We (Alaethia and I) are at the doctor’s office right now and I figured I’d keep myself busy by updating. We got here 14 minutes late and the doctor still wasn’t in.

Speaking of late, Alaethia only let me sleep about 4 1/2 hours last night so I was dragging this morning. After getting the boys ready for school and making sure they got to Elda’s, I laid on the couch with Alaethia to rest my eyes. When I opened them it was time for Mario to leave to work–only I hadn’t woken him up yet, or ironed his clothes, made him breakfast, or packed his lunch. I’d been asleep for half an hour. I did everything in 10 minutes, except for breakfast, and he left. I hope he got to pick something up and got to work on time.

After he left I only had 25 minutes to get Alaethia and myself ready for her appointment. At least she’s grown enough to wear one of her pretty dresses. Too bad she has to get immunizations!

[edit @ 12:00pm] That took forever. She didn’t get any shots though; her immunization was an oral one, the Rotateq, or something like that. She weighs 9 lbs. 6 oz. now and is still 20 1/2 inches long :).