Where Are My Magic Sprinkles??

I must own 13 Going On 30! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that movie. I was a bawling mess at the end…even Mario shed a tear…aww. It made me think of so many things. I miss my old friends :(. I’m so sad that we lost touch. I hate I don’t have a best (girl) friend (Mario’s my bestest friend, ever). I don’t want to look back in 10 years and regret things. Ok, maybe I’m just a little emotional because I’m sleepy. And because Mario and I had a little talk about the whole financial thing. And well, the movie just made us emotional LOL. And can I say, that is the best soundtrack everrr??

I just realized (as Mario sexily swayed his clean undies over my head as he headed toward the shower) that I have no birth control pills for this month. This also means…that I should have started them on Sunday…and it’s Tuesday now and I’m still “on it”…and usually when I’m not on pills I’m “on it” for 8-9 days. Yippie…I’m gonna bleed to death.

on Saturday, September 25th, Tamz said:

OK I feel crappy now. It might be someone’s original work… that just looks similar to yours or some nuthead might of actually been ‘inspired’ by your work..


just check for me. It is rather similar. Just black outlines. Maybe pixelled from the same rainbow brite picture? I can’t see the full thing and it doesn’t have a link to who ‘made’ it.

Either that or I’m a complete idiot who should think before she types 😀 I’d say its the second thing.

I’m a dork :eblush:

on Friday, September 24th, Tamz said:

Thats where I’ve seen your pixels before! On Autumn pixels. You did enter her pixel contest right? Hehe wow I can’t get over this great layout.. lol it’s my pixel layout inspiration.

Heh thanx for the advice on the adware program. I downloaded and am happily Adware free.. woohoo.

on Thursday, September 23rd, Rachel said:

😛 I always bleed to death too…sometimes for a loonng time. I guess it’s not really “to death” it just feels that way *hehe*.

on Thursday, September 23rd, Vic said:

I LOVED 13 going on 30 too. I’m surprised I didn’t buy it yet. And poor you with your Aunt Flo bleh

on Thursday, September 23rd, Steph said:

I haven’t seen that movie, but now I really want to! My guy’s my best friend too.. It has its ups and downs. But sometimes girls are so hard to get along with :confused: lol
Mine are really long too.. that’s why I love the pill so much!

on Wednesday, September 22nd, elaine said:

altho i duno what that means.. about the bleeding thing, i hope it isnt that bad! i will understand it next time! lolx

13 going on 30 rocks!!!! i cried when her childhood best friend..told her those things. 🙁

anyway thanks for being so lovely about my Weight obsession thing.
i decided to accept myself for whu i am. i must!

on Wednesday, September 22nd, Amy said:

i just read the story about your little boy a girl kissing in class. That’s so dang adorable!! I bet he’s going to be a real ladies man when he gets older. (and a handful for you!!)

And Yay for driving!! Heh. Oh and don’t bleed to death. Been there, not fun. When I was 14 I developed Poly Cystic Ovary syndrome. I didn’t tell anyone that I’d missed my monthly for like 8 months, but of course my mom knew and took me to the Dr. He gave me a ‘morning after’ pill to clean me out boy did it!! I was bleeding HEAVY for weeks!! Hang in there!

on Wednesday, September 22nd, Tamz said:

lol! Oh you are not going to bleed to death. I had a guy friend once tell me he doesn’t trust anything that bleeds for a week and doesn’t die. Hah.. ohh sexy sway of the underwear. My guy does that.. but yeh, usually when he’s heading to the laundry to put the underwear in the hamper, lol… not as sexy.

God I haven’t even thought of birth control. Mat was there when Nysa was born.. that’s birth control enough, heh.. remind me to get some pills. I’m so forgetful.

When’s the new layout (skins) getting put up? *poke poke* 😛