Happy 7th Anniversary To Me

I did pretty good on both my (mock) interviews today. First, it was the one where Lucy and I were paired up and we interviewed each other while Mrs. C-R observed. Mayra, Lucy and I finally went in for our Final interview around 11:00 and I got pretty good critiques from Mr. Cano, who was interviewing us. I worried all day for nothing. He said I was ready to go out there and he admired my confidence *beams*.

I met Mario at his work and we took off together to New Wave Chinese Buffet for lunch. That place reminds me of the House of China, which is my favorite Chinese buffet place ever, except that New Wave’s food isn’t as good. The decor and dishes themselves are extremely similar.

We ate and talked and I dropped him off at work. We made plans to meet somewhere around 6 or 7p.m., since Albert was letting him out early so we could celebrate our 7 year anniversary. I didn’t get too excited about it since Mario getting out “early” isn’t always a guarantee.

Mom, John, Jaylen and I all got in the car and picked Eenan up after school. We went straight to Gramma’s nursing home since we hadn’t gone last week. We sat and talked with her for a while then left.

I tried doing as many chores as I could (laundry…bleh!) so that I wouldn’t have much to do in case we went somewhere tonight. Well, 7:30 rolled around, then 8 so when Mario finally called I told him to forget it. I didn’t say it bitchily or anything, just let him know that it was late. I’m already falling asleep–I can imagine how sleepy I’d feel if I were driving. I tried not to be too sad about it; it sucks that we can’t see eachother all that much, not even to celebrate anniversaries because of his work, but it comes with the job’s territory. Even though I sort of expected not to do anything nice, I cried silently for a bit before composing myself and doing the rest of the crap I have to do every day. I don’t want to be a bitch to Mario when he gets here–I need to keep telling myself it’s not his fault.

It’ll be hard for me to remain calm if he doesn’t get here soon though…it’s already 10:14p.m.!

on Tuesday, March 28th, Erin said:

Happy Anniversary! I know it doesn’t mean nearly as much coming from any of us but we can completely sympathize! It’s always really, really hard and frustrating to be away from loved ones (and that special someone) during really personal holidays and celebrations and to not be able to celebrate it as you’d like. Congratulations on seven years (Wow!) of friendship and love! 🙂

on Tuesday, March 28th, Stephanie said:

Well Happy Anniversary anyway, it really sucks Mario couldn’t get off early but I hope you guys can celebrate another day. I know exactly how it feels to be waiting around.. and I absolutly hate it! It’s so hard not to get mad at the person when they eventually do arrive. Anyway congratultions and here’s to another 7 years of happiness! (& another and another and another …. ;))