Day 3 – Fighting Temptation

Yesterday tested my willpower. There was crap all over the house that I wanted to shove in my face. There was a donut on the stove, which I pinched a piece off of and ate, and then threw the rest in the trash . Mario had a pack of Poptarts…can we say torture? The kids ate Cheeto Puffs. Aaarrgh! But I did okay, better than I would have before.

We went to a get-together last night for Jorge’s birthday. The food of course, was delicious. I tried so hard to serve myself small portions, and I think I succeeded. When Mario went to the store to get the kids some Gatorade, I felt like screaming out, “Bring me a Cherry Coke!”, but I refrained and drank the Evian I had previously asked for. It sucks that we didn’t eat till 10–I really want to stop eating after 8pm because the body doesn’t digest the food properly (or something like that ). But all-in-all, I was good .

Must make it a point to work-out today. I woke up even more sore than yesterday from the ab area, but my arms and shoulders aren’t as sore so I will try my hardest to lift weights today. (Doesn’t help that it’s that time of the month as of this morning either .) I wish Mario were here to spot me, just in case I should choke myself with the bar ROFL. But nah, I’ll start with the bar first, then add the 5lb. weights. Let’s see how it goes. *does sign of the cross*

• 1 egg over easy (I think that’s what it’s called), with Doritos…I can’t help it…must have Doritos with those kinds of eggs! But I did have less than the serving size.
• water

• Sandwich: 3 slices lean turkey meat (60 cals. total), 2 slices wheat bread, lettuce, tomato, avocado, cheese, mustard (no cals.!), and mayo.
• Water
And I actually forgot to serve myself a few Flamin’ Hot Lays chips! I shocked myself .

• Jalapeño Tuna: tuna, jalapeños, tomato, onion, mayo
• 6 tortilla chips
• Water

• 1 C. chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream

• Bench press – 20 @ 10lbs.
• Lat pull down – 40 @ 25lbs.
• Tredmil – walked for 30 min.

Updated @ 4:39…
Note to self: Never, ever walk on the tredmil with a clock in the room. I felt like it was never going to be over! I swear it was 4:29 for what seemed like an eternity.

I’m sweatin’ like a crack-whore in church (as John says LOL). I haven’t sweat like this since the miles of walking at Disneyworld! But then, while at Disneyworld, I lost 12 lbs. . I wish I had an electric tredmil though…this one puts too much strain on the bottom of my feet .

on Sunday, January 16th, Vic said:

LMFAO I heart u! Sweatin’ like a crackwhore in church. *dead* Girl, I’ve been doing terribly. Do you have a treadmill at home? We have a stair climber thing or somecrap and I still don’t use it. WTF is wrong with me? I’m do discouraged from my thyroid that I feel like exercising couldn’t possibly help me. Although I’m sure some crunches would be a plus. Anyway, I’ll update my fatass journal tomorrow. Glad you seem to be doing really well. You’ll lose weight in no time if you continue to exercise.

on Friday, January 14th, Rachel said:

I ate a huge piece of chocolate w/nuts (good chocolate too) today…. =P I think I am prone to comfort foods in times one is needing comfort! I’m going to have to go on a healthy diet soon though!! Good for you for…being so good=)

on Friday, January 14th, Jessica said:

You’re doing better than me. I’ve found, the more I exercise, the hungrier I get. 🙁 And it doesn’t help that we have a box of Snickers Ice Cream bars in the freezer! <--- so sinful. But keep up the good work. Oh, and I'm almost done w/ my new site. I have the layout done (have had it done forever), but it's the converting to php that's taking so long. Okay, well have a good weekend!

on Friday, January 14th, Amy said:

Oddly enough, the eggs and Doritos part didn’t gag me it was the ‘over easy’ part. Ick, runny yolks. Heh. I’m try hard to cut out the processed foods. Chemicals = hell for people with CFS. But it’s hard when your having a rough day and all you want to do is curl up with a bottle of Yoohoo and a Moon Pie.

Hang in there! 😀

on Friday, January 14th, Johanna said:

Hopefully you will fight off temptation well. I had to stop eating sweets and tortillas (gasp!) when I was pregnant and it was so so hard!

on Friday, January 14th, Melissa said:

man… I know EXACTLY how you feel! lol I can’t eat any cooked foods. Soda damn near kills me and all my old habbits had to be broken. It’s soo hard to be good sometimes. Glad to see you’re pushin on through it though. You’re doin a great job so keep it up 🙂