Atom Bomb

I’m feeling extra…stabby today.

Maybe it’s because I kept waking up last night, then had to be up at 5:00am to drop Alaethia off at practice by 6:30am. Or maybe it’s because I’ve been gorging on carbs since Valentine’s Day after doing really well for over a month. Or maybe because I’m fasting again to get back into Keto and I was starving. Or maybe because I had to *ask* for someone to cover my lunch hour. Or maybe because just about everyone I’ve come into contact with today has annoyed/pissed me off. Or maybe because I was supposed to start my period 2 days ago and all that sadness and anger is festering into an atom-bomb of depressy-rage…but yeah. I’m in a shit mood.

Being in this mood makes me want to eat an entire cake, or chocolates, or box or Oreos on my own. Or buy shoes or a dress. But I can’t do either of those things…

So I guess I’ll eat my (very delicious) blackened salmon salad and attempt to put myself in a better mood.

From Azucar y Sal

Anyway. This is my life lately. Be sad. Be angry. Eat. And so on. I keep telling myself I’m going to write more to express myself and whatever, but I never get the chance. Or I just want to bitch about stuff 😆 . Hopefully I’ll write about happier things soon. Like Alaethia’s team that made district champs! Or Valentine’s Day!

We’ll see.

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