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Mother’s Day 2015 & Our Huge Announcement

First, let me start by wishing all the mommies, grandma’s, caretakers, guardians, stepmommies, aunts, cousins, sisters, etc., a belated Happy Mother’s Day!

I had THE BEST day ever and I’m not exaggerating :D!

I started the day by rolling around lazily in bed while my love made me breakfast. Emily and Alaethia helped him, of course :). My little chefs. Jorge came to get me, walked me to the dining room with his hands clasped around my eyes and, after the boys prodded Justin awake they yelled, “Happy Mother’s Day” and I got hugs all around.

Breakfast made by my love and the girls!
Breakfast made by my love and the girls!

I’d been meaning to blog since that day but we had so much going on throughout the day and Grey’s Anatomy to catch up on (yes, I’m newly obsessed and have in turn made Jorge become obsessed!).

So after my epic breakfast, the kids and I devoured the iced Oreos and we watched Grey’s Anatomy while the kids all took turns bathing. Jorge was driving Javi somewhere, so the kids and I watched Friends while they continued to take showers. The hall bathroom is being remodeled so we’re down to 2 restrooms and 2 showers, but both showers are in the same bathroom so that doesn’t help, heh.

Jorge and I had an announcement to make to the kids, and we figured it was the perfect day. We’d announce it during dinner. I even recited a whole loving speech. I was ready!

So everyone got ready and then we piled into both cars and went to Cracker Barrel.

Playing checkers
Playing checkers

The kids skimmed the menus and everyone ordered. Jorge and I were fidgety…and figured let’s just do it, let’s tell them. So I called everyone and told them we had an announcement. Jaylen, Jorgie and Justin all yelled, “I think I know what it is!” And Justin said, “Either you’re married or you’re getting married!?” And Jorge and I looked at each other and laughed, and we said yes, that was it.

Alaethia said, “Wait, you’re not married??”

I still kinda fumbled with my words and told them they’re officially siblings and that we’d eventually have a wedding and they’d all be in it. Eenan said, “I’m not going to dance.” And I laughed, “No, you don’t have to dance, you’re just going to be up there, with us.” Then Justin told Jorge, “When did you propose?? What’s wrong with you??” And we had a good laugh. Love them all. Then they went about their business like it was the most cadual thing.

So my speech didn’t go exactly as I thought it would, heh. But I’m glad we didn’t have any rolling eyes, or sad faces, heh. I really was nervous once we were in the moment. I had no idea I’d freeze like that. Never in my life has that happened!

Jorge and I are finally, officially married :D. When I made the announcement at work, or when I tell people about it I get a “FINALLY!” right before the “Congratulations!” It really was about time. We’re already in a marriage and have raised our kids together for 4 years so we figured now was as good a time as any.

Of course I’d like an actual wedding, but it’s not anything that’s SUPER important or anything I want to stress myself with right now. We have more important things going on right now that we need to take care of first. And I’m just thrilled to officially call Jorge my HUSBAND :D.

The kiddos, and Mom!
The kiddos, and Mom!

So, to continue with our Mother’s Day, we finished up at Cracker Barrel (oh my gosh, did I glut!).

Case in point...
Case in point…

The waitress brought us our desserts and Julien randomly yells, “The whole world loves you, Mom!” Which made me get all the feels!! That just made my day!

Jorge brought Jorgie, Justin, Jules and Alaethia home with him since Aly wasn’t feeling good. She got a bad stomach ache while we were still at the restaurant.

We went to visit Gramma and took her her gifts and flowers. We talked and took photos and then we came home where we relaxed the rest of the day.

Chubby Bunny!
Chubby Bunny!

I made my announcement at work the next morning–quickly, right after my weekly update to everyone’s surprise. Everyone congratulated me and then we went out for breakfast at Denny’s (not because of my announcement LOL).

The rest of the week has been the same: work, home, cook, spend time with the kiddos…

Making cupcakes, completely on their own!
Making cupcakes, completely on their own!

…put kiddos to bed then Grey’s Anatomy. That show kills me and Jorge a little inside every day.

I took the girls to the doctor on Wednesday. Those darn colds never seem to go away! Alaethia was already starting with a throat infection.

