Busy-ness & the Bottomless Pit

The boys dropped out. They don’t want to go to the Reading Program anymore, so we didn’t go today. It’s not that they don’t like reading; they just don’t want to do the reports that are “required”. I don’t blame them. I’m not going to force them to do something they don’t want. I have to turn in 3 of their library books. They still have one left to read. I do need to go back to get their pictures for the Fingerprints Kit. I paid $10 for those and I bet thier quality’s going to be craptastic, too. Grr.

Yesterday was a bustling whirlwind. I woke up late…about 10:30 or so, I think? Since I kept waking up from the thunderstorm that rolled in about 2am. I didn’t wake up because of the thunder–I woke up because the electricity went out and I was HOT. I hate feeling sweaty when I’m sleeping !

Anyway, Mario was helping Tommy with something, then he, Jose and Tommy worked on Big Mario’s indisposed truck. I ran around feeding the children, myself, the turtles, cleaning up here and there, and by the time I knew it, it was lunchtime. I made carne guisada and rice for them to eat, took John to get some applications for a job, got the kids ready and headed out to the library.

They were having Story Time and were going to learn about spiders. The librarian read them a book, then they brought a basket of pipe-cleaners, styrofoam balls, tissue paper and googly eyes so the kids could create their own spiders.

Jaylen's spider. The little growth on his forehead is tissue-paper-hair!

The kids had a few conniptions because “the paper isn’t sticking!” and “I need gluuuuue!” and “MOOO-OOOM! I can’t get the legs in!”, but after helping them glue, and cut and stab the ball, they were happy with their little spiders .

Eenan played Sorry! with two little boys and then we came home. I can’t stand how hot it is outside at that time (2-3pm). The boys hate putting on their seat belts because, “IT BURNS US!”, as Eenan says.

Mario and Jaylen took a nap and when they woke up it was time for their swimming lessons. They had a blast, as usual, but this time, Jaylen didn’t want to jump off the diving board. He’d done so well before–he was more willing than Eenan!–but not yesterday . They got little certificates for completing Session 1 . They’ll start Session 2 on Monday.

Eenan about to dive into his coach's arms, and Jaylen on the edge with his coach squeezing into a lifesaver.

Mario smoked a cigarrette at the park under a little pavillion, while I got the boys dried and dressed. When we get home, he says he can’t find one of the $20’s he had in his pocket. He was a bit upset and asked if, on the way to Mom’s (John and I were going to drop off some stuff), I could stop by the pool and ask if anyone found a 20. I tell him that, sadly, no one’s going to be that honest and return a $20 bill…not around here anyway. BUT, I went and checked at the park anyway.

I looked around the table he’d been sitting on and then scanned the grass. Sure enough, the bill was securely attatched to a weed, still nicely folded into fours. It obviously fell out when he took the keys out of his pocket. Thank you, God, for letting me find that money or else the husband would have been quite moody.

We left to Mom’s, talked for a bit with her and then Aunt Nora, then came home. Got here, then I went with Mario and Jaylen (Eenan was too busy having fun with the cousins) to Wal-Mart to find a 20-25 gallon aquarium for the turtles to have more room to swim in. (Had I mentioned we’re turtle-sitting Sammy and Brandon’s huge sliders? Well, we are. And they’re huge!) No luck. The only thing they had were 20 gallon tank kits–for fish, and they were upwards of about $75. No thanks.

A turtley conga line!

Since the kids didn’t have to go to the library and they don’t have swimming classes tonight I’m incredibly bored. Boredom leads to eating. I’ve eaten so much junk food I probably gained the weight I’ve lost in the span of a few hours. Bad Yajaira. Bad.

on Tuesday, June 14th, Rachel said:

Oh, yeah, you can use kid’s pools for turtles if you have somewhere you can put it out of the way…also you can buy those big tupperware containers. I use a clear one for Hermione.

on Tuesday, June 14th, Rachel said:

Those turtles are sooo sweet. 🙂

on Friday, June 10th, Diana said:

That pic of the turtles is so good! LOL.

It is amazing how expensive fish tanks can be! :gasp: I keep my betta on a gallon (a little less than that) round bowl, it’s good that they can live without a filter ’cause they’re so expensive.