What’s Been Happening

Thank you all for Eenan’s well-wishes . He stayed home from school on Thursday because he couldn’t stop coughing the night before and his fever would come and go. He felt much better Friday so he went. Sunday, he spent laying on the couch all day, except to eat or go to the bathroom. He was completely lethargic, so I kept him home on Monday, too. Monday morning, around 6am, was also when Jaylen’s flu started…he had a fever of 101.6 and was coughing badly. Eenan went to school today; I hope he’s doing alright. I gave him his medicines right before I dropped him off, so he should be alright till he gets home.

Jose, Elda and the kids all left on Saturday afternoon. Elda didn’t want to leave and that’s because she was having a hard time with the fact that they’re moving over here during summer. That’ll be cool. Then all we’ll need is for Jorge to move over here from California and all of Mario’s side of the family will be in the Valley.

I can’t believe all the stuff that’s been on the news. First, the inhumane way Terri Schiavo died, then the Pope’s passing and then yesterday while watching the news at 5 I heard about an 8th grader at a school in McAllen had stabbed another 8th grader in the back with a pocket knife. The victim lived and is back at school and is okay, thank goodness. I can’t believe that happened over here. I tend to stay away from the news because I’m afraid of what the hell I’m gonna see. I’ve said it a million times: I fear for when my own kids are in middle/high school. Some kids are terrible these days. Then I heard about how a Judge (who’d served the county for 10 years) resigned, then I watched the news again at 6 and they had breaking news about how they found him dead at his home with a gun shot wound to the head. I know he’d been under investigation by the FBI due to allegations he was accepting bribes, but why would he leave a wife and 5 boys behind? It’s sad.

My birthday’s in 9 days and it doesn’t even feel like it. I’ve been too busy thinking about Jaylen’s birthday party which is coming up on the 17th (his birthday’s on the 18th). We haven’t even discussed what we’re getting him for his birthday. We still haven’t even gotten the ceramic Ninja Turtle piggy banks (which will be the centerpieces), or the candy (which we mostly get in Mexico), or the party favors and goodie bags. I have a feeling the next two weekends will be madness.

Oooh…forgot to mention. Saturday night we’d gone to Wal-Mart and Eenan had $.50, so he got two goldfish; Goldie #2 and Indigo and I bought a little Ghost Shrimp–cutest little thing. Well, we got home, I arranged the tank–even got them a portable filter/pump this time and the damn fish ended up dying before we went to bed. My shrimp was okay–till the next day. He died too. I did some research online and found out that if there’s even one sick fish in the tank the rest will get sick–and most likely–will die too. We went back to Wal-Mart to look for a filter for the turtles’ tank and looked at the tanks where we’d gotten our fish and there were at least 4 floating at the top. I wonder how many people have bought fish there that have died already. How crappy. Poor fish .

That night Yadira called us and asked if we wanted to adopt Squirt, Angela’s turtle. They had two, but Shelly had passed away that day and she didn’t want the other one to die so they gave him to us. So now we have three happy little turtles . They’re so fun to watch…I need to make a page for them soon and show off their cuteness. I think Mario and I get a kick out of them more than the boys do!

Mario got out of work Sunday and we went shopping for a few things. John actually came by this weekend (only because he missed his bus Friday after school ) and stayed with the boys while we went since they were sick. We went to Target and got Eenan a Gamecube game and a CD player for Jaylen since he didn’t have one yet. We were looking around for a new shelf or something for DVD’s and while looking at the furniture I fell in love with this tiny table and chairs that would fit perfectly in the kitchen. I want it so badly. The table we have right now a foldable one borrowed from Mary, since our wooden one was wayyy too huge for our space and our chairs are old, ugly chairs we used to use outside. My table and chairs embarrass me. One of the reasons I don’t like having company over…really.

After we went to Target, we got some drinks at Starbucks. I finally went to a real Starbucks and man was my Caramel thingy good! Usually, we’d only buy the Frappuccinos from Wal-Mart or H-E-B…the ones in the little milk bottles? But yum…I can’t wait to go back.

We went to Wal-Mart after that to get house necessities and found a new DVD rack. It wasn’t exactly what we were looking for, and it’s not black, but it fit all our DVD’s. Now Smokey, the gerbil, is tucked nicely in one of the shelves in the entertainment center and I still have to move all the electronic junk (Xbox, Dish Network receiver, Game Cube, VCR, DVD player, and the surround sound thing) around to make it look neater and utilize the empty shelves. I wish I was craftier and more creative so I could figure out how to make things fit nicely in this small place. I realized something while watching HGTV though…you need $$ to be organized, and sadly, I don’t have any extra $$ right now .

Okay, I’ve blabbed enough. Gotta finish with laundry *yawn* and help Eenan with his homework (Sonia just picked him up for me since I didn’t have a car today). Then I gotta try and catch up with online stuff. My inbox is ripping at the seams .

on Monday, April 11th, Jessica said:

Hey girl – just thought I’d stop by and say hi. Haven’t surfed your site in a while nor talked w/ you online. If I don’t get to say hi on Thursday, happy birthday! Take care. Hope all is well.

on Sunday, April 10th, Letícia said:

Hi 😀 I’m From Brazil ..

My name is Letícia

on Friday, April 8th, Jolene said:

Doesn’t it suck when one kid finishes being sick and then the other one get’s sick, well atleast they weren’t sick at the same time.

on Wednesday, April 6th, Johanna said:

Tons of bad things have been happening lately. I didn’t know about the stabbing! Damn, kids these days 🙁

on Wednesday, April 6th, Jennifer said:

That’s good that everyone is feeling better. Hopefully no one else in the house ends up catching the flu. Walmart doesn’t have the greatest fish. I had 12 fish total, and 9 died. I only have 3 in the little tank now. I decided on nothing big, because what’s the point if they all are going to die? I also like to read your blog. Have a great day.

on Wednesday, April 6th, kitty said:

my, good thing your lil boy is alright, I get scared too when my son has a fever lolz, anyway we owned turtles when we were young and I miss them so much, too. I really love reading your blog, so entertaining. you have a nice day now! 🙂