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Love Love Love

I don’t know what was wrong with me yesterday. I was overly sensitive and I had these waves of sadness. I just felt like the world was going to end. I cried–no, bawled–during Ramona and Beezus. I felt a lil better when Jorge said, “It’s you!” when Ginnifer Goodwin was on screen (I seriously still don’t see the resemblance AT ALL. Emily, yes. Me, no).

We got into bed early (for once!) and he didn’t let me fall asleep until I talked about it and got everything off my chest ♥. I still can’t fully pinpoint the cause, but I’m pretty sure it was because I was missing the kids and it just branched off from that.

And I’m PMS’ing. Grr.

Work is work. I seriously can’t WAIT till October when everything starts picking up. Or at least, I hope it does.

I searched for a blueberry muffin recipe during lunch so I could rescue the sad strawberries that were nearing their demise in the crisper.

I got home after work and went straight to the hallway bathroom to clean up the girls’ step-stool; I’d read yesterday about the recall on these stools. Sure enough, took it to the store and got a gift card for $27. I found a plastic, safe-so-far replacement stool for the girls, got a few things I needed for dinner, an eyeliner and a lipgloss (both of which I needed, both of which equalled to $3, heh). And I still had some leftover!

Mario needed to bring Emily back to me and brought the other kids too since he was going to the gym . We had a talk outside about Eenan’s attitude, which he described as something that’s been happening recently, and um, no, it hasn’t. He blamed it on the video games and said that he thinks it’s a good idea to deprive them from games during the school week. I almost lost it. I kinda did, I think. Arms waving in the air and everything, I said, “Um! That was my rule! If you would have kept it that way it wouldn’t be a problem.” Oh. But last year he wanted to seem like the Good Guy and the Fun Dad and wanted to make me look like the Bad Guy and Boring, Strict Mom. But now he’s having problems with the child and NOW he worries. I coulda told him this would happen from day one ;).

Mom helped cut up chicken for the spaghetti and I started on the strawberry muffins. They were a hit :).

Strawberry muffins!

Strawberry muffins!

Eenan was a bit mopey, but then he slowly got closer to the kitchen until we started talking about cooking. I really need to make time to teach him the basics; he’s really eager to learn :).

He started telling me about his story he’s been writing since 5th grade (my God…he’s in 7th! *faints*). He talked while Alaethia and Emily both jumped around waiting for the muffins to cool. Both the girls are showing signs of a cold. Poor Alaethia; Pre-K isn’t good for anyone’s immune system :,(.

Time went by too quickly, but at least I got to enjoy my babies for a bit :). Jorge is asleep already and Emily’s asking for stories so I must be going!

Eenan’s 12th Birthday & A Productive Day!

Finally getting around to updating! Lots has gone on in the past few weeks: our little vacation, drama, work, stuff around the house, spending as much time as we can with the kiddos…it’s been great and busy. I need to rewind soon and get all that on here. And now I can since Roadrunner FINALLY did something right! Maybe this upcoming weekend :).

For now, I’ll post about the past few days. I picked up my kiddos Thursday night and rushed home to change since my boss and his wife was having a Pie Party. It wasn’t my immediate supervisor, it was the CEO, so we *had* to go. And I wasn’t about to pass up free pie! I followed Michelle and Rosie over there and had pecan pie, banana cream pie with chocolate ganach (sp?), and frozen peanut butter. SO, SO good!! And I’d been doing so well with eating healthy and avoiding sweets. I’d lost 4 pounds, and amazingly, even after that night of gluttony (and the morning after, when I had leftover chocolate cream pie and more frozen peanut butter for breakfast!) I’ve kept them off.

I made chicken Alfredo with wheat pasta that night…and was totally going to jog on the treadmill…but the kids wanted to watch a movie, so we did, and I fell asleep with them on the sofa. Oops.

I had a busy day at work Friday. The day went by really slowly. I came home and made fideo with ground turkey instead of ground beef. Came out pretty good, kids couldn’t even tell the difference :).

Jorge got home and we cleaned and got laundry started. Friends we hadn’t seen in a long time arrived, followed by Junior, Rick, and three of his co-workers. We waited for the supposed rain we were supposed to be getting from the tropical storm heading northeast, but got NOTHING! The girls joined us outside while the boys watched a movie. Emily was being a complete doll; everyone loved her :). She did excellently with her potty training that night. She eventually fell asleep in my arms and I got to lay her down. I wasn’t expecting any company that night, but I had a great time!

