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The Beginning of a Week Off

Sun., Nov. 23rd – Jorge and Tommy came over, equipped with a trailer and an extra truck, to help Mario and I pick up Mary’s furniture and my ottoman. We were all over at Mary’s house most of the day watching the guys take out the old furniture and bring in the new. Andy and Noelia came by in their truck with Mary’s new dresser that she ended up finding at Big Lots, solid wood. After I’d made some lunch and cleaned up a bit I left to Target with John, who needed to return something and then to JC Penny for myself for some new maternity pants since they were having a huge sale and I had two awesome coupons: one for $10 off and one for $15 anything $10 or more. I *had* to go before the sale was over on Monday. I didn’t want to fork out any more money for maternity clothes but I only had 3 pants and now that winter’s coming I absolutely had to get some. Plus, I’m justifying my purchases by keeping them in good shape to give to Noelia for when she finally decides to have her babies.

After I’d found a pair of khakis and a pair of jeans in size small (it was quite a hunt, let me tell you), we paid and then we went to Best Buy to look around. John was looking around to see what games he’d buy the boys for Christmas and then we went into the instruments section and messed around with some drums. He wants to get Alaethia a small drum set, can you believe that?

John said he was hungry and asked if I wanted sushi. Um, yeah! You don’t have to tell me twice! I called in the order and then we drove a few shops over and picked up our take-out from Kumori. I couldn’t wait to get home and devour my yummy rolls.

We got home and everyone was over, like they usually are at least one night during the weekend. Mario and his Nino had been bar-b-q’ing. I unfortunately had to share my sushi with whoever wanted to try it because I’m polite like that, so I didn’t have my fill at all. Needless to say, I hunger for more, as John would say.

Monday, Nov. 24th – I didn’t go to work (Alaethia had a cardiologist appointment ) and since I already knew I’d be absent and had signed my sheet I got a little extra sleep. But I hadn’t realized how long it would take me to make breakfast, get myself and then Alaethia ready so I was running late. I was down the street when I called into the office to tell them I’d be late. The girl said they’d only gave me 15 minutes to get there. How nice. I managed to get there in 17 minutes and prayed for both my and the nurse’s sake that they’d still see us. They did, only to call me up when I was almost done filling out the paperwork and told me they didn’t accept her insurance, which is CHIPs. Lovely. I was so pissed I tore up the referral in front of her face and told her they should let people know about these things before they show up to the appointment. Shouldn’t things like insurance be confirmed during the whole appointment setup? I called Laura, one of our nurses, and asked her what was up, what happened? She said they didn’t say anything about not accepting her insurance during the appointment setup at all and that she’d try to get her another appointment at a place where they did accept it. Of course I didn’t get one for that day.

I collected all of Alaethia’s things, scooped her in my arms and buckled her into her car seat. Once she was busy watching her Care Bears cartoon I silently wiped at tears of frustration. I cry for everything these days and keeping my daughter from an appointment she needs is the ultimate tear-jerker.

Once I calmed down I called Furniture Row to see if they’d do a few changes to my account. One of Mary’s couch pillows had a teensy hole and she wanted two more chairs for her dining set. The guy I spoke to was a total moron and couldn’t tell me anything about anything. All he said was, “When you call back at 10, someone else can help you out.” Um…okay.”

I called Mary to tell her about my morning and how the guy at Furniture Row was not helpful and she told me to go to her office and chill out for an hour before going to Furniture Row. So I did. The girls hadn’t seen Alaethia in a long time and were head-over-heels for her. I talked to Yvonne for a while and showed off my belly. After Alaethia had been paraded around the office and collected a handful of lollipops and sticks of gum, we got in the car and left to Furniture Row. Thank God they gave me no problems what-so-ever.

I got a few groceries on the way home and was so relieved that Alaethia was in such a good mood. She’s at the age where it’s actually tolerable for her to be in town for a long time without getting tired. She was great.

When I got home after picking the boys up from school Mario texts me and says he had lunch at Kumori…could my day get any worse? He doesn’t even LIKE Kumori that much!! He promised me Kumori on Friday. He was forgiven.

Tues., Nov. 25th – My first and last day of work for that week, woo! I couldn’t believe the Thanksgiving holiday was already here. When we started work again this fall and I made the decision to stop working after January it felt like it’d be forever before the Thanksgiving holiday would come. Now that it was finally here that only means one thing: my last day of work’s going to creep up in the blink of an eye.

