How to Buy Me

Aly actually stayed asleep last night after I put her to bed at 10:40. She didn’t wake up for her first bottle till 2:30 and then again at 5:30. She scared me in the morning. I kept checking up on her because she didn’t wake up till 10:30am! Even though she fell asleep early, I had trouble falling asleep. I had a thousand things on my mind and Mario was out with his buddies so I wasn’t comfortable. I cant sleep when he’s not home. When I finally had fallen asleep he called to let me know he was on his way and woke me up. Then he woke me up again when he got here and Aly woke up for her bottle at that exact moment. Still, I got roughly 7-8 hours of sleep and after a cup of coffee and hazelnut coffee cream I felt refreshed all day.

The kiddos chilled out all morning and behaved a little better than they had been. John came over after I’d served the boys lunch and sat next to me at the table. I was quick to let him know how upset I was that he hadn’t offered to go with me to town the last 3 times I’ve gone and he sort of brushed it off. I held my tongue and he said, “How about some sushi?”

You don’t have to tell me twice. All was forgiven!

I had some errands to run anyway, like depositing at the bank (where we talked to Yadira for a while), and getting a few things and going to the salon.

They practically know what we get at Kumori already. They brought us our lemonades and Miso soup and this time John ordered an extra plate of rolls: the Bonsai rolls. He got them because they were inexpensive; didn’t even check what they contained.

They bring us our Spicy Fried Calamari (which we ate in record time) and our rolls. I’d asked for my usual Fiesta rolls with no salmon skin. The waiter brings us our plates of rolls and when he places mine in front of me says, “Fiesta rolls with extra salmon skin?” I felt a mix of emotions: felt bad for the cook because the rolls looked really nice but I loathe salmon skin, felt bad for myself because I was going to have to wait longer for a new order and I was starving, and I felt bad for the waiter because I might just yell at him for getting the order wrong. As I sat there in silence staring at the rolls, wondering where the salmon skin was, the waiter starts laughing and says, “Eh, I’m just kidding!” I start laughing, relieved for all of us, and the waiter leaves and I glance at John. He’s smirking and says, “You looked like you were gonna kill somebody.”

I happily eat my no-salmon-skin rolls and John tries out his new Bonsai ones. He makes a face and says, “It has a familiar taste.” I try one and DAMMIT! there’s salmon skin in it…and broccoli. Ahh, “bonsai”…makes sense. Little trees. I tell him about my connection and he says, “I HATE broccoli.” Still he ate the whole plate of them.

It was good. I think they put something in it — chemicals or something — that make you crave it like crazy. I want some more.

We went to Mario’s work next, to steal their internet so I could order something for Jorge on Ebay but it was blocked. So we leave to the mall where John spent an eternity at JC Penny looking for work-out shoes. We checked out a few stores then left to Target. We got Mom what she needed, I got what I needed, including some white pillowcases and some white curtains. I get home and realize I got sheet ones. Not what I wanted. So I’m taking them back and getting the teal ones to match the sheets, even though they were a little more expensive. I like no light seeping through the curtains in the morning.

I got the kids fed, bathed, and in bed by 10 tonight. Aly WAS asleep, but she started stirring when the phone rang (Mario’s on his way from picking up a goat…long story) so now she’s fully awake. I’m so nervous about my interview tomorrow. I hope, hope, hope I get this!

2 thoughts on “How to Buy Me

  1. I am so happy to hear about your interview! My mom has been trying to get me to listen to “The Secret” and she would be like, “You turned down the previous interview so the opportunity for something better came along…” Or something. Hee! And let’s put things into perspective here: My “Secret” came in when I ordered a small Diet Coke and that guy gave me a large, LOL! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you! You have to tell us how it goes. 🙂

    Doing some major catch-up on your blogs since I’ve been away at Disneyland–So much has happened! The sushi looks SO GOOD. YUM.

    Thank you so much for your comment regarding Harry Potter. I was waiting for your input specifically because I very much esteem your opinion. I know exactly what you mean when you say you want to read it again and go more slowly this time, LOL! I think we were both racing through it not only to keep from having the ending spoiled for us but also because we were just DYING to know if everyone made it out okay.

    Have a great day and I’ll talk to you soon! Take care! (And good luck! Although, you totally don’t need it because you are what we call AWESOME. :D)

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