It’s All By Itself…

I had to post this because it’s too long for a Tweet, heh. And she might hate me when she has her own blog and reads this when she’s older, but Alaethia just said the cutest thing:

She asked me to wipe her bootie because she’d gone #2 so I went into the bathroom with her. I look into the toilet to see the teeniest poopie I’ve ever seen; something around the size of a mini M&M LOL. I ask her, “That’s the poopie you did, Mommy?” She replies in the sweetest, saddest voice, “Yes. It’s so little. It’s all by itself. It misses its friends. It wants to go home.” Buahahaha!

I just had to post that :P. I might, MIGHT actually post tonight because Mario’s going over to his grandpa’s to chill with his uncles and it’s just going to be me and the girls (the boys are with Mary, of course. We really need to get that new room built soon *sigh* or at least a passage way into Noelia’s old room so they’ll feel like they’re “here”.). Ok. Mom’s treating us to Subway again so I’ll be back later.

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