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Silence is a Virtue

I’m at the doctor’s office for my 10-week prenatal appointment. It’s going to take a while, like it usually does, so I brought my new book, “Can You Keep a Secret?” by Sophie Kinsella to pass the time. I finished “My Sister’s Keeper” yesterday. The ending was so sad and such a surprise. My hormones were on the fritz so I kept having to put the book down so I wouldn’t bawl in front of everyone at Mary’s.

Well, I tried reading the new book here but this huge family sitting across from me won’t SHUT UP! They’re talking, very loudly, about a couple who’s cheating on eachother. Hello? What if I happen to know Sergio and Anna and their lovers? I could totally run and tell them. Did this whole family come together or do they just know those other people mutually? I’m sorry, I can’t stand this lady’s voice!! It’s loud and high pitched and it cracks. *shudder* I’d rather be having the pap smear this very moment so I don’t have to hear her drone on.

Well…they just called half the people in…but unfortunately not the woman with the awful voice.

Anyway…my class/training yesterday was the same ol’ thing, but I met a fellow library clerk who was really nice. We had lunch together and talked about our kids and I told her about my worries about when to quit and all that. She gave me some advice that I’m totally going to take.

I’ve got lots to do today. John and I might go to Kumori (our last hurrah before I start working again and won’t have time) and I have to return Mario’s suit since he decided it would be too dressy (told him). While I’m there I’ll look for some maternity clothes. I’m also going to look for those maternity demi panels you can add to your already-existing pants so I can add them to my work ones. I bet they’re expensive though. I wonder if Hancock fabrics carries them?

Okay this lady finally decided to sort of whisper. I’m going to try and read now.

Kill Me Now

I hate coming to the doctor’s. I shouldn’t even be here right now. All I’m here for is my results, which they should have given me over the phone since last Wednesday. They either left me on hold for decades or the doctor was busy.

God. There’s a kid hacking up a lung right next to me. Couldn’t pick anywhere else to sit.

Anyway. From what the nurse did tell me, I seem to be ok. My cholesterol was elevated a little, but other than that, I was “fine,” even from the diabetes. I would like to know what that means. Am I fine as in I don’t need meds or glucose, or fine as in I don’t have diabetes?

Grr. I’m never getting called in. Ok. I moved. Hope that wasn’t too rude. I just got over the worst cold and don’t need to feel like that again, kthx.

*sigh* I want to read but I was nodding off before I started writing this. Like, literally NODDING OFF…my head flung forward and everything. How embarrassing.

All because I didn’t fall asleep till midnight. I had laundry and dishes to do (yes, on Mother’s Day…how shitty is that?) so I didn’t get into bed till 11pm and my lovely daughter didn’t let me fall asleep till midnight. She wouldn’t let me cuddle her or rock her to sleep. She was pushing me away like a cat who knew it was about to be dunked into water. The boys loved to cuddle. But not her. She’s an independent crib baby whom I force to sleep with me because I miss her.

She’s so dang intelligent, it’s amazing. She’s already speaking in long phrases and she’s only 15 months old. And she says words like ‘disgusting’ only she says ‘digutting’. Like yesterday when I didn’t want to roll out of bed and she needed a diaper change…she took it off, placed it near my head and said ‘Digutting’.

My thumbs are about to fall off from typing this on my Centro. Bye.

(Edit) 50 years later…I am officially the 2nd to the last person here. This lady got here after me and I bet they’ll call her first. Seriously, they already called all the preggos in, even the ones who got here much after me. I’m so pissed.

Gladys Porter Zoo or Bust

Last night could have quite possibly been one of our worst nights while Alaethia isn’t sick. It was Day 1 of bottle-weaning and it was awful. She cried from 11 pm to 1 am. I was about to give up and just pop a bottle in her mouth at least three times during those two hours, but I stayed strong and let her cry it out till she was so exhausted that she grabbed the cup from me and fell asleep. Mario, who actually stayed awake the whole time for once, rubbed my back and said, “You’re a good Mom.” Those words make it all worthwhile.

Now we’re on our way to the zoo. I packed everything up this morning and we were all ready and leaving by 8:05am like we planned. We didn’t actually get on the road to leave till 9 something since we were waiting for all the other people and vehicles who’d be part of our caravan. And now we’re here and there’s no parking. This’ll be fun!