Sunday, June 24th

Oh, Sunday. I regret my nutritional (or lack thereof) choices of that Sunday. I think I’m still paying for them a week later!

Jorge and I were child-less, as they were with their other parents that weekend. We slept in (sort of), got out of bed, showered, got ready and when discussing what we wanted for breakfast we both simultaneously decided we wanted Menudo. We rushed to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Espi & T’s. The service was a bit slow, but the food, as always, was delicious!

Menudo at Espi's

We went to Kohl’s afterwards so my love could get some new running shoes. He said I should get some, too, since I’ve had the same black, white and hot pink Adidas since 2006 ! I make my shizz LAST, heh.

As always I couldn’t find any shoes in my size, 5, so I checked the kids section. I found one of the 2 shoes I liked in kid-size! For almost half off the adult-version, which is always a plus :D. I was just worried that maybe the support wouldn’t be the same, but at least they were cute :).

All the other kids with the pumped up kicks...

I found some socks (kids’ size, ’cause they didn’t have them in “my” size, of course) and some for Aly and we put them on hold since I forgot my darn coupon. Yes, we went back home to get the 30% off coupon, what??

So we went back to get our stuff (and since everything was on sale already we saved A TON). We went next door to Old Navy to get Jorge some shirts and a few things for Aly’s school wardrobe. We found a few adorable things, AND I had a coupon, hehe. She just needs her jeans and a few more tops :).

New clothes for Aly

We were on our way home, and we almost made it home without shoving junk in our face (that’s what she said!) but we stopped at this new-ish snack place and bought all of this:

Everything You Shouldn't Have

And there were no kids with us! We’re just terrible. I had almost the entire bag of Flamin’ Hots with cheese and a few bites of Jorge’s corn in a cup and a few pieces of the fruit cup. I was very fond of the aqua de sandia, or watermelon water. I’d like to believe it was completely natural and only sweetened with watermelon, but it was too good .

We got home and tried napping. Well, I tried, but couldn’t so I finished up last week’s blog, heh. Javi and Eric got there to use the internet and we started watching a show, Jericho, but I remembered that the girls from RGV Cupcake Factory were going to be on Cupcake Wars so I went to watch in the bedroom. They won!! I bought Alaethia and Emily a cupcake each on Alaethia’s birthday that day, before they were famous, hehe :).

The guys left and the rest of the evening was spent cleaning and doing laundry for the week. Typical Sunday evening.

Monday, June 25th
My boss was out for the day, our boss boss was out for the day too, so needless to say, it was a pretty slow day at work. I took care of what needed to be done and then I pinned a few things and found Miss Laughlin’s blog. It’s a truly inspirational blog of a young woman who has lost weight after both her children, the right way. She also works full-time and has a husband and a home and it made me think, “Well, if she can do it, why can’t I?!” I read it during lunch, since I stayed in that day, and every chance I got after that, heh. Her before and after pics are amazing and she even has meal ideas. I have to admit, that’s one of my problems. I feel like I need to re-learn cooking, because a lot of the meals I learned are NOT healthy :(.

I got home and made some jalapeño tuna. And then I gathered the beer brats and mixed them into some HEB Borracho Shiner beans, plus some extra jalapeño’s, cilantro, garlic and pepper. Later that night, I realized I should have probably left the beer brats out. Those things are NOT calorie friendly and made my stomach hurt :(.

We waited a bit before putting on our new shoes and hitting the pavement at McAuliffe Park. We’d been running on the dirt road that’s under construction, but we didn’t want to run there with our new shoes so to the park we went. As soon as we started, we ran into Billy and Jorge’s other friend, Adrian. We stood talking for about 30 minutes, so we made our total jog only 3 miles (30 minutes). My legs were SORE, and I attributed it to the new shoes. When we were leaving we ran into Remi and chatted for a few minutes. We did Ab Ripper, showered and then Jorge–little devil on my shoulder!–brought us some of our Red Mango mango yogurt. Only a small cup, and it is pretty healthy I guess.

I vowed to do better that week. My legs were EXTREMELY sore. I just hoped that I’d be better the next day. I didn’t want to hinder our process!

Tuesday, June 26th

As I’m brushing my teeth in the bathroom the next morning Jorge says, “Morning sexy, beautiful woman!” from the bedroom.

I spit out my toothpaste and reply, “Good morning baby!”

I hear him sleepily mumble something, so I turn off the water and say, “What did you say?”

He repeats, “I love hearing your voice in the morning. It reminds me that i wasn’t dreaming.” :*)

He is the sweetest thing! It still takes me by surprise how romantic and sweet he is sometimes ♥!

My day at work was much like the day before, only today my knees were sore and in pain :(. I couldn’t even go up and down stairs, but I did anyway. AND, Jorge told me he requested his week vacation that day, and got approved! Now I just needed to ask for mine. Neither boss was in, and it was already Wednesday the next day, so I was a bit nervous about requesting so last-minute :(. Still, a vacation sounded divine!!

For lunch, I ate a small sandwich (two Orrowheat rounds with a turkey slice and cheese). I made myself some homemade Tazo passion tea in the kitchen.

Passion Tea at work :)

As I waited for it to steep and cool, Jorge lets me know he’s at Siempre Natural having lunch, which is my favorite salad place. I asked him to bring me a fideo, heh. He did, AND brought me a lemonade!

My babe spoils me :)

I put half of my passion tea in the lemonade and OMG, tasted exactly like Starbucks’ version and it was SO GOOD!

I ate pretty well that whole day. When Jorge and I went for our jog that night my knees were KILLING ME. We still went to the park and jogged, but I felt awful because he had to keep waiting for me because I had to keep stopping :(. I just wanted to be better!

We got home and Jorge iced down my knees. I passed out in our huge cuddle chair. He woke me up to shower and I was so glad my knees felt a bit better. No matter what, I WAS going to jog on Wednesday!! And I was totally going to request my week vacation!


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