Mario’s B-day Weekend

Thurs., Nov. 12th – It was Mario’s 28th birthday! He decided to go to work instead of getting the day off, and getting out early that evening and then again on Saturday. I ran errands for both Moms that day, came home, picked up the boys from school, got ready for Taekwondo and had my class. I received my last two tapes from Ernesto that day. He had me doing kind of a practice test and helped me “perfect” my form and kicks and everything. I still have to practice the form some more (I know it by heart, but I get so nervous when I have to perform it in front of the instructors or when someone else is doing it at the same time! And I have to get over that because I’m going to be performing it in front of a lot of people the day of the test!).

The boys had Report Card Night that evening, so I got home, freshened up and took them straight to the school. They did really well; both got All A Honor Roll! So proud :)! Eenan’s sitting apart from the rest of the kids, right next to the teacher, since he distracts the other kids when he’s done with his work, but he said he doesn’t mind sitting next to her. She’s so patient! She’s so calm about it all though and for that, he adores her :).

Jaylen of course got nothing but good reviews from his teacher. She said she wished she could have 50 Jaylens *beams*.

Mario was home by the time we got back and I ordered pizza and wings from Wild Coyote’s, the new pizza place near the house (which is right next to TKD so as soon as we get out we’re smacked with the delicious smell of pizza and you just want to ruin your whole work out…anyway…).

Anyway, Mary and I went to pick up the pizza and sodas and we just had a nice little get together here at home for Mario. Elda & Jose came over a little later and had some Tres Leches cake with us and we chit-chatted. We’d be having Mario’s “big” party on Saturday.

Mario left to have some beers with his uncles so I watched Grey’s Anatomy and hoped to get a work out in before bedtime. Didn’t happen. Alaethia or Emily needed something every 10 minutes and Emily was a little fussy so that idea went out the window. And thus started a weekend of bad eating and not being able to work it off!!

Fri., Nov. 13 – I was feeling really lazy, but I’d been promising Mom all week that we’d go to town and so I had no choice. Got the girls ready:

My attempt at fixing Emily's short hair LOL

And just before we were going to leave, John calls asking if he can come over to do laundry. We waited for him and he went with us to Walmart. Mom did a bit of Christmas shopping, I got a few groceries and we rushed home so I could pick up the boys and then go to TKD.

Class was…alright that day. Didn’t get to practice too much for the test and the kicks were a bit more…tame that day. Not what I was looking forward to really.

The boys had class that evening, too. They enjoyed it ’cause they got to knock each other down practicing the one-step sparring. Ernesto had just made a comment about how well-behaved my boys are (they were partnered with each other) when Eenan got a little too over-eager and threw Jaylen down really hard. Oh, my boys.

We went to Jorge & Maggie’s with our girls after the boys got out of TKD. They stayed with Mary, as usual.

We had fun, had some laughs as always. I had a cranberry drink that was actually really tasty. It’s always nice hanging out with Maggie.

We left home early-ish because Mario had to work and I had to be up early to clean the house and get everything ready for Mario’s get-together Sat night.

…to be continued :P.


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