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Out And About

Mario didn’t end up going in to work . They had some other guy go in instead. He even felt kind of guilty for not going in, but he figured he’d take — and enjoy — his day off since he probably won’t be getting one for the next month.

I slept in till 10am today. I hadn’t slept till 10am in so long! It was nice . Mario’d been up since 8am but let us sleep. We ate breakfast, then Mario was outside with Vito again, who was trying to add new parts to the Prelude. When they were done, (it was already lunchtime), we left to town. Mario hadn’t eaten so we decided we’d go to Joe’s Crab Shack. I was excited about going there since I *love* seafood and I’d never been there. But unfortunately, it was packed and the seating hostess was super rude; she didn’t even acknowledge us, much less write us in, so we left. We went to Red Lobster, which was super full too, but they wrote us in right away and told us it would be a 25 minute wait. The boys were okay–not too hyper and they actually listened the first time they were told to do something. It was the best service I’ve ever had at a restraunt in all my life. She brought our drinks very quickly, our appetizer & food quickly, checked up on us frequently, and even laughed at Eenan’s jokes . The food was to die for (I’d never eaten at Red Lobster, either). For once, I ordered without adding the cost up in my head (ok, I did, but I did it without feeling nervous). Everything was really good. Mario’d wanted calamari for the longest time, so he ordered some with breaded broccoli and red peppers with shredded motzerella cheese on top. It was GOOD. Even Eenan and Jaylen had some. They loved their chocolate smoothies and popcorn shrimp and fries. Mario and I ordered the same thing: shrimp with crab meat, crawfish and lobster meat too (I think) covered in some tasty sauce and CHEESE with a baked potato. Mmmm…I’m getting hungry again just thinking about it. It was awesome. I can’t wait to go back for our anniversary next month (if all goes well) .

We went to the Sprint store to exchange Noelia’s phone, but the lady said they couldn’t just sell us another phone at sale price like they used to; we’d have to pay full price. And on top of that it was going to take forever, so we left. Went to Target to get Mario more jeans and then Pet Smart to get the rats’ food. After that, we went to Best Buy to get some DVD-Rs and a charger for Mario’s phone. We visited Gramma for a while (well, only Jaylen and I got off to see her, Eenan had been misbehaving so Mario stayed with him in the car). We got there and the first thing I noticed were her neighbors belongings all boxed up and I asked her what happened. She said the lady had passed away on Thursday. How sad . It scared me so much to think Gramma might not be here one day. I wish I could visit her more often. I hadn’t seen her in almost a month! We talked and caught up. Even had a laugh when a little old man in a wheelchair tried escaping through the back door and another little old lady started yelling, “Woooooo hoooooo!” LOL. I noticed Gramma’s even put more weight on. Her face and arms look fuller . I really hope we can get the Prelude running, and then my license soon so I can have the Sentra to myself and I can drive over there and see Gramma more often.

We went to Wal-mart after that to pick up groceries, house supplies, and wall mounts for the surround sound. Then to K-Mart to buy the towels that are on sale (we still have the same towels from when we got married almost 6 years ago, we’ve only bought towels once before ). After that, we finally came home and I helped Mario install the wall mounts. We rearranged the living room and now it’s so spacey. I don’t know why it never occured to us to arrange everything like this before!

Mario went to Jorge’s for a little bit and I fed the kids, bathed them, then read them some stories and put them to bed. Had some trouble with Eenan who insisted there were black widow spiders in his bed and biting him . He went to lay on my bed and then screamed that something burned him on the toe. He finally fell asleep when I threatened to turn off the night light and close the door (he likes it open since he can see the light from the living room). And now I’m here, making Mario’s MP3 disc while he’s sprawled on the couch enjoying his surround sound LOL. Oh and good news: my teeth don’t hurt! I actually ate and drank cold drinks without feeling a shot of pain. Hopefully I won’t need a root canal after all. *crosses fingers*

Pee-yew…I need a shower .


