Bitch Slap of the Century

I hadn’t looked out the windows when I woke up, which was at 8:10am, but while I was making breakfast, which was at 9am, I noticed it was eerily dark out. Sure enough, thunder started rolling and rain started pouring down. Shortly after, the darn electricity went out, but only for a few seconds. Still, it was enough to knock the satellite out and the kids were terrified and bored (that is why I didn’t want Dish Network!). I put a DVD on for them (The Land Before Time, Invasion of the Tinysauruses) and I sat there, eating breakfast, bored. So, I turned the computer on and crossed my fingers that the power wouldn’t go out again. I hope it’s over now and I hope Mario got to work safely, too.

The boys’ lessons went well last night, for the most part. Eenan’s doing wonderfully; he can float on his back, is learning to kick while holding on to the wall, and is learning to pass himself around the pool–even the deep sides–so he can gain strength on his arms. Jaylen, on the other hand, was driving his coaches crazy LOL. The same coach that taught him on Monday, Jorge, was teaching him last night. Michael, Mario’s friend, wanted Jorge to teach both Eenan and Jaylen, since Eenan’s coach had another class with about 4 older kids. Jaylen wasn’t having it though. Jorge was teaching them to grip the wall and kick, and Jaylen wanted to be out “swimming” on the deep side and kept trying to get away. He refused to blow bubbles and kick, so Michael ended up taking Jaylen instead, and worked with him a little. Hopefully today will be a better day though. They’re sleeping very well at night since they’re so tired from all the swimming LOL.

I made hotdogs last night, since Mario had said he wanted some the night before. I’m not too fond of hotdogs, but had actually been craving one, so I had one. I don’t know if it was the hotdog or the sun that did it to me but I ended up getting really nauseous and then got a migraine. I felt horrible. I still had to wash dishes before I went to bed, so I recruited John to help me rinse. He complained the whole first half of the time we were washing dishes, then started making jokes. I kept laughing, which made my head pound even more, which made me get into a bad mood. Then, he did one of the things that bugs me to no end–he splashed water on my face. Something in me snapped. I gasp, turn to him and lay a smack on his face–soapy water and all. I kind of stood there with my mouth open like, “What the hell am I doing??”, and seeing the shocked expression on his soap-suddy face made me crack up laughing. It was kind of like when a Pimp smacks his “hos” with a baby-powder-smothered hand? Yeah, like that . He said I smacked him so fast he didn’t have a chance to react. We both laughed the whole time after that, and he kept saying, “Don’t Hulk out one me” LOL.

Later, when we were done with the dishes he asks, “Have you ever just smacked Mario like that for splashing water in your face?” I reply, “Yeah, but on the arm. He knows I hate that and does it anyway. But I’ve never smacked him on the face!!” We’ll be talking about this for weeks to come LOL.

on Monday, June 6th, Rachel said:


That happened with me once – but it was while my sister & I were swimming in a lake. Her pool noodle slipped and hit me really hard in the nose. I NEVER am violent-ish other than tormenting my sister in normal ways…like, oh, a small pinch, but like a second after that noodle hit me, I snapped and *punched* her. I was suprised as she was….

on Thursday, June 2nd, becca said:

Oh my Lord. That is the funniest entry title EVER. 😉

We’ve both had bad luck with electricity lately! It’s so wonderful that your boys are learning to swim. I don’t think my parents ever took us for lessons, and I always wished I were more comfortable in the water.

Yajaira, I am the exact same way– headaches make me so cranky. I don’t think I’ve ever slapped anyone yet, but I’m sure the day is coming… 😉 I hope you feel better!

on Thursday, June 2nd, kitty said:

:)yikes! I just slap my hubby on the arms coz when we get rough jokes and stuff I accidentally slapped him in the face.. and ugh.. he doesn’t like it.. and yeah we end up having a slight fight nyehheeh, but that was funny though.. take care! have a nice day!

on Thursday, June 2nd, Jessica said:

I think I need some swiming lessons, lol. I couldn’t swim to save my life.

on Thursday, June 2nd, Johanna said:

Sorry I don’t visit your site much. I am swamped with stuff to do. I hope you have a restful summer, I won’t! Ahhh! I am glad for the swimming lessons. I need some for myself. haha! Take care!

on Wednesday, June 1st, Vic said:

I need to get Troy into some swimming lessons. He’s driving ME crazy. He wants to do all these aquatic things this summer yet he can’t swim. GRR!