Internet, Meet Bentley Cooper

Something I didn’t see happening in a million years happened on Wednesday. 1) Because I never thought Jorge would agree and 2) Because I never thought I would either. But one look at that handsome face on Jessica M’s Stories on Wednesday evening and I was in love!!

No, we aren’t in a new Poly-amorous relationship πŸ˜† . We adopted an adorable doggo!!

Everyone, meet Bentley Cooper!!

Isn’t he just beautiful???

We kept going back and forth on his name. Half of us wanted Bentley, the other half wanted Cooper…so obviously he became Bentley Cooper (and yes, I love that it almost sounds like Bradley Cooper πŸ˜† !).

So how did we convince Jorge and his “We’re-not-getting-another-animal-policy?” It took all 7 kids and myself to surround Jorge as he played a game on our computer and badgered him for 30 minutes about adopting a pup. Finally, Emily brought out the big guns and her Puss-in-Boots eyes and said, “But you said I’m your Princess and you’d do anything for me!” He hangs his head forward and says, “Oh, you’re good…” then throws his hands in the air and concedes: “ALRIGHT, FINE! BUT YOU ALL BETTER TAKE CARE OF IT! I’LL GET RID OF IT, I SWEAR!”

So we rushed off to HEB before Jorge changed his mind to get some treats and puppy pads for potty training. Sweet Jesus, help me. I haven’t had a dog in 17 years; since I was halfway though Jaylen’s pregnancy and having complications and I was the only one trying to potty train my English Spaniel, Oreo. That was the last time I had a pooch. 17 years ago.

Anyway, we picked him up and Jessica and I chit-chatted and caught up for a bit. The adorable doggo was so well-behaved on the drive home and took to all of us quickly. We did a quick drive-by to Ross where Alaethia and I chose his water/food bowl. We got home and he explored. He pooped and peed in the hallway 3 times in under one hour, but I’m attributing it to nerves and the new environment. He chased the kids around and then snuggled next to Jorge on the sofa (he immediately sent pics to the family chat!). Even mom loved him.

Ruffles was the only one who had a problem with him. He was surprisingly non-confrontational and hid under the dining table, later making his way to the futon in the boys’ room.

My poor guy. I made sure to give him extra neck and ear scratches. He stared at me like this last night.

And this morning when I took Bentley out and Bentley had weird sticky things on his fur and I sat on the floor to remove them, Ruffles immediately sat in front of me and as soon as I pet him he ran off. Typical cat πŸ™„ .

Thankfully, Bentley has fit right in.


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