I’m Gonna Need Dentures By the Time I’m 30

Friday was basically the same as every other day, but was much less hectic. I’m was on this natural high. During lunch, Mario called and told me that he’d been on comission the past two weeks and didn’t even know it. Then he told me how much his paycheck came out to this week. My eyes about bulged out of my head ! In my state of shock I stupidly ask, “How’d that happen!?” And he says, “I busted my ass this week!” LOL I’m so happy for him. He was just talking about how he was still on hourly and wasn’t happy about it. I’m so proud !

When Eenan got home from school on Thursday I asked him how it went. He said fine and that nobody made fun of his sandals LOL. I’m glad. Friday they had their Good Life Celebration — a party/dance they have for them every end of the 6 weeks if they’ve kept their grades up and have been well-behaved — and Big Mario said he saw him and Angela dancing together. Aww !

After Mario left to work that morning I laid on the couch with Jaylen since he wanted to run his fingers through my hair (yes, he still has that bad, bad habit) and take a nap. I started tickling him and when I stopped he said, “Again!” I told him no, that I’d scratch him with my nails. He grabs my hand and stares at my nails and says, “Those are claws!” LMAO I knew they were long, but Jesus!

We went to Jorge & Maggie’s after Mario got home from work. I helped Maggie make the potato salad and the guys (Mario, Jorge and Hiram) were outside bar-be-cuing. When Maggie told me to taste the potatoes, I bit down with the side I’d gotten the fillings done in and I got this pang of pain. It was horrible. I almost screamed. I knew at that moment I had to get the darn tooth fixed again. Maggie made Margaritas and with every sip I’d take, I’d get this throbbing pain. I think that’s what pissed me off the most …I couldn’t enjoy my drink!

We ate and teased Jorge about his beef-jerky-esque fajitas LOL. They were almost burned to a crisp. But everything was still really good. We all joked around and made fun of eachother–as always–and then it was wives against husbands again and we somehow brought up “the past” and ended up throwing things in the husbands’ faces. Mario and I appologized to eachother, but I still felt incredibly bad for bringing up something so stupid. I made up for it in the morning though, buahahaha

Mario left to work this morning and then the boys and I and Yazmin chilled out here while Mary ran some errands. When she got back, we picked up Yadira and went back to Progresso (Mexico) to go to the dentist. It was horrible this time . Yazmin and Yadira went in with me and held my hands while the dentist removed the filling he just put in 2 weeks ago. (Poor Mary stayed in the lobby watching my monsters children.) Everytime he’d get near that one tooth, I’d jerk my head back. I kept sliding away from him and he kept telling me to “come back” LOL. I ended up getting an X-ray and even getting a 2nd opinion from the other dentist. They couldn’t figure out what’s wrong. They gave me antibiotics and two different pain meds to help. While I was standing holding Yadira’s hand when it was her turn, the side of my face was throbbing and I even started getting an ear ache and head ache. I almost cried. When he checked me again, he blew air into my mouth and turns out I have to get yet another tooth filled—the same tooth I told him to fill THE LAST TIME I WENT!! I went specifically for THAT tooth to get re-filled (the filling fell out), but he didn’t even do it. He did 2 on top, not 3 as we thought. He put in a temporary filling (that tastes like minty crap!) and I have to wait two weeks to confirm whether I’ll need a ROOT CANAL ($150) or not. I’m also going to definetly need to get all 4 wisdom teeth ($50 per tooth) removed (I already knew that), but most importantly the wisdom tooth on the top right. Ugh. I’m not looking foward to it. I’m petrified actually. But, I drank an Icee without screaming or flinching in pain today! So that’s progress, I hope *crosses fingers*.

