My 31st Birthweek!

Of course I’m typing this up a month later than it actually happened! But it was such a AMAZING birthday I just have to document it! It was especially amazing because we didn’t have anything planned since Jorge and I both worked Saturday and neither of us had gotten Monday off. And my kiddos were at Mario’s for the weekend =\.

This post will be photo-heavy, as our adventures could be told with pics alone.

I’ll start from April 9th, 5 days before my birthday, when Jorge gave me the charms he went and picked at Kay Jeweler’s and Pandora, all by himself during his lunch hour :*). He even paid in cash so I wouldn’t see it on our bank account! He was seriously like an excited kid: jumping up and down and texting me randomly that he couldn’t WAIT to show me my gifts. And then he brought them out that night LOL.

Another gift!! He couldn't wait till Sunday hehe :)

Early birthday present from my love!! What he did during his lunch hour :*). Thank you, @jdbueno!!

Love them! My bracelet is now halfway full!

On Friday, April 12th, the entire staff had lunch at Tony Roma’s, courtesy of our boss and the owner of Tony Roma’s himself. That was pretty darn awesome. We closed down the office and everything.

We got ready to celebrate Sally’s birthday that evening (which is the 13th, the day before mine :)). Carlos had organized a surprise birthday party for her at Kobe Sushi. Jess met us there, too, and we waited for the guest of honor :).

My beffies and I!

She was simply stunning in all her 9-month pregnant glory!

Speaking of, you would have never guessed Jessica has a baby (much less 3!)!!

Jorge had begun the Keto Diet about a week before this, so he was watching what he ate and drank. He ordered sashimi, absolutely nothing carby (well, except a Michelob Ultra, heh). I was being mindful, but I still had sushi and a drink hehe.

Cucumber martini

Jorge, Jess and I chit-chatted; Sally and Carlos were on the other side of the grills so it was difficult to chat. We got to get up and chat once everyone was getting ready to go. The night was still young, so we made plans with Jess to go to Buffalo Wild Wings. We joked that we were starting my birthday celebration early :). We talked, ranted and just had a good time :). I still wasn’t much in the mood for drinking, so I only had one Margarita.

Happy early birthday to me :)!

My honeybuns and I :)

The next day was our BBQ Cook-Off at work. The day went by fast since I switched stations several times and the weather was AMAZING!!

My love and Marco stopped by to have lunch, which was great :).

My love and I ?



5:30pm rolled around and our boss appointed me as “trophy girl” LOL. I wasn’t too into it, seeing as how one of the band’s band members had been staring at me the entire event and eventually told EZ that he wanted my number. To which EZ replied, “No way dude, she’s got kids and is married.” Not even that deterred him -_-.

Luckily, Wally took over most of the handing out of trophies (with the occasional one our boss wanted me to stand in on). Then it was 6pm, clean-up time, time for our 2nd annual group photo and then we got to leave home.

Jorge was on his way home, as it was “Night at the Brew-seum” and his company was one of the sponsors. He’d been working on this for the last few days and he said I was going to be amazed.

After we got ready (surprisingly fast for me!), we left in his car, and when we arrived one of his guys told him they’d forgotten a remote they needed. So back home we go, with Jorge muttering profanities, heh. We got the key to the van that the remote was in and when we opened the van…it wasn’t there! Then Jorge’s VIP tickets hadn’t arrived because his bosses hadn’t arrived. So he spoke to their marketing guy and all was well. Jorge got everything running manually, just in time! And man, was I amazed with he and his guys’ work!! Everyone was!

One of my honey's set-ups

The rest of the night was the complete opposite of our hectic, high-energy start. It was a nice night out, the food was amazing, there was a Vineyard for people who don’t drink beer like me :).

A Night at the Brew-seum

From Alberico Fine Wines

Love House.Wine!!

Best. Ice cream sandwich. Ever!!

I tried so much great food, but seriously, this ice cream sandwich from House.Wine was THE BEST DAMN THING EVER!!

Jorge enjoyed trying all these different types of beers, and we had some good laughs with the guys. I got to chit-chat with Jorge’s bosses for a while, too, so that was nice. Selene congratulated Jorge on such a great job and told him he deserved the day off on Monday!! Woohoo!!!

My love and I at Brew-seum

I also ran into tons of people I’ve met through work, Audrey’s parents, and Jeramie, but by then my darn phone was low and my flash wasn’t working so we didn’t get a photo together :(.

Jorge and I stayed late, since he and his guys had to pack up their equipment, but we didn’t stay for the VIP after party. We were beat! And we had a lunch date with my kiddos for my birthday the next day so we needed to be nice and rested :).

We decided on Dairy Queen. I had my favorite, a Reese’s ice cream cake. The kids loved it, too :).

Reese's ice cream cake!

With my babies on my birthday :*)

My love and I on my birthday :)

We ate and laughed and just had a nice time :). We dropped them off and went home, and I made some coffee while we caught up on The Voice episodes.

Catching up on The Voice with some hazelnut coffee before we head out :).

Jorge said, “Let’s go to the beach. Right now. Let’s get a room.” I had a 20% off coupon for La Copa Inn at the beach from work, so it was perfect! We set up a reservation, packed, and were on our way :). I was already having such a great birthday; I didn’t think it could get any better! I texted my boss that I wouldn’t be in on Monday and he ok’d it :).

We sang out hearts out as we drove. It was great :). It was dark by the time we reached the island and we were starving since we didn’t really have lunch. We wanted to try Dirty Al’s, but they were closed so we went to Daddy’s. The atmosphere changed a lot since they moved locations, but the food was AWESOME:

My plate!

My love's giant plate!!!

We had tons of food leftover. It was safe to say Jorge was “carbing up” that weekend hehe.

We went to our hotel and checked in. The room was so nice!

Our awesome room!

We watched Game of Thrones for a bit and then a movie. Then we decided to take a midnight stroll on the beach :).

A midnight stroll :)

We got back and took full advantage of all the amenities of the room, heh. And it was truly one of the best nights of sleep at a hotel that I’ve had.

We had breakfast at the hotel the next morning and took our time checking out. We drove around a while, visited a few shops like Tuesday Morning, and called to do the horseback riding but were too late for the morning one and a few hours early for the next one. We decided to just take another stroll on the beach to get some exercise.

The Gulf :)



We walked at least 3 miles. We decided that was plenty and were ready to go home. We wanted to catch a movie before we had to get home to the girls.

We hadn’t had lunch, and we’d never been to Padreritaville, so we stopped by to have some appetizers and a drink. Our waitress was so sweet and had such a great time chit-chatting we actually stayed for quite a long while!

It's 5 o'clock somewhere! With @jdbueno

Our lunch hehe



I made a quick trip to the ladies room and by the time I got back, there was a huge slice of chocolate cake and a crown waiting for me :). How awesome!!

Chocolate cake and priness crown on Baylee, our wonderful waitress!!

We finished up, talked about how awful the Boston Marathon Bombings were. We’d been sitting right there when the news started announcing the tragedy.

As we drove home we saw a house with tons of bougainvilleas for sale. There were even some red ones!!

My favorites!

Jorge stopped by and got me my final birthday presents, one red and one medium pink bougainvillea!

We got home to the girls and just enjoyed the rest of the evening :). It was truly one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had, ever!

And it didn’t stop that day. Michelle treated me to lunch the next day and the guys joined us :).


Shells treated me to lunch :)

Again: Best. Birthday. EVER!! So blessed with all the wonderful people in my life!!

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