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Just the Two of Us

Jorge and I woke up around noon, only because the sun was shining through my closed eyelids. I squinted at my phone: 12:01pm. NICE. I hadn’t slept that long in a while! Either we have to work, have kiddos to feed or the cat’s meowing to be fed. But it was Sunday: no work, kiddos are with the other parents, and Ruffles’ bowl was full :).

Mom greeted us as we groggily passed by the living room in PJs. “Morning, mija. Made you guys some coffee.” Wonderful woman!

I prepared our coffees as Jorge sat at the breakfast table. We knew what we were having for breakfast/lunch: leftover shrimp from last night’s dinner!

We totally wanted to have Red Mango, so we ate light. I only had about 5 little shrimp. I’d bought 2 of those Deal of the Day coupons ($10 for $6) and we need to use them before they expire.

We showered, got ready, and Jorge took a short nap while I fixed my hair. Big mistake: he woke up grumpy . He was less than cheery when I realized I hadn’t shaved my legs and had to run back inside to change into jeans buahaha.

It was 105, ugh. I’m glad we were going for some cool yogurt. I’m not sure I like that Red Mango; it’s self-serve so you serve yourself way too much and then they weigh it and charge you by the ounce. We ended up spending a full $10 anyway!

Red Mango McAllen

Oh, but it was delicious!

I’m always wary of writing openly about Jorge and I, especially when we have an argument, since there are a couple of RL lurkers who’d revel in the fact that we indeed fight at times. But, since being added to that group on Facebook and giving it some thought, I decided I wasn’t going to hold back: I want to write about the good and the bad, like I always have. (Perhaps, in my past marriage I should have written more about the bad times instead of sugar-coating so much.)

So with that being said, Jorge was still a bit moody and made several comments here and there. When we got in the car and were almost home he said something, something I can’t remember, but he was rude and snapped at me. That was it. I retorted, “Quit being rude! I can only take so much of your bad mood before it rubs off on me.” He answers, “I don’t even know what I said!” And we both sat in silence and stewed the rest of the drive home. He went straight to the bedroom and I followed, much slower, leaving my purse on the table. When I got to the bedroom the door was locked. I told him to open it, he did reluctantly. I went to the bathroom, came back out and went to the living room. I walked back to the bedroom and plopped myself next to him and put my head on his shoulder. I felt him soften up. He said, “I’m sorry I was rude.” I nodded that it was ok. He asks, “Do you love me?” I answer yes. Then we laughed at the 80’s karate movie he was watching. And we were fine :). I hate when we argue, but I love that we can talk and get over it quickly.

We made plans to watch a movie, after dinner. We headed to Taco Palenque with mom a while later, her treat. It was GREAT. And all the food I’d been eating the past two days reminded me of this pin:


We stopped by HEB afterwards to get some drinks and stopped at the Red Box to get “Haywire” and “The Immortals”.

We watched “Haywire” first. OMG. I wanted to kick someone’s ass afterwards! It was a bit confusing, but it was a good movie. The next one was a little long, but it was good, too. I couldn’t believe we actually managed to watch 2 movies without one of us falling asleep LOL. By the time we knew it it was 11pm. I showered and fell asleep pretty quickly. And when I felt like I’d slept too much I woke up, and thank God, too, because I’d set the alarm wrong!

It was a long day, same-ol-same-ol. Nothing exciting. I met my love and his friends at Dai Tung for lunch. I had already looked up calorie counts on myfitnesspal so I knew exactly what I was getting LOL.

I found a parking space right away, our food came right away and we laughed and ate. It’s always nice seeing him for lunch; makes the day go by a tad faster :).

The afternoon went by, I wrote out at least 75 PO’s (no, really) and then I got home and had a chat with my babies. Can’t wait for them to be home on Wednesday!! Now it’s time to make dinner and then we’ll see what the evening brings :).

[edit 9:59pm] Oh yes, movie night! Again, hehe :D. “The Woman in Black” and:

Movie Night. Again :D

Alaethia is 5!


My babygirl, my little fairy princess diva, is 5 years old today! :*) I can’t believe how fast time flies. I feel like I’ve missed so much the past year and it hurts :'(, but at the same time it’s made me appreciate and value the time we do spend together all that much more.

I took her shopping for her gift this past weekend. She, Emily and I made a trip to Toys R Us to get her the Dora kitchen she’d been asking for. Once we got there and she saw everything else, she couldn’t decide. She wanted a Barbie kitchen instead, then some Blythe/Pet Shop playsets and then she finally picked two Barbie playsets:  a “pancakes” one and one with a full Barbie-sized kitchen. She’s really into baking and watches baking videos on YouTube (supervised, of course). Her favorites are Barbie cakes and some about Japanese candies o_O. I’m hoping to have a little birthday party for her next weekend, when they’re with me. I hope funds allow and I can make it happen!

I picked up a cupcake for her (and Emily) on my way home from RGV Cupcake Factory and went to visit her tonight. I visited with the boys a bit, too. Jaylen made me laugh with this weird finger game and I told the boys about how Jorge and I had put a lint-roller tape on Ruffles’ back and he just collapsed, it was the weirdest thing lol.

Before that Tia Sylvia and Tio Mateo came by to visit. Tia’d called me Sunday to let me know they had some fairly new furniture they were getting rid of and they were bringing it over. They sent pics and everything looked awesome and matched our existing furniture!

They get here, we catch up cause I hadn’t seen Tio in decades (for real) and they start bringing the furniture in. I was in shock: everything was BRAND NEW! And gorgeous!

They gave us these matching chairs. I LOVE their shape! I wanted a white one from IKEA that was this exact shape.

Reading nook?

We’re still trying to figure out how to make these work in the living room space, and of course we need some accent colors. How I wish the darn thing wasn’t recessed !


They gave us 4 matching counter-height stools. Two of those we scrunched in with the bistro set in the kitchen nook, the other 2 are up next to the kitchen counter. This is actually the set Jorge and I got each other for Christmas. We couldn’t figure out what we wanted, and when he brought up getting the set I couldn’t think of anything more perfect. We’d been wanting this set for a while and it just completes the kitchen. (Yes. We’re weird like that, heh.)

They also gave us a waffle maker, a chopper, a picnic set, a full set of dishes, & two futons that match all the other furniture. One went in the boys’ room, the other will go in our bedroom. As soon as we figure out how to arrange everything :confused:.

Anyway, we had Papa Murphy’s pizza which we’d never tried but I was recruiting them for my event so we gave it a shot. Best. Pizza. Ever. Take-and-bake? Fresh Subway-esque ingredients…it was awesome.

Chicken Bacon Artichoke

We went for our jog afterwards and just talked and enjoyed the cool breeze. I love that park :).

I’d written an entry last week, all about New Year’s, but the darn draft didn’t save. So. I have to redo that. Lots of stuff had been going on, including Gramma being hospitalized, but she’s so much better now. I’d been under a lot of stress, but thank GOD things are looking up :).

Ok, it’s late, gonna shower!

Testing, testing…

I finally downloaded the WordPress for Android app. I’ve updated from my EVO tons of times before, but it was kind of annoying using the web-based dashboard. This is too darn cool and much easier :D.

It’s my first official day off of my 5-day weekend. I slept in, made breakfast and coffee while John visited, served the boys breakfast and have been researching stuff online. I’m actually updating as I wait for the water to warm up so I can shower and pick up my munchkins :). Man, I love technology! I wouldn’t even be able to imagine updating my blog from my phone back when I started blogging (eons ago!).

Ok, water’s ready!