Emily’s Baby Shower & The Superbowl

The day of Emily’s baby shower!

I woke up around 10am and went over to Mary’s to help with potato peeling and whatever else they needed help with. Mona, Elda and Mom were already there helping. We started putting everything into the trucks so Mary, Mona and Elda could take everything to the hall.

Once I was done helping out I came to shower and straighten my hair. I thought I was going to have enough time to do everything, but as always, I ended up having to rush. Noelia got here around that time. I bathed Alaethia and got her dressed in the cute yellow bumblebee outfit Sonia bought her from Gymboree for her birthday. She threw such a fit while I was trying to do her hair—she hates for anyone to mess with her hair—so it took around 20 minutes to do her hair alone.

So I’m getting all her stuff together and finally start getting dressed myself when Noelia and Mary come in to see what I need help with. They were both dressed in cute dresses and cardigans…and I looked at my clothes and I was in a (really cute, but still) blouse and jeans. I decided to completely scrap the jeans and put on my black and white giraffe print dress and black cardigan. But then I looked down at my legs and realized I didn’t shave during my shower. Great. I hiked up my dress, used a washcloth to wet and lather up my legs with soap and started shaving. I cut myself in 3 different places, which is really weird because I have that Lady Shick razor and never cut myself, but I guess I was in that much of a hurry. I re-rinsed my legs with a clean washcloth, slapped on my makeup and Mom, Jaylen and I were out the door. Eenan went with us to Alaethia’s baby shower two years ago but decided he’d rather go with Mario to Jorge’s (Mario’s Nino) to start prepping for the Superbowl Party.

We arrived about 8 minutes late. Mona, Elda, Noelia, Mary of course, Sonia, Yadira and kids were already there. I walked around saying hello and aunts of co-workers of Mary’s started showing up. The aunts that said they weren’t going to make it because basically, the Superbowl was more important, really didn’t show up. Sally and Carmen had already told me they couldn’t; Sally had prior plans and Carmen’s little girl was sick, plus she had to get ready to ship out for the Army (!), so they didn’t make it. But all my other friends…they didn’t show up either. It was pretty disappointing. They didn’t even have to bring a gift…it would have been nice just to see them.

Aunt Nora at least got to go, and that’s because I let her know at the last minute because I’d sent the invite to Justin and he forgot to tell her about it, heh. The games were fun. Mary had them make a baby out of Bubble Yum bubble gum. It was between Norma D. and Venessa’s baby, so they both got a prize.

They also played a word scramble and then The Price Is Right. That one was a little difficult, but around 4 people ended up tied with 1 right each LOL.

We had bingo and the food that Mary made herself (chicken in celery sauce, corn, mashed potatoes and a roll). It was delicious. Everyone kept asking if she’d gotten the event catered!

Jaylen took his DS so he was entertained for the most part. He did get a little teary-eyed when bingo was over and he hadn’t won anything LOL. Alaethia was running around with all the other babies, especially Belle. And when she’d get bored there was always someone who wanted to hold her, so she was happy.

They had a few more games and then Elda, Yadira, Mary and I served dessert, while Natalie, Yazmin and . The cake was great, even though, as always, the lady messed up on the colors. The grapefruit pie and everything else was awesome. Everyone started leaving around this time, except for close family. They waited patiently for my slow butt to finish my dessert and then they made a huge circle of chairs around the gift table to watch me open gifts

There were so many cute, tiny things! Emily has tons of new clothes, plus her hand-me-downs for Alaethia and Vicky—this girl will NEVER run out of clothes!

I was amazed at everyone’s generosity! I had to really cram everything into the back of the Equinox to make everything fit! Aide was a doll and helped so much with putting everything up. She said I shouldn’t be doing anything because I’m pregnant. As she was walking away with a ton of bags I’m thinking, “Hello?! You’re pregnant, too!”

Yes, she is! They’d told us the day before. We’d just been talking about how they’d been trying for months now and still nothing at Jorge and Mona’s housewarming party the week before. Annie said that pregnancies usually come in 3’s, so she was surprised that no one else was pregnant along with me. She said it’ll either be Aide, Noelia, Elda, or Mona along with me. Aide had texted me, “Guess I’m one of the three!” LOL Let’s see who else is next!

We drove over to Jorge and Mona’s and met up with all the guys, who were already bar-b-q’ing and drinking. Mario and I went to Dollar General a few blocks away after a while to get dip, cheese and some of those 3-d glasses for the half-time show, or whatever it was. I ran into one of my students, Eric, when we were walking out the door. Once we got back we watched the game and ate and then the 3-d show started. It sucked. We couldn’t see a damn thing with those glasses LOL.

Most of the girls got bored and went inside to chat around the table. Then we moved our congregation to the living room where I copied the pictures Mona took at the baby shower to my SD card. Technology’s lovely.

As I was copying the pictures, Mario goes over to the sofa I was at and sits next to me. He tells me he’s tired and he wants to go home. I tell him okay, I’m almost done transferring the pictures. I’m into my conversation with Mona and Annie so I don’t notice that he leaves. I mean, really leaves. He doesn’t tell anyone anything, just stealthily disappears like a ninja. He calls me like 15 minutes later and tells me that yup, he didn’t want anyone to stop him from leaving so he just left. When we got home the old man was already asleep! Oh, but when I was working he was up every night till 2am!

I looked around and decided that I’d wait till the next day to put everything away. I had a long day!


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