Wish there were more hours in the day!

We did manage to squeeze a lot into our evening, though. I ran all the errands I needed to. Was amused by the sudden over-flow of site traffic I got today. Hmm, wonder why?? Watched enough of The Little Mermaid to satisfy the girls before they let me go into the kitchen to make dinner. Chicken and green beans in celery sauce and mashed potatoes. Fed everyone. Took Mom (and the girls) to pick up her prescription. My babe cleaned the pool and we got in with the girlies for a good while. The water is SO WARM, I could fall asleep in there. I stuck the girls in the tub afterwards. Talked to my boys. PJs & teeth-brushing. Bed. My babe and I are ending the night by playing Black Ops (him) and reading blogs (me). I’m about to crash any second now but I gotta shower. I hope tomorrow goes by fast! Goodnight :).

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