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Santa Fe Wine Classic 2017

As always, Gerry and her Committee outdid themselves!

This year, the Wine Classic was “Old Hollywood” themed, and as always, I was a nervous wreck about my outfit. I searched two different Goodwills hoping I’d find a good dress to fix up like I did last year, but no luck (instead I found a ton of amazing vinyls!). Jorge took action, measured me, and had Dinah order a dress for me on her Amazon Prime account–which he would reimburse her for. She ended up getting it for me herself, plus a petticoat! It was perfect, and very Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, which I was going for. It was modern enough that–in case I ended up being the only one to dress up–it wouldn’t be too alarming 😆 !

I did some shopping for work on Thursday morning, and ended up finding the perfect earrings, necklace and tiara. I had some shoes to go with it, but they killed my feet immediately, so I ended up wearing my good old speckled wedges, which Gerry said would complement the dress.

I was posted in the Auction Room, and although I didn’t get much time to get out and wander, I got a few photos:

It looked so much prettier at night!
Look at this beautiful photo by my friend Gabriel!!

The Oscar

Wine selection in the Silent Auction Room

The cheese spread!
The meats!
The desserts!

I have to admit: I had a tiny brownie, a tiny cheesecake and a chocolate-covered strawberry. And I have no regrets!

A few auction items (love Mr. Clark’s paintings!)
Santa Fe Steakhouse setting up
My plate from Santa Fe Steakhouse! Tried keeping it Keto but that corn was amazing!
The only thing I got to try from SALT :(. But it was delicious!! A port wine lollipop!
The 3 Audrey’s!

Of course I’d look shiny AF the second I step out into the night’s humidity -_-. And although my feet ached, I had a fabulous time!


It took me DAYS, but I FINALLY FIXED MY DASHBOARD!! I’ve never been SO HAPPY to see this damn page!! The few updates I’ve gotten a chance to do have been through the WordPress app on my phone (and I *always* forget my Bluetooth keyboard :/ !) It only took a lot of enabling and disabling themes and plugins and installing WordPress MANUALLY and praying to Jesus that I didn’t screw anything up to fix it. Now, if I could just get those stupid ad banners to stop showing up!! Who the fk did that!?! It’s so infuriating!! 😡 When I inspect the code it highlights something called Cloudflare, which is apparently some plugin used to HELP with these type of situations, but it also says something about redirecting. I wish I had the time and energy to decipher these types of things myself, but look how long making my Dashboard work took me?? 😥 Anyway. One day at a time. And I managed to figure this out so I’m not, in fact, old, or dumb!! Woohoo!

[And now the darn banner isn’t even showing up. I feel crazy.]