I took the morning off work on Friday so I could take Mom for some blood work then go to the girls’ Field Day:



…and then I had a meeting before meeting my love at Wallbanger’s with the guys for lunch.

Jorge and I didn’t have the kids this weekend, so we had a date night on Friday evening. First Zoe’s Kitchen.

Hummus Trio, my fave!
Hummus Trio, my fave!
The turkey stack.
The turkey stack.

Then a drink and dessert at Longhorn Steakhouse.



Then Grey’s Anatomy, heh.

We were invited to Corner Bakery Cafe’s soft opening at Palm’s Crossing so I picked up my love and we met EZ, Michelle and Rosie there. Everything went smoothly and the food was delicious.


Michelle, Rosie and I went to Michael’s to buy flowers to glue onto our cheap Walmart full-length mirrors, like we saw at Mariposa Boutique during the Cash Mob.


(Excuse my crappy selfie-taking LOL.)

I also found a white frame on clearance and I finally got around to hanging my papel amate painting.

We went to Homegoods afterwards. It was my first time there. I wanted everything, but the big decorative stuff was still too pricey for me. I did end up getting new pot holders, dish towels, a large frame and a small globe.

I dropped the girls off, then Mom and I went to visit Gramma and went grocery shopping. I got home, paid all the bills online and then I made my love his (Vitamin) Rib Eye, as John jokingly called it.


And then we sat down for a long, heartbreaking bingefest of Grey’s.

As for this morning, I made us some awesome breakfast sandwiches and we had some Mimosa’s.


We’ve been lazying around waiting for laundry to be done, and we have a few errands we need to run so that’s the rest of our day. Then it’s back to the grind tomorrow!

Set-Up Day. AKA: Help Me Jesus Day

I’ve been dreading/excited about this event simultaneously. It’s one of my favorites, but the work it takes to get everyone on the same page and the fear that some won’t even arrive drives me to a headache, neck pain and is enough to make my chin break out.

Something I’m working on this year is not stressing about work (as much) and not working from home.

So I didn’t work on my lists or correspondence to my vendors or layouts or anything during the Christmas or New Year’s breaks. Usually, I’d stay up the night before set-up till almost midnight making sure the layout was perfect, just to change the whole thing the next morning when people cancelled or when my boss looked it over.

Today, I worked on my emails and layout at work, got it done as best as possible and printed everything else I’d need. Then my boss and I had a quick lunch at Johnny Rockets.

BLT & sweet potato friesss

I was sad to find out they got rid of my favorite grilled cheese bacon sandwich, but this BLT sufficed :).

We went straight to the exhibit hall afterwards and the parking/unloading was exhausting on it’s own.  (A vendor had a friend drop off a “few things” to us yesterday but they ended up being a literal truckload!)

We had a line of people waiting to register when we got inside and it was about an hour of hustle and bustle. I still remember my first time during this event 4 years ago–the adrenaline and nerves are still exactly the same!

Things changed even more than I thought they would regarding the layout, but if all goes well and everyone pending shows up tomorrow, then we’re right at the number we were hoping for.
My boss and Alexis and I took turns going out to the floor to see what the vendors brought. Most of my favorite people are here, thank goodness. The lady who does those awesome miniatures from pasta de maiz has so many cute Catrinas!

Arte En Pasta

When she told me to pick mine last year I kept telling her I’d “be right back” at her booth but I was always busy! By the time I did go back she sold out of all the ones I liked. (Didn’t stop me from picking a few others hehe.) She called me over tonight as soon as she set up and I chose these ^_^.

We closed up shop at 7pm and were out a little before 7:30pm. I called the boys to check how their 1st day back at school  went and Jaylen gave me a rundown of his day. We were on Facebook messenger last night working on one of his projects since he didn’t work on it during the break and they were back at Mario’s. He told me about how his PS4 seemed to have just died, too.

Speaking of dying, our poor old (Va)cuum fishy died yesterday. RIP, buddy :(.

The girls enjoyed their last day of freedom with Jenny and the girls, so they were thrilled :). They got to go to Bounce, watched “Annie” and played and ate pizza at Jenny’s. Gotta plan something for them when I’m not so darn busy :(.

