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Day 2

I woke up with my stomach roaring like a lion this morning . I actually didn’t eat anything past 8pm last night–and I usually do, which could be the reason this roll *points to stomach* is here. I weighed myself on Noelia’s scale yesterday and it said I weigh 116…so I don’t know if I weigh 116 or 123 like Maggie’s scale said. Maggie’s was digital…I wonder if that has anything to do with it? Blah. I guess lbs. really don’t matter to me…it’s losing the actual “chub” that matters. I can feel the little sucker spilling out of my jeans as I sit here this very minute . I’m still debating whether I should take before pics and post them, though that scares me. I definetly wouldn’t take one in a sports bra or anything like that .

My arm pits and stomach are sore. And I like it .

• bowl of banana/strawberry Cheerios w/ half cup milk

• A small slice of lasagna (again, since Mario nor I wanted to cook )
• water
• Two Carb Well Oreos (read below for review)

Afternoon Snack:
• Cambell’s Soup At Hand – clam chowder
• 1/2 a can of Nestea (the only sugary drink I’d have, 60 cals)

(Went to a get-together so we didn’t eat till 10pm! I ate a lot, but I don’t think I over-did it. I hope.)
• Chicken…not even the whole chicken piece, no skin
• One tiny strip of fajita
• Less than half a cup of rice
• Less than half a cup of potato salad (potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, mayo, mustard, salt, pickles and celery–bad girl!)
• Pico de gallo with avocado (avocado, lemon, salt, tomatoes, onions, jalapeno peppers, cilantro)
• A few tortilla chips
• Water

So yeah, I may have overdone it last night with the potato salad…nothing else was really as fatty. But I didn’t bring anything home and I didn’t pick at the food the kids left !

As for the Carb Well Oreos. I tried them because I love Oreos, but the “real” Oreos have too much sugar. A serving is 2 cookies for both, so when I compared them yesterday I was kinda disappointed. Regular Oreos have 140 Calories, Carb Wells have 100–ok, that’s good. Neither have cholesterol. Regular Oreos have about 24 carbs (can’t remember the correct # at the moment) and Carb Wells have 16. The Regular Oreos have a few grams of sugar and the Carb Wells don’t…but then I notice it says ‘Sugar Alcohol 7g’. WTF is sugar alcohol?? Carb Wells also have an extra gram of protein (regular Oreos have 1g). It doesn’t make much of a difference for me, but I guess every calorie counts?

As for the taste, they didn’t taste as much like ass as I thought they would…but the cookie part did taste a bit…grainy? I also had a weird medicine-y taste in my mouth after eating both cookies. Not sure what that was all about (the sugar alcohol maybe??). So yeah, I may finish up this box and stick to regular Oreos. Remind me to drink something after my two cookies to get rid of the strange taste–that’s why I drank a Nestea…still tasted it after drinking a pint of water .

I want to try those Crystal Light on the go packets. Hopefully they’re not packed with sugar (and heaven forbid they have any sugar substitute, ew! I’d rather not have something at all in that case). I didn’t get to exercise at all…which sucks :(.


Day 1 Ow. Ooohh. Eeeee!

MY. LEGS. ARE. ON. FIRE. And my heart feels like it’s about to pop out of my rib cage. I started. It’s officially Day 1. I just finished with my work out. I won’t over-do it, because I have in the past and have greatly regretted it the next day. I am SO out of shape. I only jogged/power walked for about 15 minutes. Did 2 reps of 25 crunches, and could only fork out 15 push ups . I’ve never been the best at push-ups since I’m “top heavy”, but I could at least do 30 without collapsing. But I did it! Now, to continue doing it.

