Did I Mention That I Love Food?

Today was the epitome of Lazy Sunday.

Jorge and I woke up around 10:30am and I whipped us up some whole-wheat pancakes with fruit (and 2 eggs over-easy for him, heh).

Whole-wheat pancakes, fruit and a dusting of powdered sugar.
Whole-wheat pancakes, fruit and a dusting of powdered sugar.

We watched The Spiderwick Chronicles after breakfast. My Jaylen had wanted to watch that one for a long time, so I texted him to let him know what channel it was on, heh. I miss my babies so much :(. This feels like the longest week, ever.

We lazied around some more and then debated on getting out of the house. The morning had been rainy and cool, but it had warmed up so I didn’t mind getting out for a while. I looked up vintage shops, and remembered about some pants I wanted to buy that were on sale for the last time at Old Navy, but both seemed too…taxing.

We decided we were hungry so we called up Javi to see if he wanted to do something. He was busy so we ended up at Cheddar’s. I ate things my doctor would probably frown upon if she found out, but I love Cheddar’s menu :(.

Maui Margarita, my fave!
Maui Margarita, my fave!

I had my favorite drink, the Maui Margarita. I was 1/3 of the way through when I tell Jorge, “Hmm. This usually hits me right away. I’m surprised it hasn’t since I haven’t eaten since the morning.” Spoke too soon, ’cause 2 minutes later, my head was woozy LOL.

The spread!
The spread!

They brought us our appetizers and then our food like 2 minutes later. It was the fastest we’ve ever been served, anywhere!

I had the honey-dijon chicken with mushrooms; OMG, it was heaven. And edamame and broccoli cheese casserole. I could have done without all the cheese I consumed today, but I’d been behaving pretty well. I think?

We were going to Jr.’s after lunch but we stopped by the house to pick up Lisa’s cardigan I’d brought with me 2 nights ago and to drop food off to Mom. I sat on the couch for a bit while I spoke to the kids and made the mistake of putting my head down when I got off the phone. I passed out, and apparently Jorge passed out in the room. Stupid food!! We wasted like 2 hours!

So we go to Jr’s to watch The Walking Dead. OMG. This episode. I can’t even. It was so messed up and so sad. Waah. I just got sad remembering it again. Jaylen and Eenan called me as soon as the episode was over so we could discuss it. I love those boys!! Eenan sounded a little…quiet. I don’t know if his somber mood was because of the show or if it’s something else =\. Maybe he’s a little upset about going back to school tomorrow?

We came home when the show was over and we’ve been lazying ever since. I got hungry, which is amazing considering how much food I ate >_<. My love made me a peanut butter and banana sandwich :). [caption id="attachment_2138" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Peanut butter and banana sandwich (and skim milk) Peanut butter and banana sandwich (and skim milk)[/caption]

I froze some bananas for my smoothie tomorrow. I hope I wake up early enough to flat-iron my hair and make my smoothie. Eh, I’ll pro’lly just rock a high bun like Friday. I’m sad we have to start the week again tomorrow (i.e.: go back to work, heh). I don’t have too much going on, except for Wednesday, but I have to work on my tutorial and make sure I have everything ready for the program. It’s going to be a good week! My babies come back home tomorrow <3!

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