What a Year…

I’m not going to sugarcoat it: this year has fucking blown.

Aside from getting “custody” of my stepsons (their choice) in January and all my kids being healthy and doing well in school–everything else has just SUCKED.

In February I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression (which I passed on to my poor Eenan) and that was the start of the snowball effect of losing interest in running (aside from injuring my knee a year ago in December 2018), gaining weight due to lack of exercise and becoming bored of Keto, not accomplishing my goals (i.e. going to school), amongst tons of other things. Don’t even get me started on the money situation–SWEET JESUS.

It seems like this year, every time we got some kind of break, or some kind of silver lining began to shine through it would all come crashing down. Murphy’s Law of Life was a quick fucker this year.

I know people could have it worse. I know there’s a roof over our heads and the kids are healthy. But everything else–it just overall sucks.

This is probably the worst Christmas in YEARS.

Ok. Moving on. I’m done whining.

Reunions & Road Trips

It’s officially been 20 years since I was supposed to graduate in the year 2000 (I graduated in 1999 so I could go to college early and what-not and then ended up a momma at 17). I didn’t attend the “official” reunion because most of the people that were attending were people that I didn’t even know.

Gina was going to be in town the 2nd week of October (she and her hubs live in New Orleans) so the girls and I made up our own mini-reunion. We invited classmates from McHi and Travis but in the end it ended up being just us, a couple of other girls (that I sadly don’t remember) and Lazaro and his girlfriend, Amanda. My kiddos were at their dad’s so this mama planned on finally not being an old lady, for once, and staying out passed 10pm!

We started off at The Quarter:

How cute were our shirts??

Then the party moved on to Cigar Bar, which I hadn’t been to since Sandra’s birthday last year, and before that, about 7 years ago!

(I’m sad that we didn’t reunite when I lost 20 lbs. in 2017-2018!! Hence the reason I’m trying to get back to Keto, but food is just my kryptonite!)

Speaking of, I wanted to stay 100% Keto, and I had succeeded so far during the evening–until the shots started being passed around like crazy. Having tons of shots and not having carbs for an extended period of time is not good at all! To make a long story short, Sally left, then Karina and her hubs left and I stayed with Martha and Gina and her hubs and Lazaro and Amanda. I couldn’t drive, so Gina was going to get me an Uber…and then we couldn’t remember my address 😆 . So I ended up staying at her house. You can imagine how livid Jorge was!! But I was safe, and no one drank and drove and we had an excellent time 🙂 .

Still, I was so shocked with myself that I decided to stay sober until it was time for our next reunion in November.

Magda was spearheading this one. It would be at Mariela’s house and we’d be celebrating Juan B.’s birthday at the same time.

The kiddos and I had a lazy Saturday:

Martha and I were the only 2 from our group that were going, originally. Then, when the day finally came around, she nor I wanted to attend. It was the introvert, yay-for-cancelled-plans, social anxiety-ridden person I’ve become rearing her head. Plus, Jorge was home, too, so I felt bad going. Karina and Sally were the ones who ended up convincing me to go. Like, they were literally here–waiting for me to make up my mind LOL. So Jorge stayed with the kiddos while we went for a couple of hours.

It was a little awkward for Sally and I, as we hadn’t spoken to most of the girls for a good amount of time, but it was nice seeing everyone. Paul, Juan B. and Carlos were there, too.

We chit-chatted, caught up, took photos, left at a decent hour and talked about life on the way home. Love my gals!!

Jorge and I were leaving to San Antonio Sunday morning and returning on Monday evening. Well–Jorge was bringing me back home and he would return to work Tuesday. They were having tons of changes at the last minute so he had to go back way sooner than we thought. Still, it was nice to take a road trip with him and spend almost the entire weekend together.

(This was around the time I began to tread into non-Keto country 🙄 )

Hubs sent me on an errand run to pick stuff up for his stores. Marshall’s was one of my stops and I ended up finding some chocolate covered cookies and Torani syrups!

SO not Keto…

Then it was time for us to drive home and the cold front was in full swing–cold, windy and rainy all the way. It was good to get home, shower and go to sleep!

Internet, Meet Bentley Cooper

Something I didn’t see happening in a million years happened on Wednesday. 1) Because I never thought Jorge would agree and 2) Because I never thought I would either. But one look at that handsome face on Jessica M’s Stories on Wednesday evening and I was in love!!

No, we aren’t in a new Poly-amorous relationship 😆 . We adopted an adorable doggo!!

Everyone, meet Bentley Cooper!!

Isn’t he just beautiful???

We kept going back and forth on his name. Half of us wanted Bentley, the other half wanted Cooper…so obviously he became Bentley Cooper (and yes, I love that it almost sounds like Bradley Cooper 😆 !).

So how did we convince Jorge and his “We’re-not-getting-another-animal-policy?” It took all 7 kids and myself to surround Jorge as he played a game on our computer and badgered him for 30 minutes about adopting a pup. Finally, Emily brought out the big guns and her Puss-in-Boots eyes and said, “But you said I’m your Princess and you’d do anything for me!” He hangs his head forward and says, “Oh, you’re good…” then throws his hands in the air and concedes: “ALRIGHT, FINE! BUT YOU ALL BETTER TAKE CARE OF IT! I’LL GET RID OF IT, I SWEAR!”

So we rushed off to HEB before Jorge changed his mind to get some treats and puppy pads for potty training. Sweet Jesus, help me. I haven’t had a dog in 17 years; since I was halfway though Jaylen’s pregnancy and having complications and I was the only one trying to potty train my English Spaniel, Oreo. That was the last time I had a pooch. 17 years ago.

Anyway, we picked him up and Jessica and I chit-chatted and caught up for a bit. The adorable doggo was so well-behaved on the drive home and took to all of us quickly. We did a quick drive-by to Ross where Alaethia and I chose his water/food bowl. We got home and he explored. He pooped and peed in the hallway 3 times in under one hour, but I’m attributing it to nerves and the new environment. He chased the kids around and then snuggled next to Jorge on the sofa (he immediately sent pics to the family chat!). Even mom loved him.

Ruffles was the only one who had a problem with him. He was surprisingly non-confrontational and hid under the dining table, later making his way to the futon in the boys’ room.

My poor guy. I made sure to give him extra neck and ear scratches. He stared at me like this last night.

And this morning when I took Bentley out and Bentley had weird sticky things on his fur and I sat on the floor to remove them, Ruffles immediately sat in front of me and as soon as I pet him he ran off. Typical cat 🙄 .

Thankfully, Bentley has fit right in.