Day 4

I ate “junk” twice because I was throwing fits over my site being down and I thought everything had been deleted. Bad excuse, I know. But, since I had been doing really well, I went ahead and had some cake and a Pop Tart .

• 1 1/2 C. banana/strawberry Cheerios – 165 cal.
• 1 C. milk – 150 cal.

• Bean burrito – a whopping 272 cals. (would have been much less I think had I made it myself…it was the microwaveable kind)
• 1 tblsp. Tostitos cheese for dipping – 20 cals.
• Incredibles Pop Tart – 200 cals

• Two pices of cake

• 1/2-1 C. Fideo: vermicelli pasta with ground beef, tomato sauce, garlic powder, boullion powder, & pepper (the pasta alone was about 200 cals!)
• 1/2 C. raspberry tea
• 1 green apple

None! Didn’t have a chance .

on Monday, January 17th, Diana said:

Sounds like you’re doing well! Not that I’d know much about that stuff, but it doesn’t sound like you’re eating big portions which is good enough imo. I could never count the calories on things and all that, I’d become paranoid about it! Just the fact that you’re concentrating on this and being careful about eating too much junk food will help I’m sure, that’s what my mum says 😉