So much has been going on I don’t even know where to start. Work from Thursday on was okay. Doing the same things over and over again (like filing–bleh) but at least I’ve learned how to take payments without help and I’m getting better and better at closing at the end of the day. The “box” would have come out perfectly today had there not been a discrepancy that wasn’t at all my, or Emma or Eliza’s, doing.

Aunt Nora and I ate lunch together Thursday and Friday. We did a “mall run”, which is something Aunt Nora likes to do often, and then ate back at the office. I got 4 pretty necklaces to go with my outfits on Friday, 3 of which were on sale at JC Penny.

Mary, Noelia and Jorge got here Friday and we all got together that night and talked. Tia Alicia, Amelia, and Aurora stopped by also.

I went to work on Saturday. It went by surprisingly fast. An hour went by where the girls (Emma and Eliza) were giving me a mini makeover and another hour where a lady had her daughter dancing for us like Shakira. We meet some interesting people there LOL.

I met Mario for lunch after work. We ate at Taco Bell and then stopped at H-E-B for something important. He drove back to work, gave me a kiss and told me to call him as soon as I found out. I got home and took that special something and this was the result:

Yep. I’m preggers :). You can barely tell in the picture that the second window’s a plus sign, and at first I thought, “Nah, I’m not pregnant”, but the pamphlet said it didn’t matter how light the plus sign is as long as it’s there. Mario and I’d been trying since the end of March following the ovulation cycle tracker Mrs. C-R. taught me, and well, it seems to have worked :). I was so thrilled, and scared at the same time as I just started working and I knew, just knew there were going to be a few rotten apples in the bunch who had to put in their unwanted 2 cents. I won’t lie, I was shitting bricks when I started having the symptoms that I was pregnant (sore boobs, nausea, hungry every 2 hours, etc.)–I don’t know how I’m going to do it to get insurance since my job doesn’t offer it. I was going to apply at another job, much closer to home even, but I get out too late and basically can’t do anything, not even go to the doctor since they close at 5:30 and it takes me 30 minutes to get to the doctor’s office. When I started having a nervous breakdown on Friday night during my shower, Mario’s the one who reassured me that everything would be fine, and he had this goofy grin on his face and said, “Get a test tomorrow, I want to find out.”

Later on that night he hugged me and said, “It might be baby time!” I don’t know if he was really that excited or if he was just trying to make me feel better, but if it was the latter, it worked. I can’t express how much he means to me.

So yeah, I’m pregnant! I still can’t believe it! I really want to be thrilled about this pregnancy so I’m hoping God will lead me to do what I need to do. I’ve got so many things running through my head right now I can’t even enjoy being pregnant. Then there’s those people who think I care what their opinion is saying things like, “You should have waited!” I think my husband and I are adult enough to plan our own lives, thankyouverymuch, and yes, I may be having this insurance dilemma, but I assure you I’ll figure it out. I always do. I’m even keeping this hidden from my collegues for now. Not until I figure out what I’m going to do.

Oh, and Eenan had his awards ceremony at school today and he got a trophy for perfect attendance all year and a medal for A & B honor roll. I’m so thrilled for him :). He’s adorable 🙂

Jaylen’s busy learning his alphabet and is just thrilled about his new brother or sister. Both of them were so happy when I told them on Saturday. They’re both wishing for their sister :).

It’s 7, so I gotta get on the ball and figure out what I’m making for dinner. There’s leftover lasagna from the dinner I made for the whole family yesterday (yes, even more stress, but Mario helped me so everything came out alright) but nah, I’ll make something else.

Man, I feel like I’m getting hot flashes .

on Tuesday, June 6th, laurie said:

OMGGGGG Congrats! how exciting!!! I’m soooo excited and happy for ya’ll! woot! How bout if it’s a girl, you name her after me? Lauriana! lol j/k!

on Monday, June 5th, Julianna said:

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’m so happy for you! That’s really awesome. 🙂 I wish both of you guys lots of love and happieness with the upcoming new addition!

on Saturday, June 3rd, tara said:


on Saturday, June 3rd, Lauren said:

OMG CONGRATS ON BECOMING PREGNANT HUNNI! i hope your pregnancy goes well with no problems! <33

on Friday, June 2nd, kitty said:

congrats!! you’re pregnant!! yayyyy!! so happy for you!! 🙂

on Friday, June 2nd, Raechel said:

Congratulations on the new addition to your family!

on Friday, June 2nd, Birdie said:

I’m jealous. 🙂 AND very excited for you!!!! Keep us posted with updates on your pregnancy! 😀

About the insurance, I’m not sure how it is in TX, but MN state provides insurance to all pregnant women (regardless of income) who cannot receive coverage through work/their spouse. You should check with your local gvt office!!! You’re tax dollars are going towards it, might as well use it if you can.

on Friday, June 2nd, Maru-P said:

Congrats! 🙂

on Thursday, June 1st, Sammi said:

OMG congratulations hun!! I’m so happy for you! I hope you get the little girl you’ve always wanted 😀

on Thursday, June 1st,“>cyn said:

congrats!!! im happy for you! hopefully this will be your girl!! if not you can always try for more lol 😀

on Thursday, June 1st, Johanna Rios said:

Wow, congrats! I hope that you have a little sister for your boys. Take care.

on Thursday, June 1st, Esther said:


on Wednesday, May 31st, Jenna said:

Omg congratulations on the wonderful news!
I hope you get all this insurance thing sorted out – its sad its kinda getting to you when you are expecting x

on Wednesday, May 31st, ronnie said:

Hey Yaya! Congrats!! I hope you have a little girl 🙂

on Wednesday, May 31st, Diana said:


And I am sure you’ll be alright, you’ve got Mario’s parents help, just like the other times. 🙂

on Wednesday, May 31st, Vic said:

OMG YAY! Congratulations to you and Mario!

on Wednesday, May 31st, Rachel said:



on Tuesday, May 30th, Erin said:

Oh wow, wow, WOW! I am so excited and happy for you! Congratulations! And another congrats to Eenan too for his awards!LOL, work sounds like fun–it’s so nice when it can be! Take care! <3

on Tuesday, May 30th, Meggan said:

Eeeee! Congratulations! How exciting!

And yay for Eenan being on the honor roll! 😀