Day 2 – Sea World

The last time I posted we just chilled out the rest of the night in the hotel. The boys played their DS’s, Alaethia had a fab time playing with her babies and pulling things out of everyone’s bags. We didn’t feel like going anywhere for dinner so we ordered in, though I can’t remember exactly what at the moment.

I forgot to mention on the previous entry that the day before while we were still at the Alamo Yadira got Matthew’s overnight Strep test results and he was positive for Strep. And he’d shared a drink with Alaethia. I was on pins and needles the rest of the trip, and was praying that if she got sick please, God, please make it before June 30th. The kids were denied their Chip insurance after that :(.

I was Myspacing Mario through my Centro but in a moment of desperation I went outside and tried stealing Wi-Fi from somewhere. Jorge followed me and watched me from our hotel room while he smoked a cigarette (I felt a little uneasy being alone…and apparently Jorge felt like that about me too LOL). We were right across from Burger King and if I stood at the corner of the 2nd story (where our rooms were) I could totally get signal! I could actually get it all the way in front of our door, but once I got in it disappeared. Bummer.

The next morning I woke up in such a good, rested mood! It was probably the arctic temperatures in the room but for the first time in a long time Alaethia slept through the whole night. She didn’t wake up for a bottle once. And I didn’t wake up to pee once, either!

We had breakfast at Cracker Barrel that morning. I wasn’t too excited about it; I would have much rather had breakfast at Denny’s, Ihop or even Burger King. I wanted pancakes like crazy and all they have there are fried pancakes—ew. I got some blueberry ones that looked deceivingly like they were nice and fluffy and non-fried in the menu, but nope, they were fried, too.
We made our way to Sea World after breakfast and managed to take a few wrong turns here and there but we eventually made it.

I texted Mario most of the day, letting him know where we were going next and whatnot.

We made plans to watch all the shows that day and do the rides the next day. Eenan was already in a foul mood and we’d just gotten there, but we tried not to let it get to us. He eventually got over it and we went to “Believe” one of the Shamu shows. It was really nice and I got some awesome shots of the whales.


Alaethia, who only wanted to be with Jorge most of our trip, was really enjoying the show. She didn’t fuss once. Well, until we got splashed with the ice-cold water! We were sitting in the “splash zone” and even though we were pretty high up we still got completely soaked! We were damp the rest of the time we were there.


The next show we watched was “Viva!” I love the opening show, which is about a funny plumber type guy who’s trying to contain a water leak. He’s the same exact guy that was doing the show back when we last visited Sea World in 2003.

Alaethia watched with admiration while the acrobats dove off of high platforms, danced around in the flying ring, and shot themselves off of the swings. She fussed once for snacks and once she got them she was all eyes and ears again.

I’m not sure what else we did after that. I think we left the park to go eat lunch. Yes, that’s what we did. And we made the mistake of exiting through one of the gift shops and Jaylen fell in love with a white sea lion pup plush and started pitching a fit. I promised him that when we got back, if he behaved, he’d get it.

Jose, Elda, Jorge and the boys went to eat at Rudy’s Bar-B-Q and Tommy, Yadira, their kids, Mary, my kids and I went to Subway. The boys were still complaining that their underwear were wet so Mary went to Family Dollar next door to buy them some tightie whities after she finished eating and got Jaylen a pair of shorts since, for some reason, he didn’t have extras. We all got into the car after that and took off again to the park.

Jaylen didn’t forget about his sea lion. First stop was buying it and then he was happy.

Eenan was complaining yet again when we got back about how he wanted to go to Shamu’s Happy Harbor to get wet. They didn’t have a change of clothes and it was still a few hours till we went home so it was a no-go. He said he’d be satisfied if they just went to play in the little jungle-gym type thing that they have. So there we go.

We went to The Haunted Lighthouse 4-D show after that. It was so fun. Not only was it 3-D, but the 4-D part came when they’d splash us with water or blow a stream of air at our legs to make it seem like rats were running by our legs. Mary was sitting with Alaethia and at one point Alaethia started screaming because the water they were spraying at us was really cold, so Mary walked out with her.

The kids had some cotton candy and drinks while we walked to the Sea Lions Tonight Show, which is a show featuring seals (named Seymore and Clyde) that parody all the shows at Sea World. It was too funny; probably my favorite show out of all of them. It was hilarious.



What was also hilarious was when Yazmin (who will kill me for telling the internetz this if she ever reads it) was telling me about a boy who was following her around at the Haunted Lighthouse show. She said she was so annoyed that if he went up to her to talk to her she’d tell him, “*cough*cough* I have Staph.” I just stare at her and say, “Um, Yazmin, Staph is a skin infection. I think you mean Strep.” The people behind us couldn’t stop laughing. I couldn’t stop laughing LOL.

We went to the other Shamu show after that. It was cool. They even had dance contests on the screen before the actual show. All the shows were done after this one so we walked around and looked at the crocodiles and gators and then made our way to the cars.

We went straight to the hotel after we left Sea World. I chatted with Mario for a bit. We ordered Chinese takeout, which was actually really good and very well served. I bathed all the kids and got into bed. It was 11:30 by the time I went to bed, but I had another night of awesome sleep!

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