I must own 13 Going On 30! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that movie. I was a bawling mess at the end…even Mario shed a tear…aww. It made me think of so many things. I miss my old friends :(. I’m so sad that we lost touch. I hate I don’t have a best (girl) friend (Mario’s my bestest friend, ever). I don’t want to look back in 10 years and regret things. Ok, maybe I’m just a little emotional because I’m sleepy. And because Mario and I had a little talk about the whole financial thing. And well, the movie just made us emotional LOL. And can I say, that is the best soundtrack everrr??

I just realized (as Mario sexily swayed his clean undies over my head as he headed toward the shower) that I have no birth control pills for this month. This also means…that I should have started them on Sunday…and it’s Tuesday now and I’m still “on it”…and usually when I’m not on pills I’m “on it” for 8-9 days. Yippie…I’m gonna bleed to death.