I kept on top of everything so that I wouldn’t have anything waiting for me when we got back the next Monday. Mrs. V. wasn’t there most of the day; she’d gone shopping for Christmas decorations at Walmart and other places. I actually had a chance to loosen up and read when I had nothing else to do. Usually I feel like I need to BE busy with something or else someone (Mrs. V.) will see me and think I’m slacking—even if I don’t have anything to work on.

Mrs. Ruiz arrived after lunch and we started putting up the 12 ft. pre-lit tree she donated. Yes, she donated it! One of our students, who calls himself Chocolate, and Jorge D. helped. They were glad to get out of ISS LOL. The kids were having their Good Life Celebration and were having a Jamaica (festival). We were so busy with the tree that I completely forgot to go out there and see the rides and games and buy my nachos. I heard it was awesome, though.

I couldn’t believe I was going to have 5 whole days off! I was finally going to get everything in the house organized and cleaned and I was going to update my blog once and for all!

Wed., Nov. 26th – I had my doctor’s appointment in the morning. I could go in anytime in the morning. I should have gone in much sooner than I did. I made it there at 9:30 and was there well into 12pm. I was supposed to take Mom in for an appointment, too, but they were closing after 2:30 that day until Monday.

I weighed 138—not bad at all! That’s only 1 lb. in 2 weeks. Elizabeth (the nurse practitioner) told me taking Robitussin DM for cough and congestion was okay to take for my dry cough. I didn’t end up taking it at all anyway. The doctor asked about my sugar and told me just to keep monitoring myself. She almost wanted to do the 3-hour test but she spoke to Dr. C. and he said no, we’d agreed to monitor my sugars. Elizabeth did say that the baby’s full turned over, which is insane because at the time I was only 26 weeks! The other three didn’t turn over till at least 28 weeks!

I asked her, as I usually do, to check if she’s still a girl and she said, because the way her legs were positioned, that she couldn’t really tell. Although she and Dr. C. have already told me countless times that she is a girl LOL.

We left the kiddos with my in-laws while John, Mom and I went to visit Gramma. She was eating dinner and watching one of her novelas when we arrived. She spent most of the time shushing us and waving us out of the way when we’d get in front of her TV–she was really into her show! We stayed a while and then went home.

Mario came home at night and got into a discussion with his uncles and he became a bit peeved/upset and decided to leave the house at 10:30pm. I’m usually pretty lenient about stuff like that, but I was actually hoping to spend time with him and watch a movie or something now that I didn’t have to be in bed by 9:30. I expressed my thoughts which sent him barging out the door. I stayed up on my own watching TV and right when I was going to go to sleep around 12:30, he walked through the door. He lay next to me and put his arm around me and asked if I was upset. I kind of shrugged and that was the exact moment that I heard a weird sound coming from Alaethia’s crib. I practically pushed him off me so we could check on her. She was throwing up, completely out of the blue. Nobody was sick so she couldn’t have caught it from someone. I figured it was that she’d been eating a mixture of stuff.

Mario changed her sheets while I washed her up in the shower. Poor thing was falling asleep the whole time. I dried her up and got her dressed and Mario sat with her in our bed while I put everything in to wash. When I got back, she’d already thrown up again all over our pillows and sheets. So we made a new pile to wash.

She’d coughed on my face while I was carrying her, so I figured I’d get sick. I just hoped it wasn’t the next day, Thanksgiving! And I hoped Alaethia wouldn’t be sick the whole time, either. How unfair that would be :(.


Mon., Nov. 17th – After a morning of what seemed like tortured sleep, I finally started to really drift off again around 5:15…which left me with 15 whole minutes to sleep and I was exhausted, so I just got up and texted Mrs. V. that I wasn’t going into work. I figured a text would be good since she’s not usually awake at that time.

I always feel guilty calling in, but I wasn’t going to torture myself trying to stay up all day or getting into an accident driving to or from work so I think I made the right choice. I have to use up my sick days anyway, before I stop working. Since I didn’t sign up for Disability last year I don’t qualify for Maternity Leave at all—bastards.

Anyway, all I had to do was wake up at 7:30 when the alarm went off for Mario and call my absence in.

Only I didn’t call in at 7:30…because I woke Mario up and fell back to sleep till 9am! The girls are so good to me; when I jumped out of bed and called in I didn’t get scolded LOL.

It really didn’t feel like a free, restful day at all. Alaethia was in an awful mood, probably due to teething and after school when I picked the boys up they were in terrible moods, too. Maybe it was the weather?

Tues., Nov. 18th – I wasn’t surprised to find lots of books left over for me to shelve from the day before, just as I thought there’d be. I have to thank Mrs. Ruiz, the saint, because she went in for a little while and checked-in/shelved some books for me.

