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St. Patrick’s Day Weekend Trip to San Antonio

I didn’t think I’d get to go on a weekend trip with my hubby so soon after he started his new job, but I did! It happened to fall on a weekend the kiddos were with the other parents so it was a last-minute thing for me. I got out of work on Friday and went grocery shopping for Mom so she’d be prepared during the weekend. Right after I got home and unloaded the truck I left to Infusions to meet Gerry for some catching up and gossip 😆 !

Sandia Lollipop
Shrimp Pasta

Gerry and I shared this beautiful plate. I only ate a little teensy pasta :D.

We finished catching up on each of our goings-on and then I went home. Jorge and I watched a little bit of TV before I–as usual–passed out on the sofa 😆 .

The next day, we got ready calmly and slowly. When we were all packed, we went to Rodeo to grab some food. It was an insane line, as usual, so there was a bit of a wait. We got some seats and our food was finally ready. I ordered Menudo and water–super Keto!

Alaethia saw it on Snapchat as soon as I posted it and she sends me a message that says, “????” LOL I told her they’d join us on the next one.

Unfortunately my menudo was extremely spicy, so I passed it on to the hubs. Even HE said it was spicy so we left it there and he picked me up a taco.

And then my truck got a bath:

Unicorn Pee??

And then finally, we were on our way! We laughed and blasted music–I took over the playlist when he had his weird music on repeat. I turned on our Amazon Music and Jordan Davis – Singles You Up came on. He said, “This was me looking at you, baby!” I love this man :D! I can’t believe I hadn’t heard that song!

We had some Keto snacks:

And I took a selfie to commemorate St. Patrick’s Day. I was ready in green!

When we got close to San Antonio I Google-Mapped our destination and then we arrived: for lunch at Wing Stop!

My love had a meeting (the whole reason for the trip) and when he was done we checked in at the hotel. We were seriously lucky to find a room during St. Patrick’s Day weekend!

As we’re unloading our things we notice the Bow Tie Chevy Emblem is missing from my car. We immediately think someone jacked it…but then we remember the lovely car wash. It must have knocked it off! But fear not–Jorge was already on eBay ordering a new one LOL.

We lazied around and watched TV for a while. Then we freshened up to go to the River Walk and get a bite to eat.

There we people EVERYWHERE! There was some Tejano/Conjunto type of event going on and people in lawn chairs with all sorts of clover accessories littered the streets. We finally found a parking lot (that was of course charging for parking!) and were literally across the street from the Hard Rock Cafe. The last time we ate there was in 2013 before “The Cowboy Rides Away” George Strait concert. Darn old man. I’ll never forget how expensive those tickets were because we thought the old geezer was going to retire! I do believe he’s still going strong! But…it was a wonderful concert and we’d had a wonderful weekend!

Anyway, my mind is wandering again. So we walk across, making sure to avoid being pummeled by the beautiful Clydesdales pulling carriages. I’m Ooohing and Awwwing and snapping photos as we pass. We get into the restaurant, which is obviously packed. They send us up a flight of stairs to get to another host and we’re lead to the wrong side, so people are cutting in front of us. My anxiety is already slowly rising. There’s an hour wait. So we head to the bar and BOOM, we find 2 seats!

The background wasn’t the most aesthetic, but it had to do.

This was supposed to be our appetizer!

My plate.
Jorge’s plate.

Needless to say, I was stuffed and packed about half my salmon and sides to go. The bartenders were hilarious and making conversation with us. We had a really good time 🙂 .

My St. Patrick’s Day pins; finally wore them after storing them for 8 years!

When we’re ready, we leave the restaurant and decide to take a stroll through the River Walk.

The only time I’d ever been there before was when we’d eaten at Hard Rock in 2013, but hadn’t really explored. So really, this was my first time exploring the River Walk that I can remember. The water was dyed green for St. Patrick’s Day and there were lots of people around, naturally. We were going to take a ride on one of the boats floating the river, but the line seemed never-ending so Jorge got us a carriage instead!

It was such a beautiful evening; it was fresh and clear. I had a cheesy smile plastered on my face and told Jorge, “I’ve always wanted to go on a carriage ride!” He said, “I know, that’s why I wanted to bring you on one.” People waved as we passed and a girl yelled, “You better propose!” We laughed and Jorge said, “Way ahead of you!”