Yadira was so scared to get injected with the novacaine, poor thing. I’m a total chicken when it comes to needles, and I could stand it so I kept assuring her it wouldn’t be so bad. She even teared up. Once she got the shot though, she was fine. They ended up filling 4 of her teeth, and it came out to $160!! I asked the guy (dentist) how many he did for me and he said he couldn’t remember how many teeth he filled, supposedly. I thought he did 3, but he didn’t. I think he did 2 and charged me $35. Even if he did one, it’s $5 less than what he charged Yadira per tooth; he charged her $40 each. Mary’s going to call on Monday and ask what happened. I didn’t have to pay anything at all, not even the X-ray, since it was a sort of follow-up. Ugh. I can’t believe my teeth got this bad. And I brush morning and night! I don’t get it ! It must be all the darn sweets I eat. I am going to make it a point to teach these kids about how important teeth are. You only get two sets, dammit. I still have, like, the whole left side to get worked on and 2 teeth on my right. Lovely.

Poor Mario got home all frustrated tonight. They’re making him go into work again tomorrow. I was so looking foward to spending the day with him. At least it’s a short day?

Okay, gonna go to bed. My darn head hurts.


Aw Crap!

Well, I spoke too soon. The child peed not once, but twice, during the night. And he didn’t even wake up . The only reason I woke up was because my wrist was hurting me and I needed to pee.

I think he’s on strike. I think his whole body’s on strike, actually. He still hasn’t pooped, and I’m worried. I think he needed to go this morning because he refused to put his undies back on and screamed for a diaper. I even sat on the toilet while he was sitting on his potty chair to encourage him to poop. I even made grunting noises (no, I wasn’t really pooping!) just in case that would help him push, or something. He peed so much during the night — I think — that both times he’s tried to go pee, nothing comes out. He just says, “My pee-pee’s gone!” .

He’s also got this annoying cough that comes and goes. He coughed so much this morning that he ended up puking. Poor guy. I started him on cough medicine again. If it keeps up, back to the doctor we go.

I don’t know HOW I’m going to do it next month. The kids have their appointment at the dentist and I probably won’t have a car since it’s at 9am, and Mario leaves by 9:20 for work. Gotta start figuring SOMETHING out.

Speaking of next month, I can’t believe Valentine’s Day is almost here. It’s on a Monday, and Mario is working of course, so we’re probably not even going to “properly” celebrate. On March 27th, we celebrate our 6 year wedding anniversary. He’s already asking for that day off, and is even promising to work an extra Sunday (he gets two on, two off) if he gets it. I hope they have a heart and let him get it. We’re already planning on where to go have dinner. I hope it happens. I’d like to make it super special, but I have no idea what to do. We were watching Committed again last night, since Mario hadn’t watched the most recent episode, where it’s Marni’s birthday and Nate has this dinner for her on the roof. I tell him — half-jokingly — that I wish someone would do that for me, and bat my eyes at him. He replies with, “Well, good luck”, and smiled sarcastically. I know he was joking, but argh. I remember when he would go all out on our anniversaries or special days, and even if it was nothing fancy, he would do something nice. I remember once, before we were married, he laid out a blanket in front of the big fireplace his dad bar-be-cues on outside, lit the fireplace and bought these floating candles and put them in water-filled glass bowls. We snacked on stuff and just cuddled and had a good time. I miss that *pouts*. When we talk about it he tells me he was just doing it to get in my panties . Bastard . It worked…obviously . But I know, I know…he’s so busy with work and we barely even have time to talk and see eachother. I’ll figure something out .

Gonna get lunch ready. Spaghetti O’s it is!

*edit 1:09pm* Jaylen asked for a “snack”, which usually means some sort of sweet, and since I’m out of those littler Gerber gummies I gave him a Honeybun (not the best choice, I know!). The in-laws have him addicted to those things, dammit, and he usually finishes all of it. I’ve been lecturing him about how too many sweets are bad, and “your teeth are going to fall out of your face”, etc., so today he brings back more than half of the Honeybun and says, “I can’t eat it all…I’ll die.” I’ve got the poor boy tramatized….*/edit*