I started off the day by inputting all the manual check-ins from the day before during advisory. At least the internet worked long enough to finish checking-in books. After that, the internet was slow all day, so I was still checking in books well after lunch, which is not normal. I’m usually done checking in by at least 10:30 and have the rest of the day to help kids with Reading Renaissance and shelve books. Thank goodness 2 substitutes and Mrs. Ruiz showed up to help me. What a difference they made.

All I wanted to do was rest when I got home, but I’d agreed to let Aaron come over and visit for a while. Not that he’s any trouble; both he and Jaylen are very well-behaved together.

My throat started feeling weird that night. Alaethia fell asleep early but woke up right when I was ready to go to bed; lucky me. She didn’t let me fall asleep till probably midnight and then woke up for something to drink at 4:20, like always. Which left me with less than an hour to sleep before my alarm went off.

Wed., Nov. 19th – I don’t think there’s anything creepier than driving down Jarachinas Road in thick, dense fog. This is the same road I mentioned when I first started working—the dark, creepy, never-ending one. Usually I’m cursing buses and slow traffic that holds me back (and makes me late to clock in) but this time I gratefully followed close to the bus, truck and car in front of me. The last time I drove in fog that thick, around 2 months ago, I was all alone and was driving so slow I felt like I’d never get to work.

I was quickly developing a cold; mother was sick with a cold so she’s probably the source of my sickness. I was desperate doing research online to see what I could take for my horrible sore throat and turns out Chloraseptic and the Ludens Sore Throat Drops I had on hand were just fine.

Thurs., Nov. 20th – The internet was so slow at work. I had lots of work to do, meaning I had piles among piles of books to check-in and shelve. Usually everything’s done a little while after I come back from lunch but I had work left over for the next day; that’s how bad it was! Didn’t help that I had a purchase order to submit and it was a nightmare from the beginning. I seriously hate those things. Thank God Mrs. Ruiz showed up. I got to vent about how I didn’t get to go to lunch till almost 2pm (1 hour before I clock out!) and she helped with the massive amount of books.

Once I got home I tried to relax and went to the boys’ Report Card Night with just about the whole family. Mario and Mary got home on time from work to go with Mom, the kids and me. I was really thirsty so I chugged a huge glass of grapefruit juice on the way out. As soon as we stepped foot in the parking lot of the school I began to feel queasy. I was jittery and felt like I’d puke. I couldn’t even properly say hello to Norma and the kids because I felt so bad.

We spoke to Jaylen’s teacher first, who, of course, had nothing but nice things to say. She said she was really impressed with him and even made a really nice comment about how she had us to thank because he wouldn’t be such a great kid if it weren’t for great parenting *tear*. She said he’s doing so well she recommends giving him 2nd grade and then 3rd grade work if he can pull it off. She said she’d never want to promote him to a higher grade because they’re never ready, so she’d just be giving him higher level material. He made all A Honor Roll!

We spoke to their choir teacher after that and signed. We went to Eenan’s class next. His teacher said he’s still a bit distracted, but he has been doing better. We also discussed the bully he’d been dealing with. I told her about how he’d actually call home or while we were at work and ask if we could pick him up. She was concerned and said she’d speak with him and maybe set up yet another meeting with his mom. Apparently this is a regular, every-day thing for him.

I was tearing open his report card as we were walking down the hall. I smiled and raised an eyebrow to him as I tore along the perforated edges; I’d warned him that if he got anything less than a 90 for Composition he was in big trouble. He’d just brought home two unfinished compositions the day before that his teacher was giving him a chance to finish up before she posted grades. It’s not that he can’t do it—it’s that he gets lazy and/or distracted and doesn’t want to do anything in class. He’s a terrific writer and has an amazing imagination; I know what he’s capable of.

He clutched his little hands together and prayed, “Please no B’s, please no B’s!” I told him to shush; someone would hear and say, “She’s one of THOSE MOMS,” which I’m not. Like I said, I just know what he’s capable of and he was not going to get away with messing around in class. He was saved though: he made all A’s, too!

We visited their Gifted & Talented class next. Their teacher told us about their upcoming Thanksgiving plays and showed us their decorations and self-made costumes. Everything was too cute. They both love that class. They get to express themselves and be as creative as their heart desires. I love their teacher—she’s hyper and laughs a lot like me LOL.

We went to their assembly in the cafeteria. Jaylen and the rest of the 1st graders performed a few Thanksgiving songs. It was too cute. We sat with Jason & Mirella, who were there for Brianna’s performance as well. As cute as they looked and sounded, I couldn’t wait to go home. They were having a potluck dinner and the smells were making me even more nauseous.

