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Almost Time!

Less than 30 minutes till my 3-day weekend!! Our boss was nice enough to let us all out at 3pm today, yay :). I CANNOT WAIT for this weekend: we’re gonna have all our kiddos starting this evening! How exciting :). We’re probably doing nothing but chilling out at home and visiting a few parks (there’s 3 fab ones near the house!) and that’s perfectly ok with me :). Life is wonderful!

2 Awesome Weekends in a Row?!

I dragged through last Friday. It felt like the longest day OF MY LIFE. BUT! They celebrated Jesse (my co-worker) and my birthdays, which made it go by much faster :).

Jesse's and my birthday cake at work :)

I also had a ton of errands to run after work, like buying the hot water hose for the washing machine and the new plug for the dryer from Home Depot. Then I had to buy a blouse, because I was out of clean clothes and had nothing to wear for Jesse’s party that night.

We were late, as always LOL. And almost DIED on the way there. There was a long line of cars that were stopped at a green light on 10th street and we had to stop and then swerve out of the way in like, 2 seconds. I had Emily’s carseat loose in the back and it came flying forward and hit me on the elbow >_<. I was kind of in shock so I didn't feel the throbbing pain till about 15 minutes later! We hung out at Russo's for Jesse's party for a bit with the work peeps and then headed to Longhorn Steakhouse. We sit down, excited to have a drink...only to find out they close in 10 minutes. Oh well. I had a quick Watermelon Margarita which was AWESOME! I'd never had one of those before!

Watermelon Margarita from Longhorn Steakhouse. The BEST!!

We went to Buffalo Wild Wings right after and had a very late dinner >_<. It was super good though; I'd never had the Spinach & Artichoke Chicken on Flatbread! Now I wanna make some at home. But I was doing my research and making Flatbread at home takes AT LEAST 4 hours! I wonder if I can buy some good, healthy flatbread? Mario had the kids that weekend 🙁 and my babe was at work but I managed to keep busy. I cleaned the house, unpacked and organized (I love that everything has its place!), bought groceries, visited Gramma (who is super nearby now :D!), and made the Spinach Artichoke Dip I was contributing to Harvey and Evelyn's potluck going away party. They're a Winter Texan couple who volunteer at the Chamber :). They're leaving for the spring and shall return permanently during summer and they invited a few of us to dinner, aww :). I hurried through the dip and then got in the shower. My babe called that he was on his way home, yayyy! I rushed over to Harvey and Evelyn's, where Michelle, EZ, Maritza and Teo already were. It was nice talking and laughing with my co-workers :). The food was GREAT! And everyone loved my Dip :)!

Potluck going away party for Harvey and Evelyn :)

I left home and then made some lasagna for everyone at home. I had a teeny piece since I’d already stuffed my face at the party. We went to sleep semi-early and tried our hardest to sleep in but NOPE! We were up by 9 and then again at 10 hehe. I made omelets for us and eggs for the boys and Mom. We ran errands at Target, Walmart and Home Depot, did some little home-improvement things here and there and we dug out the bird feeder. I’d bought that fairy bird feeder back in 2001 when I sold Avon!! And I finally had a yard and tree to call my own and hang it from :). Next we need a hummingbird feeder to attract them!

Finally hung up my fairy birdfeeder!

We were cleaning up the yard so we changed…and promptly had a waterhose fight :). I only wish my kiddos had been there to have fun with us, but we will soon :). Mario came to drop off Emily and all the other kids wanted to stay so I told him I’d drop them off :). It’s so nice watching them sprawled all over the house, comfortable, being able to run and play as they please. I’d waited so long to see that :).

My babe’s friend and his son and daughter came over and the kids all played wonderfully together. I made dinner and we sat outside on the patio while the kids played tag and then ate. It felt like time had gone by so quickly; by the time I knew it, it was time to take the kids home :(.

It was such a wonderful weekend :). Jaylen’s birthday was Monday and I got to see him for a bit, but we’ll hopefully celebrate this weekend. This week is a short work-week so I’m keeping the kiddos since Thursday night :).

I passed out last night (those Tostadas I made were so delicious I went into a food coma LOL), and my babe stayed up late assembling our dresser and the last bunk bed ♥. Even though I slept 3 hours, then woke up and showered and slept 4 1/2 more, I felt refreshed, got ready on time and made my babe some breakfast. We had our first next event’s meeting today and had to take the dreaded picture for the paper >_

Foiled Plans

So I find out this morning that we are indeed working the whole day. I’d already made plans with the kids to take them to Aaron’s (Norma’s son) birthday party at Peter Piper today. I was going to do some grocery shopping right after working and then go straight to pick them up. Well, not happening. Now I have to call Norma and see what’s up and that she can pick up Jaylen after all and break it to the other kids that I’m not getting out till 5 and probably won’t even make it to the party. By the time I get to Mario’s, pick them up and go back to Mission we’ll be at the party for 30 minutes, if that. And I can already *hear* THOSE lovely people making up wild stories how I broke plans with the kids because I’m out clubbing. At 1pm. Or something similarly as stupid.

Argh. This sucks. I don’t see the point in staying all day. I can’t even do what I need to do at work (confirm invitations are received by restaurants) because all the bosses/managers/owners have been out on vacation for the past 2 weeks. So frustrating >_<. And it's tough because another city also has a Food Festival coming up. I hope this thing is super successful. It would suck if it's not, especially since it's my event. It's not just one that I inherited like the other 2 =\. And my throat's starting to hurt to top it off. I BETTER not be sick on New Year's Eve!! I slept over 8 hours and I still feel tired and crappy. The morning didn't start out too good, but at least everything was resolved before work. Gonna be a long day, but I better make the best of it. I don't want to be in this mood!