Mother’s Day 2017

We had a pretty low-key Mother’s Day. It wasn’t our weekend with the kids πŸ™ , which sucks, since we’ve had them pretty much every Mother’s Day so far πŸ™ .

Jorge and I started our weekend on Friday with a quick jog at the park. We talked about dehydrators during the day and decided “why not?” and took our sweaty selves to Walmart on the way home to purchase a pretty well reviewed and cheap dehydrator. We made some badass beef jerky!

Jorge took the next day off since he had a bad cold, but he took me to breakfast at a restaurant buffet, Los 4 Compadres, he’d been going to. Although they had a beautiful spread of fruit, but since I was just starting Ketp again, I opted for the fattier things to coincide with the diet.

To be honest, the bacon was too fried and tasted weird :(. Anyway, we got home and John gave us a surprise visit! Hadn’t seen my bro since…I can’t even remember! He came bearing gifts for Mom and me, including some cashola for my birthday and Mother’s Day, and some for Mom for Mother’s Day as well, which was a great surprise!

Then he treated us to Mooyah Burgers. I had the Ice Burger, of course.

Not the best photo, but know that it was devine!

We chit-chatted and caught up on tons of stuff. It was great hanging out with him. Felt like the old days when we’d go everywhere together and eat Kumori on the way, heh. πŸ™

On the way to visit Gramma, I stopped by 5 Below and got a few work out thingies (an ab wheel and 2nd yoga mat), including some cute shorts.

We visited Gramma, then picked up Jorge at home. Mario was nice enough to share the kiddos with me on Saturday evening to celebrate Mother’s Day. My poor Emmos had gotten a cold that had creeped up on her pretty fast, and Mary took her to the night clinic with a fever πŸ™ . Mary did us the favor of dropping the kids off at Cracker Barrel after the appointment, where we would be having our early Mother’s Day dinner. There, I gave Eenan his invitation to a luncheon for a scholarship he is receiving from my workplace’s education program πŸ˜€ ! To say I’m grateful is an understatement!

I knew it would be a little tough to figure out a Keto-friendly entree at Cracker Barrel, but I think I did alright.

I removed the croutons from the salad

And then the hubs ordered me one of my favorite desserts there…the Coca-Cola Cake with vanilla ice cream 😯 . My brain told me, “Eat only 1 spoonful,” but I got about 3 spoonfuls instead 😳 and shared the rest with the kiddos. Old Me would have eaten the entire thing (and boy, how I wanted to!).

The kiddos looked around in the shop after we ate and then we got home and relaxed, watching “Stitch Has a Glitch” and playing checkers <3. And Jorge and the kiddos gave me my gifts! 

Such a great night, indeed.

Jorge woke up feeling even worse the next day, and though he usually goes all out on Mother’s Day morning, I couldn’t hold it against him since he felt so miserable. So Mom, Emily and I headed to the market to pick up some barbacoa and menudo–both of which pair very well with our diet!

I dropped the kiddos off a few hours after we had breakfast with their dad πŸ™ . Love those babies of mine!

We got a few gifts for Gramma on the way, including some pants (her pants always go missing 😑 !), flowers and balloons and stopped to visit her for a while. All-in-all, it was a great Mother’s Day, even though we didn’t have all the kids all together πŸ˜• . Very blessed that my Gramma is doing so much better!

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