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I Admit It, I’m a Drama Queen :(

I fell asleep on the couch watching Food Network with Jaylen the last night I posted. When Mario finally got home, it was 1am and I was woken up by a kiss on the forehead. I sarcastically told him how I loved how he got home early . He told me how the guys were bitching for him to go and that he really wanted to come home, but yeah. (As if he couldn’t just say no .) But I got over it and we cuddled after putting Jaylen in his bed.

I resumed my bitchiness today after the Dish Network guy (who was really nice and he and Mario instantly became friends…aww!) installed our equipment and I realized we had to pay for local channels. Fine, I thought, we’ll pay a little extra, but at least I can see and hear them clearly, unlike with our cable (still don’t know why it looked so shitty). THEN, I realize that there’s no FOX or UPN ! Who cares if you can pause live TV for up to 2 hours or that you can record all your favorite shows…there’s no FOX! I’d have to download all the damn episodes of American Idol!! So I was in a mood all day because of that (I swear I’m not PMS’ing either).

We went to dump some trash at the dumpster for Big Mario during lunch (with Jaylen–Eenan was at school), came home while Mario and Jaylen napped, then I picked Eenan up from school. Jaylen was being a TERROR…he woke up a little too soon and was moody and was driving me INSANE. We got back home and then Mario finally woke up and we left to see Gramma at the nursing home. She’s doing really well, and I’m so glad. She could have also been in a terriffic mood because Mom was there and they’d been playing Bingo. She’s looking really good too; she’s definetly gained some weight and is looking much healthier. We all talked with her and she played with the boys. She was so happy she could actually hug them since she doesn’t have her catheter anymore or any other tubes they can pull on accidentally. She did mention that yes, she does feel “something” in her chest sometimes, but she thinks it may just be ancias, or anxiousness. I hope they (the nurses) listen and give her oxygen once in a while. I’d be so pissed and will raise hell if something happens to her due to their negligence .

We ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut (again) and came home and ate with the in-laws outside. Then Big Mario told us Andy was going to come visit Noelia. This is the first time Big Mario’s met him and it went well. Like Mario said, he’s still breathing, so it went well LOL.

After sulking around complaining about how I had no FOX or UPN (I think I even said, “Those are the ONLY two channels I wanted, and I don’t have them!”, which is just a slight exaggeration LOL), Mario called the place and ordered them for me. I’m such a pain in the ass . He says I owe him $2 a month LOL.

Then later, I got into one of my moods again because there were thousands of dishes in the sink and because Mario didn’t get his work clothes together so I could throw them in the washer and I had to stay up to put them in the dryer. I need to take a chill pill . Every little thing’s been bothering me lately!

Ooh…before I forget. Eenan didn’t make it into the Gifted and Talented program, but it’s okay. He’s super smart anyway . He has, however, been acting up in class. Got time-out 3 times just yesterday. I don’t know what to do anymore to make him want to behave at school . Mary took a few hours off of work to go to Goodies for Grandparents day with him. Come to find out, he’s lost two library books. I hope we can find them. He says he just stuck one of them back into the shelf at the library. Let’s hope *crosses fingers*.

*yawn* Welp, that’s it for tonight. Hopefully I can catch up with online things tomorrow. I’m so behind it’s not even funny .


*grr* *hiss*

I’m in a bad mood. I was fine, until Mario called and told me he’s going to have a “few beers with the guys” again. That boy’s a beer away from becoming a damn alcoholic. Okay, maybe not, but it’s starting to bother me that they drink all the damn time. And hey, I’d like to go over there too, dammit. Eenan’s even sleeping over at Mary’s again and he (Mario) doesn’t even bother to invite me or anything…he just said he’s going over there. I told him to move in to Jorge’s buahahaha. It’s true…he may as well.

It’s also pissing me off that I can’t see any of the local channels clearly at all! We have cable, dammit. I’m trying to watch the darn news and all I see is little fuzzies and I can vaguely hear what they’re saying…I mostly hear static . The Dish Network guy’s supposed to come over on Thursday. We ordered it like 2 weeks ago. Lazy assholes.

