Cleared – 2 Months Post-Op

I had my 2 month follow up appointment with my PS on Monday, the 11th. I dropped all the kids off, texted my bosses that I’d miss our meeting due to the appointment and went to my doc’s office. There were 2 of us in the lobby and they took us both in within 3 minutes of signing in. I got my pressure checked and changed into my gown.

My doc comes in and checks me.

I say, “It looks a little better, right?”

He says, “A little?? This is great! I think you’re ready for your After photos!” So he gets the camera, turns me this way and that and snaps away.

He asks if I have questions and I say yes. I tell him my right nip had been progressively hurting more, but I let him know I was on my monthly. He said it was normal and showed me how to drum my fingers where it hurts. I asked about the odd discoloration around the border of my areolas and he said that’s normal too, and would get better in time. I asked about the dry, tight skin and he said it was new skin coming in, healing from the old allergic reaction. He said my scars looked good. And then I asked, “Can I run again??” And he chuckles and says, “Yes, of course!” We say our goodbyes and he tells me to call the office if I need anything at all.

I was giddy driving to work. I was glad to get a clean bill of boob health.  I even walked on the treadmill on Monday and walked/jogged on Tuesday at the park. It was glorious. I would have to hold my sports bra down when I’d run, or else I felt it creeping up and irritating me.

The girls and I went to Maddie’s birthday party at Pump It Up today. We didn’t get home till 8:30pm and by the time the girls showered and we finished playing with the Snapchat Lenses we were beat.



So no running today :(.

I did this while we watched Grey’s:


And then Jorge and I joined John in the living room and the 3 of us played with the Lenses. And then, as I’m sitting there, I feel a weird sting on the right side incision near my underarm. I feel the area with my fingers and feel a bump and an itch, like a huge mosquito bite. Jorge checks me and says I look irritated, but like something bit me. I checked, and it’s a pretty big, almost perfectly round bump right on the incision. It’s awful šŸ™ . And makes me sad. I saw it and it reminded me of when my tubal ligation scar got infected, developed a round bump and then the fluid/pus filled sac ruptured. Ugh. I really hope it’s nothing more than a mosquito bite šŸ˜• . I was so thrilled with my progress šŸ™ . Crossing my fingers the hydrocortisone kicks in and I wake up better.

Still need to update about our busy week at work during the beginning of April! Goodnight!

[edit:] It WAS a mosquito bite!! I was back to normal by the morning! Yay!

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