I got home, got updates on everyone’s day, changed and then made dinner (Emily helped. And John washed the lettuce lol) while I spoke to Eenan.


I forgot he was supposed to continue his “grounding” for failing a class once school started again but he reminded me, ha.

Got the girls ready for bed since tomorrow is their first day back. I’m now relaxing with Jorge and trying my hardest to leave that layout and vendor list in my work bag, heh. Wish us all luck tomorrow!

The Good Stuff

I managed to successfully complete my to-do list at work from yesterday and today.

I’d started this to-do list last Tuesday, because I knew I wouldn’t be in the office till Monday. I was still at work, but we had a Delegation coming in and I’d be away from my desk. Which made me nervous as heck because I have several events I’m working on and deadlines!!

I was nervous about the visit itself since we weren’t 100% in charge of the activities, but we went along for everything anyway and the things that didn’t work out were really only behind-the-scenes stuff and the back-up plans worked out really well. It was a stress-free visit, for the most part.

My treat during these visits is usually the food itself, heh. Don’t get me wrong: I really do love to learn about all the inner workings of our city and I always love visiting all our “landmarks” and the people! I love meeting all these different people. But my absolute favorite part is the FOOD!

Tiny desserts at the Airport
Tiny desserts at the Airport
Chicken Marsala at House.Wine for lunch
Chicken Marsala at House Wine for lunch
A prickly-pear Margarita from Republic of the Rio Grande
A prickly-pear Margarita from Republic of the Rio Grande
Enchiladas del Mar from Republic of the Rio Grande
Enchiladas del Mar from Republic of the Rio Grande
Tomato parmesan bisque, salmon and cheesecake from Peppers at Renaissance Hospital
Tomato parmesan bisque, salmon and cheesecake from Peppers at Renaissance Hospital

I was so sad I couldn’t finish that cheesecake! *sigh* I love food, what can I say, heh.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was the low-key visit to Quinta Mazatlan.

The beautiful Quinta Mazatlan mansion
The beautiful Quinta Mazatlan mansion

I would love to own a home like Quinta. Or to at least have a garden like the front yard at Quinta. And that succulent fountain they have. And this swing hanging from a gorgeous old oak tree:

"Iiiiiii'm gonna swiiiiingggg!!"
“Iiiiiii’m gonna swiiiiingggg!!”

The ladies and I had fun taking turns and taking photos. They were such a great group! I was so sad that I couldn’t properly say goodbye to everyone since they were let loose at the mall for some shopping during their last hours of the visit and I needed to leave to pick up the kids.

I picked up the kiddos and Emmos was tired and was throwing a tantrum. I can’t even remember over what. The other kids and I spoke about her, and the reason why she’s spoiled sometimes. We picked up pizza, got home and Emily was still sobbing and went to her room, but she’d calmed down. I’m walking down the hallway and she opens the door to her room and says, “Mama? Can I speak to you in private please?” My mouth drops at how mature she sounded. I said sure, and opened the door and we sat together on my bed. She very maturely let me know what was on her mind, and I told her what was on mine and that I would work on being better, on being more patient. I pulled her near me and embraced her and said, “I’m convinced you’re a 20-year-old in that little 5-year-old body.” She has her moments (such as tonight; she was tired and mopey and didn’t want to do her homework), but she’s just such a great little lady .

My heart feels like it’ll explode from the love sometimes. I passed by the boys’ room and saw them all in there, peaceful, happy, without a care in the world and I’m just so grateful I had to capture the moment.

(Pay no attention to their messy, unmade beds .)

My ducklings!
My ducklings!

The girls and I passed out on the sofa and Jorge moved us to our beds. We had to get up early for Jaylen’s game on Saturday.

We all woke up super early (except Eenan, of course!) and Jorge, Justin and Jorgie went to Justin’s game and the girls and I went to Jaylen’s. We dropped him off at school, and since we had an hour-and-a-half to waste before the game started I took the girls for breakfast at McDonald’s.

Little ladies!
Little ladies!

Jaylen did so well at his game! He’s progressively getting better.

My boy!
My boy!

