4th of July

Hope everyone had a great (and safe) 4th of July.

We woke up late; Mario around 11:30 (and the boys, too) and Alaethia and I around 12. I did everything I needed to do the night before (tacos for dinner, dishes, sweeping, and I even made a batch and a half of banana bread!) and had another late night with Alaethia. So we thought it a really good idea to sleep in. We got ready at our leisure, packed everything up that we needed then all of us, and Mom, went to visit Gramma and wish her a happy birthday.

She was happily sitting in her wheelchair, and she told us Aunt Nora had just stopped by to visit her, too. Mom gave her the gift she bought her (we’re giving her ours this Saturday) and I wrote her name and her room number on her clothes. That’s also why I carry a sharpie with me everywhere I go; just in case we stop by Gramma’s and she needs her things labeled.

We fixed her closet, took many pictures with her and talked for a good while. Then we went to Home Depot, where Mario got some tools he needed and I got a nice Stanley level and a few supplies to finish up the walls in the bathroom. I’m doing it. If I don’t, then it’ll stay that way for another year.

We came home and chilled out at Mary’s before everyone got here. Noelia had arrived with the souvenirs she and Andy’d gotten everyone at Disneyworld. They got Mary and I charm bracelets; mine had a diamond-ish encrusted Mickey head and Tinkerbelle on it. I love them. I shall go crazy ordering charms and have the noisiest, charmiest charm bracelet evar.

They got Mario a really cute (and tall) shot glass from the Jurassic Park ride at Universal (I have fond memories of getting the crap scared out of me in that one) and got the boys a Pirates of the Caribbean skull full of Pirate Booty for the boys. It was one price for as much as they could stuff into the skull. I thought it was really sweet that Andy stood there picking out two of each item so the boys wouldn’t fight. That’s why they’ve always been in love with their new uncle!

Crazy Eyeballs

We had burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, ice cream cake from Dairy Queen (my absolute favorite; to celebrate Natalie’s birthday) and apple pie a la mode. There sadly weren’t enough burgers, which made me feel bad, and momentarily caused me to get in a bad mood since Mario sacrificed his burger and gave it to me and I wanted HIM to have it. I know how much he likes his burgers.

Everything was delicious. All the women sat around the table, as is our custom, talking and laughing while the men were outside doing their man things, like drinking beer. The kids were all at our house next door in the boys’ room playing video games (supervised by the older cousins). When it was 9pm, we all went out to watch the kids pop their fireworks. There were mosquitoes all over the place so, humid as it was, I wrapped Alaethia up in a receiving blanket to avoid them eating her up. She still ended up with a huge bite on her cheek, but what can you do?

Mosquito Repellent

(This part was continued on Friday, July 6th.)

Eenan, Angela, Noelia and Andy were all playing War with poppers. Jaylen was following Mario around, assisting with (picking out) the fireworks. I think Mario had more fun than the kids did. First he lit a whole two packs of Morning Glories and just held them in his hands, all happy.

Mario's Brilliant Ideas

It looked impressive, but I’m just so glad he’s still got both hands.

And this is what, mmm, about 8 boxes of Sparklers look like when lit all at once. I’m so glad he decided NOT TO HOLD THESE!

And He Wanted To Hold Them In His Hand

Crazy. The whole cone burst into flames shortly after.

It was a fun night. We let the kids all finish off their fireworks before everyone went home. Then each of the kids took a shower, because they were so disgustingly sweaty. Alaethia felt so good after her bath that she fell right to sleep, so I put her in her crib and took the fastest shower in history. I got the boys into bed and as I’m walking out to close the door, Eenan starts screaming bloody murder. About a second later, Jaylen joins in because Eenan freaked him out. I’d forgotten to turn on their night light and instead of reaching up (it’s right above Eenan’s bed) and flipping it on, they ran through the dark hallway after me, thus waking up Alaethia. I finally had her asleep early and was going to fall asleep myself, but nope, didn’t happen. She didn’t fall asleep, again, till 2:30am.

Not much happened yesterday except that John got hired at a second job like he wanted. (And I had yet another dream that his car had gotten broken into…weird.) It was cool that they actually went to him and asked him if he’d like to work there still. He said, “Sure!” and immediately got hired. And he said that would never happen to him!

I was halfway done with this blog last night when I was going to finish up with laundry and call it a day. Well, I’d washed four loads of laundry and the 2nd one never dried. The first one was Alaethia’s and that one dried fine. The 2nd one was the darks and I thought maybe they just weren’t drying because I overstuffed it. I took some out, let it dry another half hour and nothing. Mario suggested, at 12:30am, that I should go and dry everything next door at my mom’s house. Sure, buddy. And stay awake till 3am waiting? No thanks. Alaethia already keeps me up till 2:30. So I made a makeshift line (an electrical cord stretched between two kitchen chairs — L33t) and just hung everything on hangers to dry. And of course, Aly stayed awake till 2:30 as I expected. And I tossed and turned most of the night because they’d turned the air off at Mary’s (the houses are connected and so’s the darn central air…grr) and once they turned it on at 5am, I kept tossing and turning because I was freezing. Grr.

I thought I was going to have to drop Mario off this morning, since we’re going to the movies and didn’t want to have to take two cars, but I’m just going to pick him up then go get his truck afterwards. He’s working half a day today and then we’re going to watch Transformers. Oh yeah, baby! I have a feeling today’s going to be AWESOME.

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