Jessica’s Baby Shower & Brownsville

Saturday, June 9th

I managed to sleep in a little, till about 9am; despite Jorge’s SUPER LOUD alarm blaring for 15 minutes straight, even after several slightly stubbly (heh) kisses on the cheek, forehead and lips while he got ready. Aw. I wish I could just keep him with me on a Saturday morning .

I could have slept more, but I had too many errands to run and didn’t want to be rushing at the last minute, like I usually am. So I made myself some coffee (fat free creamer and Splenda–bleh. I’m trying to cut down on sugar since I haven’t been feeling very well and don’t want a repeat of 2008.) and some egg whites with a slice of chopped up turkey breast. I had Jessica’s baby shower to attend at 3 and then Jorge and I were going to have a big dinner, so I was going to keep my calories down as much as possible throughout the day.

I showered and did my girl thing; redid my toenails, flat-ironed my hair, etc. Got ready and went to the bank with Mom, then to my other bank, then to Old Navy to get Jess’ baby a few things and some jeans for Jorge for Father’s Day. We were making excellent time. We visited Gramma after that. She’s doing much better, thank God. She’d had an X-ray and the preliminary results showed that she was developing pneumonia again :(. The last time she had pneumonia she was in the hospital for weeks and very, scarily ill. But she’s taking her medication and she’s moving around in her wheelchair during the day and doing physical therapy a little bit. I’m glad the nurses finally paid attention; her coughs would turn into pneumonia before because she didn’t want to to get out of bed and they’d listen to her .

Mom stayed with her and told me to pick her up after I left the baby shower. I came home to change my shoes and rushed to Jessica’s. After getting lost for a few minutes I ended up at the right place, heh. We chitchatted and I got straight to helping her with the 8-layer dips, guacamole, the garlic bread and other things here and there. She was going all-out and feeding us WELL. She even made these super cute drinks:

Jessica's Baby Shower

I totally want to make these. With some Sparking peach champagne or Moscato!

People were having trouble finding Jess’ house and she was getting shaky from being on her feet and cooking all day so we all made her sit to eat. I had one of the dips, a few chips and a skewer of bacon-wrapped chicken. Everything was so good! Totally gonna have to make those. I’m thinking of throwing a dinner party, maybe before she has her baby and before Carmen leaves to her new station in Virginia. We’ll have another mini-reunion :).

It was already going to be 5:30. The baby shower was till 7, but since Jorge and I had to take off to Brownsville by 6, I had to leave early :(. She served me a plate of the main dish–lasagna and garlic bread–and I got ready to leave. As I said my good-byes her mom says, “We need to do this again!” And then she looks at Jess’ belly and said, “Wait.” I said, “Yes, again. Under different circumstances!” LOL

I miss my babies like crazy. I spoke to them while I was on my way to pick Mom. It was brief, and Jaylen was, er, on the toilet when he was talking to me LOL, so that was a short chat.

Jorge was already home; showered and taking a nap. The poor thing had a dramatic day at work. They were almost done with a project when one of his employees made a huge mistake and they had to clean it all up. Luckily, it was all done and he got out early like he’d planned to.

We got our things together and headed to Brownsville. I spent the drive untangling my gold chains, stupid things! But we chitchatted and had a relaxing drive. We got to the restaurant and got out seats since we were on the list, but they charged us for the boxing bracelets. And then there was another misunderstanding, but Jorge explained that his friend was the owner and then it dawned on them that, YES! They did tell us you were coming! And the night went smoothly from there :).

Jorge updated his status on Facebook, which made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :).

Jorge's Status 6-9-12

It felt nice to just get away for a bit. We quite literally pigged out. I joked, “See what happens when you deprive yourself?” 😛

This was a mango Margarita. One of the best I’ve had:

Mango Margarita

This was a tamarindo Margarita. It was good, but you could only drink so much because it was so sour!

Tamarindo Margarita

This was dinner. I brought more than half home LOL.

Beef O'Brady's Shrimp Dinner

Aaaaand I ate ALL of this one:

Chocolate Eruption Bar. *swoon*

Cut down on who’s sugar intake?!

Oh. My. God. Beef O’Brady’s in Brownsville. Every darn thing was super tasty. Totally recommend.

It was hard for me to stay awake after that brownie. I was sugar-crashing hardcore. But I did pay attention to the fight and OMG…what a rip-off. Had we paid for it (our bracelets were refunded and we transferred it to the waiter as his tip), I woulda been angry. Jorge called it. He said they were setting up Pacquiao for failure so Mayweather would step in and say Ok, now I wanna fight. Sucks that his sons were present for the very first time and saw their dad lose .

We got in the car, Jorge was driving. Since we were both getting sleepy we blared Phillip Phillips and Elise Testone full blast and sang our hearts out :). I love that :).

We got home, changed into PJs and sat in the garage until this old lady started nodding off. I got ready for bed and he watched TV till he fell asleep; his nightly ritual :). Awesome day, indeed!

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