About Friday

I usually get a sinus infection once every 2 years or so, and this week was it. I couldn’t even call in to work yesterday because we had our Unplugged event at the Food Park, it was cleaning day (so yay, jeans!) and I had a committee meeting for Food Festival. I also had Food Festival stuff to catch up on since I was absent a large chunk of Thursday. The event’s going really well, thank goodness!

I miraculously made it through the day. I definitely felt better than Thursday, but not 100%. I left the office for 30 minutes to pass the time before I had to be present for Unplugged. Went with EZ, Michelle, Rosie and Rick to SALT, after much convincing on Rosie and Michelle’s part. What can I say, I gave in to peer pressure 😆 . I’m on antibiotics and had taken Sudafed, and I knew better than to order a drink with alcohol, so I got a virgin cucumber Margarita instead.

SALT - New American Table

Then it was time for Unplugged. The weather was looking scary; it became overcast and slightly windy in a matter of minutes. A couple of craft vendors even packed up and left! Then the clouds turned into puffy cottonballs and the weather cleared up.


I went out to the Park to speak with our artist and then joined Jorge (my co-worker, not husband) at the bench our group would chill at for the rest of the night.

The music was great, the weather was pretty perfect and the food was delish!



I went with Taqueria Los Brothers this time and their Nachos Locos and homemade lemonade was awesome. And on the house. They insisted I not pay! It was so well-served, my co-workers helped me eat them!

Nachos Locos

Rick showed us a photo a friend had shared of huge hail balls in Laredo, where Jorge was working. I frantically start texting him to see if he’s gotten any hail, because it was 8:30 and he STILL hasn’t told me he was coming home. He said the storm had actually passed south of where he was, but that he’d most likely be driving through it.

While we were sitting at our picnic bench someone came up to me from behind, held my arms and kissed my head. I was motionless and in shock, wondering what stranger had planted one on me. I slowly looked up and there he was, finally, thank goodness! Everyone laughed, because 30 minutes before everyone chimed in to tease that he was weathering the storm with someone else, or at a club, or hotel, etc. Jerks! They’re lucky I like them!

I slept so much better, and through the night, knowing my love was beside me. And I woke up feeling mostly normal! Mostly. Still have those darn hives, just not as severe as yesterday.

Trying to work up some energy to shower and visit Gramma, get a litter box for Diana, who is going to take Kika. Long story, but my Kiki will now reside with her 😥 . I also have several other things to do online, like pay bills, but I’m stuck watching Catfish on MTV 😆 . And Mom wants me to start working on the kids’ baskets, which means she’s going to see that they’re not “full” and is going to want to go shopping. Meh.

Edit: Kika’s rehoming just got cancelled!

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