It still made me cringe every time I saw one of the kids get hurt, though, ever since Jorgie broke his leg (I’m still pending that post!). Several boys on the White Team got hurt. Jaylen told me one of them dislocated his shoulder *shudder*.

I waited for Jaylen, picked the girls up (they’d left with Mary to Sonia’s) and then we got stuck in traffic. There was a 5-car accident on the Expressway thanks to non other than a drunk driver. When we finally got through, I picked up Justin, who was with Jorge at a job site. Took the kiddos home, then made them lunch.

Sunset Sessions was that evening so I got the kids all pumped up to go. Well, all of them except the 2 teenagers. Eventually Jorgie was convinced so only Eenan would be the one to stay home with Mom. Emily and I went to HEB to get picnic stuff. We were finally going to break-in the picnic basket Aunt Sylvia gave us and the girls were super excited.

AND THEN IT STARTS RAINING. And the lights go out at HEB. While we’re still inside. And didn’t even have my phone.


Jorge wasn’t going to be out of work on time and there was no way I could move Jorgie along in his wheelchair in wet grass/mud. So we scratched the idea. There was an audible, “Ahhhhhhh!!!” from all the kids. Even Justin said, “We don’t get to plan things often and then this happens!” No kidding!

So, what else do you do when you have a blanket and a picnic basket packed and it’s raining? You have a picnic on the porch, of course!

Porch picnic!
Porch picnic!

It was Michelle’s birthday that day, but we didn’t get to hang out. She called that she was on her way to Sunset Sessions but she understood that the rain+kids wasn’t a good idea. I promised her we’d celebrate later.

About 30 minutes later, the rain stopped and a rainbow popped out. FML LOL.

Jorge got home and debated for about an hour whether he was going to take up his boss’ invite to go to the ranch. He eventually decided “yes” and took Justin with him. I hung out with the kids for a while, watching TV and put them all in bed. The girls were happy to snuggle with mama :).

Woke up the next morning and made the kids wheat pancakes. Relaxed, did laundry, then Jorge got home and I made shrimp Alfredo. More tidying up and then I decided that I would relax. But not before making banana bread.

Homemade banana bread.
Homemade banana bread.

And then playing 4-square with the girls. And THEN I got to be lazy for a few minutes before I started on dinner. I hadn’t made tuna casserole in a while. The girls helped me with the ingredients and then Eenan started joking around, like always. We get into a conversation about why we’re not very huggy with Mom and both John and I tell him, “Well, we weren’t really brought up that way. She’d hug and hold us when we were little, but as we got older well, she just wasn’t like that.” Justin’s standing next to me and pats my shoulder and says, “I know the feeling.” So I say, “Get over here!” and grab him into a hug. I say, “I think it had the opposite effect on me; I think that’s why I love hugs and hugging the kids.” Emily, then Jaylen and Alaethia run into the group. Julien hears the commotion and goes into his famous running hugs. Then Eenan comes in for a hug. We’re all giggling and in a huge, wonderful group hug and poor Jorgie rolls in from their bedroom and says, “Hey, what’s going on?” We all laugh and then I realize that I hadn’t preheated the oven. John says, “Well if you weren’t over there getting group hugs…” Buahaha!

We ate dinner quickly and gathered around in the living room to watch “The Walking Dead”. It was 2 minutes in before we sent the girls to their room. It was much more gorey this time!! But such a good episode!

Put all the kids to bed and then a new week began. And I kicked Monday (and Tuesday) in the ass!! I even went on an interview. As much as I dislike those, because I’m always afraid I’ll screw up, I just went with the flow. And it worked out :).

We picked up a cake to celebrate Michelle’s birthday at work:

Happy Birthday, BFF!
Happy Birthday, BFF!

I got home from work and took Eenan to get a haircut with Emily in tow, of course. Mario waited for the kids while we got home and he took the boys =\. I’ll never get used to that.

EZ, Michelle and I went to Wing Stop today to celebrate her birthday. And I finally got one of my projects completed this afternoon and finished today’s to-do list. I have so much to do still, but I hope I can keep the same momentum going! I feel good about everything I got to accomplish. We sent all the kids to bed and we’re catching up on “The Voice” before I have to shower. Have lots going on tomorrow. I’m sure I’ll feel like this at the end of the day: