I planned on doing absolutely nothing but chilling out and updating my entries and photos but of course I always get busy with something else. After doing my daily housework I started prepping the trim between the kitchen and living room for painting. It was tiring, but I got most of it done (except for the really high parts of the kitchen/living room trim…my step-ladder wasn’t high enough.) I’d ask Mario to help me with the rest later.

I picked the boys up from school and finished up with the trim and did some more cleaning. When Mario got home he put up my kitchen valances (finally) and the mop/broom organizer we’d bought at Walmart a few days before. It looks awesome and it’s amazing how much space having the broom and mop out of the way frees up. Mario said he’d done enough work to make up for the rest of the year and went to sleep. I was bored so I followed all the kids to Mary’s, where I sat around the table with Mary, Mom, Elda, and Jose.

Mario woke up about an hour (or two?) later and sat with us. We came back to the house and Adan came over to just chill out. I asked Mario if he could paint the rest of the trim I couldn’t reach between the kitchen and living room and he did, with minimal complaints. He also took it up a notch and painted the hallway entry trim. It looks so much better! Now all we need is a small can of the Spanish Chestnut color of the living room so we can touch up a few areas.

I’d left my bag on the kitchen table and was cleaning up so I put it on the coat rack. Then I picked up Eenan’s super heavy backpack and put it on the rack, too. And the rack fell right on to the floor. Mario is of course scolding me for hanging so much crap on it and I blame it on all the junk Eenan has in his backpack. I piled everything up and put my purse on the ottoman for the time being. I clean up some more and when I turn around to check on Alaethia she’s got this HUGE read spot all over her eye. I panicked, because I thought somehow hurt herself and scraped her eye, and was relieved to find she’d gotten into my purse and put lipstick on her eye. She even recovered the lipstick, put it back in my makeup bag and zipped it up. I asked what happened and she said, “How do I look?” LOL She’s so girlie.


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