…and told him about my problems. He said the blister-like spot was due to my body spitting out a suture (which is exactly what I’d assumed). Then I told him about the lingering pain; I mean, even water trickling on my nip in the shower would cause a shocking pain suddenly. So he asked, “Does this hurt?” and told me to lift my arm and pressed his finger into the side of my boob near my underarm. I got this terrible pain! I cringed and said, “YUP, right there!” He said it was my nerve sending the pain across my boob into my nipple and that it could affect my ribs, too! No wonder my rib felt like it had a constant bruise!

He said it’s nerve inflammation, and that I could take Advil or Ibuprofen when I’m at home, but he could give me a steroid shot with local anesthesia if I wanted relief. So, as much as I hated the thought, I went for it. He said I would totally feel the pain subside in 3 days, but I’d follow up in 1 month in case the pain came back.

He walked out and came back with a syringe and an alcohol wipe. He apologized in advance for how much it was going to hurt 😯 !


He walked me over to the chair, then he pressed his finger along the side of my boob near my armpit until “it hurt the most” and kept his finger there as a marker. I asked how much of the needle would pierce me and he said, “The whole thing. It’s going to touch your rib.” I instantly felt nauseous and insanely nervous, but I gripped onto the seat and he stuck me. I felt pressure, lots of it, then the shocking pain when the needlepoint touched my rip. I squealed and gasped at the same time. I could feel the liquid flowing in. He said, “I know it’s at your rib, but now I’m going to insert it above and below.” So he proceeded to slightly pull the needle out, and reinsert. Ugh. It was the part that hurt the most, I think. He massaged the area and I said, “Ok, now when will you do the steroid?” And he said, “Oh! That was it, it’s 2 in 1!” Thank GOD.

I felt immediate relief on my nip and boob, BUT I did feel pain at the site. Driving back to work I was surprised to find that my seatbelt wasn’t hurting me like it usually does. But, once I got to the office, just plugging in my phone charger caused me to feel pain at the site. And now that it’s about 4 hours later, I’m feeling pain at the site (or my muscle?) when I lift my arm or pull it back 😕 . I hope it’s not nerve damage 🙁 . I hope this one shot helps! Need to go back in 1 month.