Michael Jackson — Not Guilty

I’m actually kind of shocked. John’s kind of pissed. I’m not sure if I believed he did it or not, I mean, look at who we’re talking about here. He has a lot of issues but I honestly don’t think he wanted to maul the kid. The teenager and his mom were pretty damn shady from what I’ve heard on CNN. Let this be a lesson to him (and the parents who think leaving boys with a 40 year old is okay)–no more fresh, young boys in his bed . Okay, so that’s a bit inappropriate to say , but I really do hope that was the end of that.

Need to update about our happenings from yesterday, but I gotta get the kids ready. Session 2 of swimming lessons starts tonight.

on Thursday, June 16th, Margarida said:

i prefer not to have an opinion about the history.. he could done it or not, for me is ok if it’s in jail or not :X
talking about some good things, cool site here 🙂

on Wednesday, June 15th, kitty said:

I really can’t figure out he is guilty or not. :(I dunno.. but of course in real life i would not let my kids stay on a sleepover.. I never tried it when I was a kid, I was very scared, LOL.. yeah it will be a big “HELL NO!” you’re not going.. I don’t want to take any risks.. 😉

on Tuesday, June 14th, becca said:

I’m more shocked than anything. I think guilty or not, Michael’s view of child-adult relationships is skewed… If something DID happen, I would lay more blame on his history and environment than anything else.

on Tuesday, June 14th, Rachel said:

I was talking with Mom about this earlier….the thing is, 50 years ago it was normal for one adult to sleep in a bed with children, or camp out – but these days people are too paranoid. :/ But, I wouldn’t let my child sleepover at the house of anyone who had a record of being suspected of molestation.

on Tuesday, June 14th, Johanna said:

Woah, I haven’t been here in ages.. I’ve been so stuck with my LJ, I’ve almost forgotten all others.. just kidding 😉 I’m glad that MJ was found not guilty (I believed it all the way!) Love this new layout of yours.. such a summery and fresh 😀

on Tuesday, June 14th, Johanna said:

Good luck! I can’t wait to get mine and drive well. I freak out at anything! There are so many idiotic drivers out there. Hopefully by August I can get mine. I will be content with taking Frederick to his daycare and driving to work. I need to stop depending on everyone for rides. It truly sucks.

on Monday, June 13th, Jessica said:

I’m not sure what to think. I believe there’s a good chance he did something w/ the boys. I mean, if it was any other (non famous) 40 year old man w/ boys spending the night and sleeping in his bed, that person would’ve been found guilty on all accounts, hands down. But since it’s the all famous MJ, he gets off scott free. No matter how famous they are, no grown adult should be allowed to have non-related kids sleep in their bed(s). I just smell some fish. Okay, done w/ my rant. Hope your swimming lessons went well!

on Monday, June 13th, Chandra said:

From the beginning I honestly didn’t believe Micheal was guilty. Yeah we all know he has some issues but.. molesting boys, I really didn’t believe that.