Went to Muffins For Mama day at Eenan’s school this morning. It was kinda humid and overcast outside so it was a really nice day for a walk. Jaylen enjoyed it. We got to the school, I signed in and picked Eenan up from his classroom and then we went to the library to check out some books. They had tables set up in the courtyard with muffins, orange juice and coffee and had chairs all along the walls. The boys had muffins and juice while I read to them. It was nice. They started becoming a bit antsy about 20 minutes into it, so I finished reading the books and I took Eenan back to class. It was actually more pleasant than I had anticipated.

I also started with the crunches again. That’s the main thing I need to work on: my belleh. I need to make it a point to work out.

It started raining out of no where today so I had to run my ass outside in the POURING cold rain and cover up Mario’s Chevelle. It was horrible and I got soaked but it had to be done. I just hope water didn’t get into the darn car.

Ugh…I’m feeling nauseous for some reason. I should go since I need to take a shower, too. I’m stinky.


Women Be Shoppin’

It feels good to sit here without fleas jumping onto my legs. In the past week, the house became infested with fleas; mainly the living room. I dreaded waking up in the morning because I’d HAVE to pass through the living room to get to the bathroom. I’d sprint across as fast as I could and would still have fleas sprinkled all over my legs. It was hideous. So tonight, after Mary got back from going with Yadira and Yazmin to get her top braces done, we collected all the animals, took them to the (empty) apartment, set up the foggers in her house and our house and went to Yadira’s for 4 hours. We ate (nachos!) and watched videos of Angela and of all of their family in general of the past few years.

This morning Mario woke up in a crappy mood, again, which of course put me in a bad mood. I was going to Target with Mary (Mario decided he’d get his shoes later when he had time to try them on and junk), but she didn’t have her van so we dropped Mario off so we could use the Sentra. He was huffing and puffing all the way over there, so I just ignored him. He ended up getting me a Frappuccino and “Q” taco from Circle K, so I sort of forgave him, heh. Bribe me with caffeine and I’m putty in your hands . We dropped him off at work, then went to deposit money at the bank and went to Target. I needed to get Mario some lounge shorts and a new hoodie sweater for myself–perferably in pink–some sleep shorts and two tanks for the stripped collared shirts I bought from JCPenny on Thursday:

They’re sort of see-through, so I really needed those. I got what I “needed” and some extra stuff, too. I sort of went over-board , but my excuse was I haven’t shopped for clothes in over a year. I had no desire to buy new clothes ever since I gained weight, but I said ‘fuck it’ and decided hell, this is me and I’m not going to wear T-shirts (as cute as all my T’s are) forever. So, here’s what I got for myself:

I’m returning that first slip-dress type shirt, since it was too big (tried it on over my clothes at the store) and am debating whether I should exchange it for the Cheer Bear cub or one of the Hello Kitty purses I saw. I’m also returning the pink suede flip flops, since they don’t match any of the “pink” clothes I have. I loved the color, but I figured I’d barely wear them, so I’m going back for the brown ones. I’d get the regular $2.99 pink ones, which would match most of my clothes, but I’ve already bought those same flip flops two years in a row and they end up hurting after a while .

I ended up buying Jaylen a Mega Blocks bus, some Yugioh cards for Eenan, some magnetic picture frames for the fridge from the dollar section and some scrapbooking supplies from the dollar section, too. I couldn’t pass those up . But, I must be stopped. It’s not like me to go psycho when I’m shopping. I was scared to tell Mario how much I spent but he wasn’t mad. He was shocked, but not mad LOL. Speaking of Mario, he’s still not home yet and I need a shower. Jorge is supposed to bring him home. He’s over there right now and they’re trying to figure out how to install Jorge’s new garage door opener. We went over there last night after we left Cata’s get-together (where I was told I looked FAT in a picture, thankyouverymuch), and it was all cool till I was told to explain something and then was VERY RUDELY interrupted. Those who know me, know I could punch someone in the face when they interrupt me. Needless to say, I just shut up and stayed quiet the rest of the night before I said something offensive. That just really gets to me.

Anyway, going to clean up a bit more before heading to bed.