Oh, My Lungs…

I can’t stand this effing cough. Somehow, in the middle of this heat, I ended up getting a cold–which has proven to be one of the worst ones this year (although I should knock-on-wood because it could be worse *knocks*). It’s those dry, nasty coughs that make your throat itch so much you feel like you’re going to barf. And my nose! It won’t stop running. Grr.

So let’s see…Saturday was spent in town, like all day. We picked the pictures up at Walgreens which turned out really nice. We went to see Gramma at the nursing home, then went to Target, where I was going to pick out either a bedset or rug–my Mother’s Day gift from Mom. No such luck at the Target at Las Tiendas. They were out of the duvet cover that I wanted and I didn’t like any of the rugs. Well, I liked some, but I had to find something that would match our awkward green floor and the beige futon cover I want to get for the futon and nothing matched. We went to Ross, where we only found about a thousand Mexican tourists, as usual. I tell you, they need to declare a day, like Tuesday, a day that tourists can come and shop over here, and for a few hours only. I swear, I can NEVER find a parking space at the mall or Las Tiendas because someone with a license plate from Mexico is in them. Blah.

We went to Kohl’s afterwards, where the kids behaved horribly. I was trying to look at the rugs and candleholders and the kids were running around. I was afraid they’d knock something over so I gave them a designated place to sit. Of course that didn’t work out–they were crawling and kicking eachother. I grabbed them by the hands and pulled them up and started walking out the door. All I was doing was holding their hands and lecturing them when Jaylen starts screaming, “Ow! Stop! YOU’RE HURTING ME!!” You can imagine the look on people’s faces. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone dialed CPS. I look around and smile and hiss down to Jaylen, “Quit saying that! I’m not doing anything to you!” and smile again as we passed other people that were scowling and shaking their heads at me. Darn child–he sure knows how to make me hurry out of a store. Please believe he got a pinch on the arm when we got to the car–which he hates more than an actual spank on the butt.

We went to the Target that was down the block and I found the perfect rug there. Two actually, but the other one was mostly red and super bright and Mario would have hated it. We got one with earth tones and it was perfect because it matched the floor tile perfectly. We decided to make Gramma a corkboard scrapbook for Mother’s Day, so we got the supplies for that.

I stopped by Mario’s work to show him my new rug (hah, sounds dirty) and he loved it. He asked John to drive the Sentra back home and wanted me to pick him up after work since Albert and Jannett had invited us to watch the fight (de la Hoya against Mayorga).

I got ready that night, took clothes for Mario and we went. The fight was showing at Jannett’s parent’s house and they couldn’t get the channel to work. Turns out the idiots at Timewarner screwed up and didn’t put in the order correctly. Jannett called her cousin and we went to watch the fight at his house. It was so awesome the way de la Hoya kicked Mayorga’s arrogant ass.

What did we do Sunday. OH YES, now I remember. It was my brilliant idea to take the living room apart and rearrange furniture. We took the old, blue rug out, put the new one in and moved the desk and computer and all the crap on it to the other side of the living room. Of course, with computers come wires and that was just a mess. It took us all day to arrange everything. And we still didn’t get to center the entertainment center with the rug and futon since the turtle’s tank is on it and it’s heavy.

Can’t remember much from Monday and Tuesday. The usual happened. Except Eenan went on a field trip to a ranch that day.

Tuesday evening was spent with Mom at Michael’s looking for more stickers and embellishments to put on Gramma’s gift. Eenan had a Mother’s Day program on Wednesday afternoon. He was great–his class danced to a hip-hoppish song and sang a cute song called, “My Mom”, or something like that. All the other classes did such a good job too. They had two mariachis sing for us and then we had cake.

Mario and I rented movies last night, but he spent too long talking to Chris outside his house so by the time we got home I was falling asleep. After about 30 minutes of watching the movie I went to bed. Hopefully we can watch one of the others today. I rented Like Water for Chocolate, woo!

Spent today scrapbooking. I’d like to continue but these damn boogers don’t let me look down for more than 5 seconds at a time. And I still have to make dinner and clean up the living room (scrapbooking stuff EVERYWHERE) and wash dishes. Blah.

on Thursday, May 11th, Julianna said:

Ooo, scrapbooking! I haven’t done that in a while. And that’s a really good idea to make a big page or something for mother’s day. I might just end up doing that myself… 😀

on Thursday, May 11th, shattered@cantv.net“>Diana said:

You should take pics sometime of the house, makes me curious when I hear you talking about rearraging stuff. I do that often, it is a pain tho.