When we got home Eenan rushed to do his homework (thank God we went back that night or else he wouldn’t have known what to do) and Mario and I watched Grey’s Anatomy. Well, we watched it somewhat—as much as you can with three kids screaming their heads off every 5 minutes.

Mario ended up passing out while Jaylen showered. Aly watched Bridge to Terabithia and Eenan showered. When they were both done, they watched Alaethia for me while I showered. I felt like crap that night. I felt like barfing from my dry throat and dry cough and sleep was pretty much out of the question.

Fri., Nov. 21st – It was actually in the 40’s and drizzly all day. I had a chance to make myself some coffee which kept me nice and warm on the way to work. I really didn’t feel like going in at all since my sore throat (and Alaethia) didn’t let me fall asleep till 1am, but oh well. She woke up twice for something to drink: sure sign of mom putting her to sleep for more than an hour during the day. And to top it off, there was rain pelting on the window like pebbles and I couldn’t sleep. When I finally did drift off into sleep the darn alarm went off at 5:30. I slept about 2 1/2 hours in total. I felt like shit. But I had to go in. I’d already been absent on Monday. Mrs. Ruiz had already paid for my plate for the fundraiser we were having that day and I owed her so I didn’t want to be absent for that either. The food was delicious, even though the fajitas had a weird lighter-fluid taste O_o.

I chilled out most of the afternoon. I don’t remember if Mario and I went anywhere at all that day but I tried going to sleep semi-early since I had to be up super early the next morning.

Sat., Nov. 22nd – I couldn’t sleep all night Friday due to my cough and then had to wake up at 6:20 to get Eenan ready for his U.I.L. competition and drop him off by 6:45am. It was cold. I got home and changed back into PJ bottoms to go to sleep again, only I couldn’t sleep because I was coughing. When I finally did fall asleep I was out maybe two hours before Aly woke up for good. Poo. Sleep throughout this pregnancy has been slim to none!

I scooped Alaethia up and made us some breakfast. I chilled out with her and then realized we had no cash for Jaylen’s day out. His best friend, Aaron, and Aaron’s parents invited him to go watch Bolt, out to eat and then back home to play some Playstation 2. I was sleepy and moody so I huffed and puffed while I got ready to go to the bank. Mario offered to go for me, only after he saw that I was completely dressed and ready to walk out the door. Grr. I withdrew his cash and then dropped off Jaylen at Aaron’s house. I came back home and chilled out, trying not to fume at Mario. He was still nice and toasty in bed after coming home at 4am. He wouldn’t have come home at even that time had I not texted him. He couldn’t sleep as always so he’d slinked off to Chris’ house and lost track of time. I’m a lil’ jealous that he gets to sleep when he wants, do whatever he wants. According to other women I’ve spoken to, this seems to be the norm with husbands.

The baby’s been moving like crazy. I can actually see her move her knees or feet along my belly now. I’m glad I can finally feel her and know for a fact that she’s alright in there.

We’d been throwing around the idea of moving the boys’ stuff to Noelia’s old bedroom, which is Mary’s spare bedroom. I felt weird about it because although our houses are only separated by a wall and the back door to Mary’s house is like 5 steps away, I didn’t feel right not having my babies sleeping in the same house. They’d still do their homework here, eat here, etc. The only difference is that their beds would be in that room and that’s where they’d sleep. After a lot of thought, I finally agreed. Alaethia and the new baby would need their own room; it was becoming pretty cramped in our bedroom. And it would only be until we can start on the new house, which hopefully won’t take an eternity (although the economy, housing market and Border Patrol not calling Mario yet will be a challenge).

I picked up Eenan from school and he was sad that he didn’t place. We need to practice some more. He went from placing every competition last year to not even getting into the semi-finals. But we’ll work on it.

We went to storage to get the bunk bed ladder to turn their separate beds into bunks again. Mario stayed home setting everything up, Mom helped with watching the kiddos and I went with Mary, Yadira, Tommy and Angela to town. Mary wanted to look for a new dresser and was either going to borrow Yadira’s Lack’s account or my Furniture Row account. Lack’s was our first stop and it was extremely expensive. They wanted $1,000 for each chest of drawers—and they were made of compressed wood!

We went to eat at the Taco Bell/Long John Silver’s since we were all starving. I had popcorn shrimp, of course, and was surprised to find that I for once didn’t finish the whole meal. I’m assuming the baby’s taking up so much space now it’s going to be hard to finish a meal. I had the same “problem” when I was pregnant with Alaethia. I’d get real full, real fast.