I spent the next morning being lazy. Didn’t even get up to make my babe breakfast, but he said it was fine :). I still had to wake up early to make the kids breakfast, though. I was woken up by Emily whispering, “Mom…they’re eating cereal without me.” Awww LOL! I made them pancakes and made sure everyone bathed so they’d be ready for when Mario and Mary picked them up. It was Eenan’s 12th birthday (!) and they were picking them up to take them to a movie and for lunch.

John was coming over and I was out of pancakes…so I whipped up another batch, from scratch :). I sipped my coffee while I worked out this week’s bills and expenses and then John came over. We chitchatted for a while and then I ran some errands, including groceries, which I loathe. I got home and made Eenan his Reese’s Peanut Butter Cupcakes, which he requested.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cupcakes

My babe got home, he took a nap and I woke him up 2 hours later since the kids were bouncing off the walls from impatience. I’ll give them credit; I thought they’d break after an hour, heh.

We made our way to Zuzhi, where Eenan loves the Gyoza (pork potstickers) so much he requested to go there since we went for my birthday. So we obliged.


The kids were amazingly well behaved, even though Jaylen whined occasionally about how long the food was taking to get to the table and he kept arguing with Alaethia about switching seats to be next to me. Ay, these kids!

I’d put a diaper on Emily, just in case of an accident, but she still remembered to ask to go when she needed to. I’m so proud of her :)!

We sang Happy Birthday to Eenan and the kids had cupcakes. We came home and the kids put on a movie. My babe went to get snacks and I, of course, only made it a few minutes before completely crashing out with both baby girls in the big cuddle chair.

I made pancakes the next morning and my babe went to get his boys. I made breakfast for the adults (chorizo and egg tacos on wheat tortillas) and then my babe and I went into turbo mode, cleaning the whole house. He really outdid himself; he swept, mopped, cleaned the entire master bathroom, sorted laundry (correctly), washed, dried, hung clothes, ran a new cable line, mounted the TV, assembled Emily’s bed, helped me rearrange the girls’ room, hung a frame in the dining room, cleaned the vent and air filter, vacuumed, cleaned the catbox, went grocery shopping with me and BBQ’d for us ♥!!

All in a day's work!

I cleaned the living room, swept and mopped all the other rooms he didn’t, did some laundry, and scrubbed the entire kitchen. It feels so nice to walk around and see our hard work :).

We took Eenan to Target so he could spend the cash I gave him and we got a few other things we needed for around the house. We got back and Jorge started the fire. Billy came over and I spent a while outside with the girls. We ate, I let the kids play for a while longer before getting them all to bed. I was beat. It took 3 stories and 2 lullabies, but the girls FINALLY both slept in their room! Alaethia used to do so well in their room, but she regressed because she STILL sleeps in Mary’s or Mario’s beds, which pisses me off like you could not believe. Emily even whispered to me, “Mama? The Cucuy is going to come for Alaethia because she’s not behaving. The Cucuy won’t come for me, right?” Awww! She’s the sweetest thing LOL.

We took a shower once the girls were in bed…which meant that I wasn’t slipping into my sheets till 1:45am. Alaethia woke up once and I tucked her in again and they both stayed asleep all night. I’m so proud of them!

Needless to say, I had such a hard time getting up this morning I got to work 6 minutes late. Amazingly, I didn’t get scolded for my lateness. I can never seem to get there on time for our Monday morning meetings.

I had a stressful day with those darn golf tourney letters. By the end of the day, Michelle and I had almost broken the printer; it was driving us nuts.

I rushed to the ATM, Target for Eenan’s gift from mom, and then to get gas in the van. Mario called in the afternoon, saying he was working late (uh huh, sure. His work isn’t open till 7:30-8pm. Can we say gym?) so his mom was picking up the kids. Mom has an appointment tomorrow so she wouldn’t be here to watch the kiddos. I’m gonna miss them :(. I get them back on Thursday =\.

I made lunch for mom, Jorge, the boys and me. I meant to watch Weeds since the house is clean and I had absolutely nothing else to do…but I found things to do here and there and ended up not watching Weeds and cleaning, hehe. My babe picked up his boys and here I am, with a few more minutes to myself. I can’t believe I’ve actually blogged! And now, before my babe picks up our free movie from Redbox, I shall publish this post and watch a few eps of Weeds :).