My Kind of Friday

It was a pretty good Friday, considering I crashed out pretty hard last night, stopped my alarm instead of snoozing and waking up at 7:20am instead of 6:30am, heh.

I had my oatmeal at work while catching up with Michelle and simultaneously getting my work done. I accomplished everything, thank goodness. We’re gonna have a busy day next week and I need to mentally prepare myself >_<. Oooosssaaaahhhhh..... My love was working out of town and wouldn't make it back on time for lunch so I made plans with Sally. We met at a fairly new vegan restaurant called the Green Owl Deli. I'd told Jorge about it, but I lost him at 'vegan' LOL. It was such a cute place. I want to decorate ONE of the rooms in my house like that (Jorge would probably allow one of the bathrooms or laundry room only, but I'll take it!). It was just so cozy, whimsical and cute! [caption id="attachment_2359" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Cute decor!! Cute decor!![/caption]

I totally wanted to take more pics but I didn’t want to be THAT PERSON, heh. It was impressively full for being a fairly new restaurant. I still wish poor Buttercreams Deli had made it; it reminds me of that place a lot. I miss the crepes!

Anyway, the prices are, well: pricey. But you can’t beat the unique paninis and sandwiches and desserts they have.

Hibiscus tea and strawberry salmon panini

Sally and I both had the strawberry salmon panini with swiss cucumber sprouts and hibiscus tea. OMG. SO good!

Sally covered lunch so I got us some desserts. I got myself the Mostachon (which I ate at 4pm, heh) and it was amazing!

The afternoon went by semi-quickly. I was going to donate blood after work but the bus was 40 minutes late and I got lazy after picking up my prescriptions at HEB. So I came home and paid attention to my succulents. (I just realized how, um, elderly those few sentences sounded, buahaha!) Then my love got home and we ordered some Wing Stop. I talked to my babies on the phone (they’re still at their dad’s this weekend). Emily’s getting a cold, which sucks because school is JUST STARTING. Eenan was concentrating on buying some commissioned art from some kid-artist. He’s into all things illustration and pixel right now (his mother’s son??). Jaylen’s being a good boy and reading and doing his last-minute summer homework like he should be. Eenan’s had some…trouble feeling motivated about his >_<. And my Alaethia is all about her LPS (Littlest Pet Shop) right now. It's all she ever talks about. Just like all her mom ever does is talk about plants LOL. Which leads me to the next part of my post: I got the itch to do something creative. I'd seen these cute little cork planters on Pinterest. They were pretty pricey so I decided I wanted to make some myself. Jorge carefully carved out the tops for me and hand-drilled a drainage hole. And then I got to painting :). [caption id="attachment_2361" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Part 1 of my cork planters Part 1 of my cork planters[/caption]

All painted!
All painted!

I finished painting them (it took forever since I didn’t have proper brushes; I used the girls’ very worn-out ones). I sprayed some cactus soil with water and carefully pushed it into each cork top. I snipped the tops of some of my succulents and using the end of a paintbrush, made a litle hole to stick the cutting into and then carefully topped off the soil. And voila!

The finished product! I love!
The finished product! I love!

I want to make more! And I didn’t have to pay $65 for the pair! Although, personally knowing how long the work takes, I can understand why they charge that much! Jorge joked that he’d happily carve more out for me if I sold them for $65 buahaha. Now let’s just hope that the little plants survive!

Ok, bedtime for me. I had a teensy bit of wine when I started this entry and it hit me already. Lightweight ^_^!

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