*edit* I did 25 leg lifts (those that work out your butt? Have no idea what they’re called). What I ate on 1/12/05:

• 1 C. coffee
• a bowl of banana/strawberry Cheerios with 1/2 C. milk

• Salad w/ a tiny bit of bacon bits, a small amount of ranch dressing (I can’t eat that fat-free crap, ew), 5 croutons
• Small slice of lasagna
• Water

• 1/2 McDonald’s Grilled Chicken salad
• Water

• 1 pudding-filled Donut
• and later, a cup of Raspberry iced tea

I figured it was okay to eat the donut. It was the only “junk food” I’d had all day. Plus, I’m not doing this to starve myself or eat rabbit food for the rest of my life. I’m just limiting myself (which I’ve needed to do for a while already). I’m pretty happy with how I’m doing so far. But then again, it’s only Day 1 LOL.

I figured this is what I’ll do. Regular blog entries will have a regular title, weight loss progress with be named Day 1, Day 2, etc. I’m still debating whether to use my LJ as a weight loss journal or to make a cute little page for that here. Until then, I’ll go with this :P.

A few things to remember:
• A cup of coffee’s okay as long as you follow it up with 8oz. of water (per cup).
• 5-6 hours of sleep= faster weight gain 7-8 hours sleep=ideal sleep time



I’m so tired. The past few nights I’ve been staying up late again (except for last night) and it’s catching up with me with a vengeance. All day yesterday I refused to nap, and at around 6pm I was falling asleep every time I sat down. I actually got to get in bed early, at 11pm. Well, that’s early for me lately. I just have so much crap to do all the time. Now I’m here falling asleep again. I can’t nap–even though I really want to–or else this cycle will just continue. Blah.

I watched the finale of The Biggest Loser on NBC last night. I feel so inspired–as corny as that may sound–by that show. I was looking through the before and after pics and Kelly, Lisa, and Andrea look so nice and healthy now. I want to look nice and healthy too. I’m hating how weight is becoming a really big issue with me. I’ve always had bad self-esteem, but I think as I get older, it gets worse. I’m not like the people who went on the biggest loser–how most were overweight even as children. In fact, I was always too skinny, with no butt, with huge boobs for my body frame and height and I just felt awkward all the time. Now, I seem to have “filled out” more, but I’ve filled out more than I’d like. I’m not even overweight yet (and God I don’t want to be), but I’m close. I weigh 123 right now (I just weighed myself at Maggie’s on Friday night), and my BMI for my height and weight says I’m close to being overweight. I’m like 2 lbs. away. I’m only 4’11” tall…I should weigh from 95-100lbs. My goal is 105. I just want to get back in shape. But I’d like some support from my family. I’m tired of people rolling their eyes when I say I want to start eating better and exercising. I want support from Mario. Just this morning, after he ate breakfast, he came and sat on the computer. I’d been looking through The Biggest Loser before and after pics and I tell him about Kelly–who had biggish breasts and then lost a lot of weight there. I tell him I want to do that too. If I can lose “breast” without having to be cut up to have a reduction, then better for me. I ask him, since he used to be a fitness buff, what I should do to work-out my chest and he says, “I’ve already told you a thousand times before. I’m not repeating myself.” I tell him, “Well, I obviously forgot, which is why I’m asking you.” He just gets this attitude and I tell him to go screw himself. We’d been watching a movie, Harold and Kumar Go to Whitecastle to be exact, and there’s this scrawny blonde woman with almost non-existant boobs and he was um, aroused. I was greatly offended, for I’m not scrawny, blonde or flat-chested. I’m quite the opposite. I threw that in his face this morning–how he can be turned on by flat-chested skinny blondes (no offense to all you flat-chested skinny blondes out there–you bastards), yet I can’t talk about having a flat chest or highlighting my hair because he gets all defensive and raves about how “I’m beautiful the way I am and I don’t have to change anything”. Um, yeah, SURE. Last time I believe that. And to think I made him lasagna for lunch. That asshole .

I’m tired of feeling unattractive. I’m tired of wondering if my husband is checking out the skinny bitches. (And believe me, there’s plenty of skinny bitches where he works…a lot of the men where Mario works have wives, and a girlfriend they met there on the side.) I won’t let my depression get worse by feeling like shit about myself. I’m going to do this. I’m going to get back in shape. I need to buy rollerblades for myself and the kids. We have a long-ass drive way. It would be so awesome to blade again. I’M GOING TO DO THIS!