Babies and Some Bad News

Matthew Thomas was born on Saturday morning weighing 7 lbs. 14.6 oz.–and he was four and a half weeks early! He’s such a beautiful baby. He’s got the chubbiest cheeks, chubbier that even Eenan’s were at birth. I just want to squeeze and nuzzle him. He was born with a full head of hair. I’d forgotten just how soft and silky brand-new baby hair feels.

I went to visit him and Yadira around noon with Mom. We took her some flowers and were really quiet in her room since she needed total silence. Her blood pressure was still high so the doctors were trying to keep her as calm as possible. Mom, Mary (who’d stayed with her since 4 a.m. and was present for Matthew’s birth), and I whispered amongst ourselves while she rested. Mary went out to do something and Yadira couldn’t sleep so we talked. Her pediatric nurse, Tony, came in and told her how Matthew was doing. They were running glucose tests on him since she had Gestational Diabetes and his sugars were low. Babies are supposed to be around 45, but he’d gone down to 33 and Tony was afraid he’d go lower so they were keeping an eye on him. He said if it got lower Matthew might go into a coma. That’s scary to hear. Matthew was fine within a few hours so he got to visit and feed with his Mama.

I decided that I need to take care of myself, especially since I want to have another baby soon. I haven’t had Gestational Diabetes with either of my pregnancies, but I couldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t eat well and excersize and I got it this time around. Mom and Dad both have Diabetes, so there’s a chance I might get it, but with a proper diet and excersize I should be fine.

I have at least 15 lbs. exactly to lose before I’ll allow myself to get pregnant, which I’d really like to get a move on already . I thought once Matthew was born it would be enough to satisfy my baby hunger, but I think he just made me want a baby even more (he’s so CUTE!). I’ve been thinking of conceiving for the past few months and kept hinting to Mario about it who would just say he wanted to have our house first before we had another child. It made me sad to think about it, that he didn’t want to try, but I started thinking maybe it was for the better that we waited. Although my uterus yearns to be occupied, I kept thinking about finishing school and starting work and how a baby wouldn’t be possible at the moment.

Tonight, my husband came home and tossed my birth control pills in the trash. I’m so ready for this. I’ve got names picked out and everything. Who knows when we’ll actually start to try; what with him working all the time and school and the kids and housework draining me out it seems impossible to even start trying, but it thrills me to know he’s come around this time, and hopefully for sure. We’re not telling anyone till we actually know we’ve conceived . Maybe I shouldn’t be writing about this here…

I got this wonderful news about Mario wanting to try for a baby after I got a call from Mary that our Padrino, Arturo, was found dead, probably murdered, at his ranch. Our Madrina, Oralia, couldn’t find him for two days and today in the afternoon, they found him. His truck and body were completely burned. It makes me sick to think of it–of how someone could be so damn inhuman to do something like this. We hadn’t seen them in so long; I feel horrible. Why would anyone have something against him? I just don’t get it at all. We’re going over there tomorrow to visit Oralia and pay our respects. I don’t know how I’ll be able to see her that way. They’d fight all the time, playfully most of the time, but she spent most of her life with him. She just had him ripped away from her, just like that. It came out on the news tonight, the first breaking story they had, but didn’t say much. God, I just can’t believe it. I hope they find/catch whoever’s behind this.

I should go take my shower now and try to think of the good things instead of the very, very unfortunate.

on Friday, March 24th, Lauren said:

omg babe i am sooo sorry about your Padrino!! that is horrific!! πŸ™ also, i think you and mario should do whatever you decide or feel right about having a new baby. πŸ˜€

on Friday, March 24th, Vic said:

Aw I’m really sorry about your godfather. That’s really sad and scary. But I’m glad you do have something positive to think about, a new baby. πŸ˜€

on Thursday, March 23rd,“>cyn said:

well first off im very sorry to hear about your padrino. πŸ™ and i’ll be praying for your familia. also i hope they find the person that did this to him. second congrats on trying to have another baby, good luck on that one! and hopefully this time you can have your baby girl that way you can have your pair. or 3 peas in a pod lol πŸ™‚

on Wednesday, March 22nd, Johanna Rios said:

I just saw the channel 5 news online. It caught my attention because it said “Starr County” somewhere in its title. I used to go to El Sauz a lot when I was younger. It has always seemed like such a safe, little community.

on Wednesday, March 22nd, Johanna Rios said:

Awww….I am so sorry about your padrino. I hope that your madrina will be alright. I am glad that the baby was born okay and I really hope that his blood sugar doesn’t go down. It must be very scary to have had Gestational Diabetes. during a pregnancy Take care!

on Wednesday, March 22nd, Jorden said:

I’m sorry to hear about your loss, i will be thinking of you.

on Wednesday, March 22nd, Erin said:

I’m so sorry to hear about your Padrino! That’s terrible news and it’s so sad to hear something like that. It’s one of those horrific things that you hear about but think could never happen to you or anyone you know so when it does, it is just devastating. πŸ™ I’m so sorry!

On a lighter note, babies are just so adorable! And I’m so happy to hear you guys are on the same page!! πŸ˜€ Good luck!! <3

on Wednesday, March 22nd,” target=”_new”>Stephanie said:

Hey Yajaira! That’s so great about the baby news! Good luck and have fun conceiving! πŸ˜‰

I’m so sorry to hear about your Padrino… I really hope they find who did that to him and that they pay for it.

on Wednesday, March 22nd, Caleb said:

I have been through two of my friends pregnancies and OMG the first time I was so horribly scared when the baby started coming out, then after the baby came out thatother thing came out..I was going to throw up but it was beautiful to see a new life be brought into this world.

I have to agree with Mario on this, you guys should really get school and things like that out of the way first before trying for another baby. I know you know first hand how expensive babies can be and so it wouldn’t be a good idea just yet, but that’s just my opinion.

I’m so sorry to hear about your padrino that is truly horrible, how could another human being be so cruel to do something like that to someone else.