Time With Friends

Jaylen and I spent all of Sunday here at home. I was bored out of my mind. Eenan went to town with Mary so it was just Jaylen and I. I was supposed to go to Target with Mary that day, but didn’t so I still haven’t returned/exchanged my stuff. I loathe not having a license (or a car of my own) .

Mario came home after work and picked us up (thank GOD) and we went to Jorge’s. We picked up some snacks at the huge Coca-Cola-shaped Drive-Thru and prayed for the best since we had BOTH the kids. Usually, Eenan spends the night at Mary’s and only Jaylen goes with us. It wasn’t as horrible as I thought it was going to be. I spent some time with Jorgie and Justin inside while they ate some bananas while Maggie was out. The rest of the night Maggie and I just watched Mario, Jorge and Hiram install the garage door opener. It actually worked !

Thursday’s Hiram’s birthday so we’re going to have a little party for him. I’m baking a chocolate cake, Mario’s grilling some fish and Jorge is making the fajitas. That’s another thing…we need to go grocery/house stuff shopping and SOON. I hope Mario gets his day off on Thursday after all.

We rented movies and bought ice cream that night. I fell asleep half-way through the movie though LOL.

Yesterday I cleaned the house from top to bottom. Well, not all the way to the bottom since I didn’t get a chance to mop, heh. I barely finished up when Rejeana got here. It’s the first time I’ve seen her since sometime in November before she left to England. She & Geoff got me the set of McDonald’s Happy Meal Care Bears from the UK…aww! They’re too darn adorable. She also brought some English tea with her so I boiled some water and we sat down and had tea and toast . The tea was so good. Never had tea like that before and never have I added milk to my tea! It was awesome. We spent the rest of the night online and just talking and catching up. I made dinner and we ate and then Mario got home. We watched the other movie we got, Maria Full of Grace, which I’ve wanted to watch since it came out. I thought it was a good movie. The very end was a bit “blah”–could have had a more detailed ending–but Mario and I tend to think the endings suck of most movies LOL. It’s something I noticed recently . Rejeana left before the movie finished so I’ll have to fill her in. It was nice seeing her .

Tommy and Yadira’d brought back Jaylen’s toddler bed since Angela wasn’t using it anymore so I set it up Sunday night and he slept there half the night. At around 3am he jumped back into bed with me. Last night though, I moved the bed right next to mine and held his hand till he fell asleep and he slept there all night long! My back actually didn’t hurt this morning since he didn’t suction himself to my back. It hurt because Mario took up all the space . I had forgotten how much space that boy requires. We hadn’t slept in the same bed because of Jaylen in months. I must prepare myself for the elbowing and waking me up from a peaceful sleep for the midnight rendevous .

Gonna join the hubby on the couch and take a shower and try not to stay up too late. I woke him up 30 mintues late this morning because I went back to sleep after I turned the alarm off.

on Wednesday, March 9th, Jorden said:

Aww bless you and your english tea. It always suprises me how you yanks dont drink your tea with milk 😀
Hehe all you need is some scones and some cucumber sandwiches! Then you could be having tea at the ritz 😀
Us brits and our traditions hey 😀 Were a funny lot!
Take Care x x x

on Wednesday, March 9th, Vic said:

LOL@ your midnight bootycalls 😉 Troy’s like Jaylen, always needing his mommy. Only the sad part is, Troy’s 5 :X