28 Week Apt. & a Visit From Mayra

I had my 28 week appointment this morning. Let me start by saying that I go to probably the most ghettolicious medical practice in all of the Valley. I don’t mean the facility itself, I mean some–okay, most–of the people who go there.

There was a young girl who was giving her 3 month old Gatorade. When I first saw the bottle she was feeding the baby I thought it was Pedialyte but then I saw her refill the bottle with orange Gatorade from a Gatorade bottle. I sure hope the doctor or nurses saw that and told her something about it. I mean, c’mon?!

There was also a woman who I overheard telling another woman (the evil Substitute that Eenan has had twice coincidentally) that her friend’s husband was getting out of prison in 2008, and that her own husband should be out this January. This she’s telling to a total stranger and letting the whole lobby overhear. I was so sleepy this morning since I didn’t get to sleep much last night (woke up 3 times to pee!) but this woman’s high-pitched voice kept me awake.

She was letting her 1 year old crawl around the germ-infested office and when she finally decided to pay attention to him (right around the time he put a leaf or something he found on the welcome mat in his mouth) she called screamed for him. When he didn’t pay attention after 3 screams she raises up a pouch of some sort, probably a foldable rain coat, and TOSSED IT AT HIS HEAD! The little boy just sat there, stunned as hell and what did she do? Cackled and nudged her friend to tell her how funny it was. I don’t even want to know how this woman treats her kids at home.

Anyway, I saw a friend I met there a few weeks ago, Aracely. We spoke momentarily and she told me she’d just been told she was having a girl, which is what she and her husband wanted since they already have a 2 year old boy. I told her how I had a feeling I was having a girl and had already been told twice that the baby was a girl, but I wanted to be told just one more time. She brought me a Chinese Calendar from her car and sure enough, it said I was having a girl. This calendar was different though–not like the one I’d been using before (which said I’d be having a boy this time O_o).

She was called in again and I waited for mmm…about 2 hours to be seen. I weighed 131.0 this time, which confirms that the scale was wrong at my last visit and that I did not gain 5 lbs. in one week! I was so relieved. Blood pressure was fine and so was my urinalysis, except for the tad bit of glucose that was floating around in there again. I’m noticing that everytime I drink chocolate or strawberry milk before an appointment there’s glucose in my pee and I have to get my sugar checked. It was fine–at 104 but I’m going to make it a point not to drink chocolate or strawberry milk (or Fruity Pebbles!) before appointments anymore. I hate being poked!

Dr. C. gave me an ultrasound to check how Alaethia’s doing. Her head’s much bigger than 3 weeks ago and she’s officially turned into the headdown position, just like her brothers did at 7 months. That’s what she must have been doing that night I didn’t fall asleep till 3:30am! That also explains the huge kicks I’d been feeling in the ribs.

She’s growing perfectly, he said. He was worried that my placenta may be blocking the cervix, but upon closer inspection he said it wasn’t. I hope he’s right! He also confirmed for the 3rd time that she’s a girl and gave me the okay to buy pink things!! He didn’t give me a sono picture again, but at least I saw it for myself this time!

I came home and cleaned up a little and went to pick Jaylen up (5 minutes late because for the first time ever I lost track of time!). I cleaned some more and then Mayra showed up :). It was so nice catching up with her and just talking about everything like the good ol’ school days; husbands, messy kiddos, and other gossip ;). She was kind enough to tell me that I didn’t look “huge” at all, even though I feel like I am LOL. I can’t even walk straight anymore from the extra girth.

I hope we can chill out again soon and catch a movie or something. I miss my friends!

Eenan has UIL practice tomorrow–I’m hoping his coach finally decides exactly when she’s going to have them. She actually called this time, which I appreciate but God, her meets are all over the place! I’m just glad she won’t be having them in the morning anymore. Or not having them, more like it.

Today feels really low-key and just…relaxing. Jaylen did his homework with no complaints, Eenan doesn’t have homework, two of my favorite shows (ANTM and Biggest Loser) are on tonight, and I fully plan on finally making my lasagna as soon as I’m done with this entry.

P.S. Yay for Democrats taking over the House! C’mon Virginia! I have faith in you!

How strange that Rumsfeld stepped down out of all days and all of a sudden the cheap $1.95-1.99 gas that had been the trend the past two weeks up until yesterday suddenly jumped up to $2.09. Hmm? I wonder how this next year will pan out?


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