We went to Furniture Row next. I wasn’t very happy with the drawer chests since I was specifically looking for one with 6 drawers so each boy would have three and three. They already had one with 5 drawers, so Jaylen was left without a pajama drawer. It’s actually a really nice dresser Aunt Nora gave them, but since the drawers are made of compressed wood, the boys have dropped them and broken them and I’ve fixed them so many times they’re falling apart.

In the end, I actually found a Pine dresser made completely of wood. It only had five dressers, but I figured I’d buy him a basket or Rubbermaid box for his PJ’s.

Since Alaethia was born we’ve been using the same plastic 3-drawer box for her clothes. I figured it was finally time to buy her a proper dresser; one big enough for her and her new sister to share. I found a beautiful white dresser, one fit for a princess, even! It’s very vintage/shabby chic.

Mary ended up with a dining table and chocolate colored euro-suede couch. Totally didn’t get what she initially went for. I also got a small ottoman to match my sofas. I was a bit worried I wouldn’t have enough credit, but I had tons. And the huge plus is that we get no interest/no payment till 2011!

We got home and chilled out at Mary’s. We met Jorge’s new girlfriend! They’d met since Brandon’s birthday party the night after Halloween and have been seeing each other ever since! I’m so glad he found someone!

I came back home and started cleaning the debris left under the boys’ beds. Mario had already set up the bunk beds in the boys’ new room. Their old room was a horrible mess. My back hurt by the end of the night. I was a little upset at Mario who walked in to check how I was doing (the audacity) and when I asked him, “Are you going to help me with this?” he replied, “Of course!” and promptly walked out the door. He didn’t mean to do it maliciously, it just happened to look that way. He was busy drinking and entertaining outside, as usual.

I was already emotional from being exhausted from cleaning and Mario walking out. I started thinking about the boys not sleeping in their room and cried a little, which is silly because they’re a bedroom away basically and would sleep over most of the week anyway. Still, I can’t wait to build my dream house. We should have had it by now but we’ve been hindered by many obstacles. It’ll happen one day, though. Sooner than it seems, I hope.

Hearts In Eyes

Mario and I were debating for a while whether we should fix up our old e-machines desktop computer and that day we finally decided to buy the hard drive it needed to work again. The moms stayed with the kiddos while we went to Office Max, where we saw a 500g ATA hard drive on sale for $99 in the ads. We got the hard drive and Norton. Turned out we got the wrong hard drive. We were starving, so we decided to exchange it after we ate. Mario asked where I wanted to go and I hinted Kumori, but I knew he wouldn’t want to go. But then he starts turning into the lane and he stops at Kumori! I was thrilled. It was turning out to be such a great day. The weather was nice and overcast and I just love days like that.

We ordered some spicy calamari and Mario got some Yakimeshi Beef (fried rice with beef and veggies). He loved it. I joked that I’d probably starve if I had to eat rice with chopsticks all the time; my rice kept falling all over the place.

I ordered my usual rolls, the Fiesta Rolls. Mario couldn’t decide what he wanted. He said he liked the rolls I took him a while back, the Earth Rolls, which consist of fried rice, spicy shrimp, veggies and cream cheese but he hates cream cheese. I told him he could just order without it. That’s what I do—order my Fiesta Rolls without the fried salmon skin, yuck. We had a really nice time, just us in the quiet, dark restaurant enjoying the rain that had just started pouring. I couldn’t stop grinning at him across the table. I was still in complete disbelief that we’d spent three whole days together (well, half of Friday since I was working). But still, it was fantastic!

We went back to exchange the hard drive but ended up returning altogether because they didn’t have the one we needed. It was quickly starting to flood; one thing I don’t miss about living in McAllen. Adan told us to go to Comp USA because they most likely carried the ATA hard drive we needed. I hadn’t been to Comp USA at all since they relocated. The store’s HUGE. We found a 400gig for $79! I was in love.

We went to Walmart to get another DVD shelf to match the nice one we bought a few months ago. The old one we had was rickety and I was terrified that it would fall on top of Alaethia, since she has this obsession with ruining my DVDs at the moment. We got a few more things we needed and then went to H-E-B for groceries. We got home, I cleaned up, did laundry, dishes, and all the other housework. Got the kids in the shower and didn’t even iron. I packed myself some Hot Pockets for work, which I was craving. They’re livesavers. Adan and Mario were chilling outside with Jorge and Jose by the time we went to bed. Aly wouldn’t go to sleep at all; Mom let her sleep while we were in town. We were up till 1am! Then she woke me up at 3:30 for a glass of milk. I couldn’t fall back to sleep and just tossed and turned. I hate that! Needless to say I was exhausted in the morning!