*puts paper bag over her head*

We went and saw Gramma as planned on Sunday. Mom didn’t end up going to work so she went with us. We saw Aunt Nora and Justin there. Aunt Nora took Gramma a TV and shelf :). We sat with her and talked, and then they brought her lunch so I fed her. As I fed her, I thought, “I could do this. I could feed little old people.” I’ve always wanted to do something in the medical field, but I’m not sure what. But then I thought…”Ok, maybe I’m just thinking this because I’m feeding my own Gramma and she’s cute.” LOL I don’t know if I could feed other people. And Gramma’s so pleasant…I used to volunteer at a nursing home (back in 7th grade) and some elderly people are a bit grumpy. All the nurses kept telling us how sweet Gramma is…aww

When we got into the car we noticed ants crawling all over the seats and the center console. We’d taken honey buns in the car with us and left the wrappers there and they were all over the place. We got rid of as many as we could…but I still got bitten on my butt . When we got home, Mario figured out they were coming from the fender of the car. We had the car parked wayyy on the other side of the yard and there’s tons of ants over there. They messed up the alarm–it kept going off by itself in the wee hours of the morning. I’m afraid to know what other electrical wires they’ve screwed up .

When we got home, Mom, Jaylen, Mary and I went to the church’s Jamaica…which is like this fair-type thing. Eenan stayed home with Mario. It was just down the street, so we walked there. It was OK. I was pretty damn disappointed that we didn’t win a cake at the cake walk . But we did have some nachos, a pineapple soda and a smoked turkey leg…which wasn’t as good as the ones we’ve had from H-E-B, but it was good anyway. We didn’t play many games since most of the prizes were toys…and we’re trying to get rid of toys so it didn’t seem like a good idea LOL.

Yesterday wasn’t too exciting. I actually can’t remember what we did besides the usual. I do remember Mom falling down at night and John frantically calling me to get over there. She was hyperventilating…that’s how scared she got. But she’s OK…a little sore, but OK. She scared the crap out of us though.

Today, we dropped Eenan off at school and Mario, Jaylen and I took a nap when we got home. Then I made rice and sausage for lunch, while Mario made brownies for dessert. I ate a whole row of brownies by myself! They weren’t huge brownies…but still. I just stuffed my face. Mario even called me his lil’ heffer–he’s so romantic . And then I wonder how I’m back to 120 . Bye bye 112 lbs. I think it’s because I watched “The Biggest Loser” on NBC today…or because I downloaded and have watched all the eps of “America’s Next Top Model” (we don’t get UPN)…but I’m feeling…ugly. Yes, yes, woe is me. But yeah…I’m tired of this here roll *points to belly* and I’m tired of my face breaking out. I don’t know WHAT I’ve been doing that’s making my face go crazy, but it is, and it looks so bad. I’ve been waking up with zits and I have scars from others. All this in less than two weeks. I need to start using that scar-diminishing cream I got from Mexico…it worked wonders with the scar on my chin last time. Why I’m sharing this with the internet, I don’t know…

Other than feeling like crap about myself all day, we went to a few lil’ stores around here to get some things…we finally went to Joy Dollar. I must go back when I have more cash…I love these kitchen decorations they have. I got one…and I already have two. I may get two more. But then I’m trying to minimize the amount of stuff I already have. Something else on my to-do list…finish cleaning this place up and start getting things bagged up for the garage sale. If all goes well, we should have it on Nov. 5th and 6th.

OK…it’s 12am…I should get to bed or I’ll be napping during the day again tomorrow.

on Friday, October 22nd, Rachel said:

Yajaira, 120 is not thattt much 🙂 And you are pretty…take the bag of your head!! 😀

on Thursday, October 21st, Lauren said:

omg ewww i hate ants so much! but i hate spiders a zillion times more! =[

on Thursday, October 21st, Johanna said:

Hey well it’s good that you shared that on the internet. I could use that cream! What is the name of it? My skin has been horrible and I am gonna get back on the patch cuz I think that is what triggered my outbreak.It is so horrible and my bf tells me that why should I wear makeup when I am pretty anyways. Well with a face full of zits I do want to put a bag over my head too! Take care!

on Wednesday, October 20th, kittensteph@hotmail.com“>Stephanie said:

Yay! Smilies are wokring! & my fav one is back (the love one) but I don’t see it here next to the comments..
Last summer, I accidently stood in an ant hill.. my legs just started burning & when I looked down & there were ants all over them. Luckily we were on a beech so I ran into the water. But that was the itchiest I have ever been in my LIFE. The next few days I was in agony.. I was tying not to scracth because that would just make it worse, but on the thord day I coulnd’t take it, I just scratched as hard as I could.. it felt so good but when I felt something wet on my hands, so I looked down.. and I had sctached off a huge chunk of skin & there was blood all over my legs.. I almost fainted! I absolutly hate scars & was sure I’d get one.. thank goodness I didn’t! Anyway, that’s my ant story! 😛

on Wednesday, October 20th, Rejeana said:

argh, i’m the biggest procrastinator that ever lived lol. i’ve been telling myself i’m going to go walking again ever since i got my computer back but no go lol darnit, i should have gone to the jamaica after all, i need some fresh air, i’ve been cooped up in my room like a Hen. Now that i know you were there i sorta wish i had gone. oh well, anyways..glad your grandma’s happier. call me =)

on Wednesday, October 20th, Vic said:

I’ve been so pissed at myself for not having enough willpower to stay on my damn diet. When I stay on it, I do great! It’s just that I LOVE food. Let me rephrase that, I love tasty food, not rice cakes and carrots. I’m at least trying not to go to McDonalds or anywhere besides home for food. Anyway, after I had Troy my hormones became a mess and to this day I will break out like a 13 yr. old if I am not on the pill. So I’m on a low-dose one called Yasmin. I had been tested for everything under the sun and they couldn’t figure out why I was breaking out. So who knows. Your body just goes through changes I guess.