New & Improved…and Yellow!

As we were lying in bed last night I was whining to Mario how I wish I’d had time to do so many more things, like painting the kitchen and hanging up picture frames, even though I did accomplish a lot in the past week. He said we’d do everything I wanted to do first thing in the morning. He’d been drinking a little and he always becomes the best, most romantic, most supportive husband ever when he’s drunk, so I attributed his generosity to that. I didn’t want to get too excited.

Mary woke us up asking if we wanted to go to the movies with her and the boys, but we were tired and up late with Aly (till 2 am and then she kept waking me up and the baby didn’t let me sleep much, either. I had a tummy ache and she was thrashing about so much I couldn’t sleep) so we sadly declined. We lazied around in bed and then I started making breakfast and Mario finished making us eggs. Alaethia actually ate all her eggs with cheese. I’m trying hard not to give her anything to drink until she’s done with her food or else she’ll want to go back to sleep or gets too full and doesn’t want to eat any actual food. This is a bad habit I thank Mom for instilling in her.

We went to Family Dollar to buy a few paint supplies and started prepping kitchen. Mom and my dad-in-law helped with Alaethia, and later when they got home, Mary and the boys kept her entertained. We’re so blessed to have such awesome family.

Mario wasn’t sure about the lemon-colored, almost nacho-cheese paint, but once we finished and everyone was complimenting it he said it would grow on him. He thought he was being funny by calling the kitchen our Taqueria LOL. He even said, “We can paint one of the walls a moco green and we’ll have the whole taqueria look going on here.” He even stood outside the window as if he was at a drive thru, stared right at me and said, “Hola mesera. Me da un taco pirata, tacos de bisteck y agua de Jamaica, por favor?” Hard-dee-har-har.

We took a break and had hotdogs outside with mom and Big Mario. I came back in to Mario’s protests to finish up with the kitchen. I’m putting away all my tea pot collections; I’m going for a minimal look. We got rid of a whole bunch of stuff we had piled in the corner. Now the trash can resides there and I’m hoping to get a hanging rack for the mop and broom and so on. I’m so happy with the results, even though I’m tired as hell. Mario’s such a big help these days. He even put up the picture frames I wanted him to. We still need the ones in the hallway, but I’ll bombard him with that later, heh.

He bathed Alaethia without a complaint then I took a shower and brought Aly to bed. She’s asleep. I should do the same. It’s already 12:30am. I didn’t want to go anywhere tomorrow, but I know I’ll probably have to. We have to go visit Gramma because we haven’t gone in a week. I just wanted to rest, though, but if I think about I haven’t really “rested” this whole “vacation” LOL. I’m too busy getting everything in order. I’m still a week behind with blogs and months behind with baby log! I want to get that done tomorrow. That’s next on my to-do list; updating…and laundry too!

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