We were dropped off right in front of our car and had an easy time getting out of the parking lot considering how many people were out and about. We stopped at a gas station for some waters (and a 6-pk. for Jorge lol) and I found these!

Jorge and I split them, and it wasn’t long after that I passed out. I slept so well!

We woke up the next morning and showered, then watched Golden Girls as we packed. We checked out and made our way to La Madeleine, a quaint French cafe. Jorge and his partner had had breakfast there the week before and he said he had to take me because he knew I’d love it. And love it, I did!

Looking sleepy!

Jorge asked if I wanted pastries but I was so full I declined. NEXT TIME FOR SURE. I mean, look at this!

I’d been asking to go to Trader Joe’s to get some Everything But the Bagel Seasoning that so many people on my Keto Instagram swear by, and my babe took me :). I found those AND my favorite One Bars.

(I’ve been obsesssed with that seasoning on my cream cheese eggs ever since!)

Next we drove to the outlets in San Marcos to find Jorge some work boots and meet up with Dinah, Briana, Javi and the kiddos for lunch 😀 .

I had a maximum allowance of 2 stores to visit -_- and ended up buying lotion and tees for the girls from Justice lol. Totally forgot I wanted new shoes!

We went to get Jorge’s boots next and meet up with the family. Briana and I tried on boots and Mia showed me all her cool Riverdale stuff. I kinda got her hooked on it LOL.

We had an awesome lunch at The Outback:

And then it was time to say see you later to the family 😥 . Time goes way too fast!

It was back to co-pilot duties for me on the way home. Jorge is the best and–when I told him I wanted photos of bluebonnets–he stopped at every patch to make it possible. We even found some other scenic areas. I just love that man!!

This is my current wallpaper on my phone.

It was such a great time. I can’t wait to go back!!

About Friday

I usually get a sinus infection once every 2 years or so, and this week was it. I couldn’t even call in to work yesterday because we had our Unplugged event at the Food Park, it was cleaning day (so yay, jeans!) and I had a committee meeting for Food Festival. I also had Food Festival stuff to catch up on since I was absent a large chunk of Thursday. The event’s going really well, thank goodness!

I miraculously made it through the day. I definitely felt better than Thursday, but not 100%. I left the office for 30 minutes to pass the time before I had to be present for Unplugged. Went with EZ, Michelle, Rosie and Rick to SALT, after much convincing on Rosie and Michelle’s part. What can I say, I gave in to peer pressure 😆 . I’m on antibiotics and had taken Sudafed, and I knew better than to order a drink with alcohol, so I got a virgin cucumber Margarita instead.

SALT - New American Table

Then it was time for Unplugged. The weather was looking scary; it became overcast and slightly windy in a matter of minutes. A couple of craft vendors even packed up and left! Then the clouds turned into puffy cottonballs and the weather cleared up.


I went out to the Park to speak with our artist and then joined Jorge (my co-worker, not husband) at the bench our group would chill at for the rest of the night.

The music was great, the weather was pretty perfect and the food was delish!



I went with Taqueria Los Brothers this time and their Nachos Locos and homemade lemonade was awesome. And on the house. They insisted I not pay! It was so well-served, my co-workers helped me eat them!

Nachos Locos

Rick showed us a photo a friend had shared of huge hail balls in Laredo, where Jorge was working. I frantically start texting him to see if he’s gotten any hail, because it was 8:30 and he STILL hasn’t told me he was coming home. He said the storm had actually passed south of where he was, but that he’d most likely be driving through it.

While we were sitting at our picnic bench someone came up to me from behind, held my arms and kissed my head. I was motionless and in shock, wondering what stranger had planted one on me. I slowly looked up and there he was, finally, thank goodness! Everyone laughed, because 30 minutes before everyone chimed in to tease that he was weathering the storm with someone else, or at a club, or hotel, etc. Jerks! They’re lucky I like them!

I slept so much better, and through the night, knowing my love was beside me. And I woke up feeling mostly normal! Mostly. Still have those darn hives, just not as severe as yesterday.

Trying to work up some energy to shower and visit Gramma, get a litter box for Diana, who is going to take Kika. Long story, but my Kiki will now reside with her 😥 . I also have several other things to do online, like pay bills, but I’m stuck watching Catfish on MTV 😆 . And Mom wants me to start working on the kids’ baskets, which means she’s going to see that they’re not “full” and is going to want to go shopping. Meh.

Edit: Kika’s rehoming just got cancelled!