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Need to Make Changes!

Jan. 19th – My head hurt that morning and my eyes were puffy from bawling my eyes out watching “My Sister’s Keeper” the night before with Mario. I’d already seen it at the movies during one of my Girl’s Day Out, and it was so incredibly sad I vowed never to see it again. Well, we’d watched “500 Days of Summer” before that and I was already feeling kinda down because who likes a somewhat happy ending to a movie? I want HAPPY ENDINGS! So we’re trying to figure out what else to watch and end up watching “My Sister’s Keeper” since Mario hadn’t seen it. Ugh. I cried even more that time! And to think they didn’t stick to the original ending! I would have shriveled up and died of pure sadness!

Mom came over and watched the girls while Mario, John and I went to Palmview. I dropped Mario off at Adan’s since he was going to try and get the truck he’s buying off of Jorge working. He has to replace a fender and a few other things before it’s ok to use.

John and I (against John’s will LOL) went to Target for a few things. Then we went shopping at Walmart. We got home, John went home we had lunch and then I picked up the boys.

The vintage Braveheart Lion I’d ordered for Alaethia for her birthday (she asked for that one, “the bunny, the kitty and the doggy”, but not even Mama has the kitty LOL!). Her lion’s probably nicer than mine. Ever since that day I’ve been itching to dig all my collections out and display them again, but Mario’s adamant about not putting my shelves back up.

I started cleaning the house that night. We were only having a small party for Alaethia since we’re budgeting (and since we have Emily’s 1st birthday coming up exactly one month after Alaethia’s!) so we were just going to invite closest family and friends. The only problem was we weren’t sure if it was going to be cold and ugly the way it usually is on Aly’s birthday. So I was to clean and organize the house, mainly the living room, dining room and kitchen in case we needed to fit everyone in here. I had my work cut out for me. One dining room corner had become somewhat of a storage corner, with Rubbermaid boxes stacked halfway up the wall. So it was my job to move some of them to the laundry room and get rid of everything else!

I’d made fideo and beans that night and smushed some up for Emily. She’d seen me licking my finger when I’d been eating and now she does whenever I pretend to do it LOL. (If you’re already a Friend/Family on Flickr you can see the video!)

After dinner and after the boys had already gone to bed, Mario and I went to the living room with the girls to watch TV. Alaethia had very neatly arranged her Care Bears and, so as not to disturb them, perched herself on the back of the sofa. We watched quietly and then I tell her, “Alaethia, get off the back of my sofa, please!”

She replies, “I can’t! My Care Bears are in the way!”

When I told her to get off the back of my sofa she said, "But my Care Bears are in the way!"

She’s so cute!

Mario and I talked about the Future Kitchen Remodel. Well, it took a few hours to actually talk about it. He kept asking me to come up with ideas and to draw out plans and when I’d bring something up or show him a picture he’d shoot down the idea. Rudely. I hate that about that man. He can’t just nicely say he doesn’t like it…he has to elaborate on how stupid an idea it is. Makes me so mad. Eventually (after I blogged about it…which immediately made me feel better. I really need to start using my site as my therapist again…), we talked about it and actually came into the kitchen, taped parts of the wall off where the counters and new walls would go (I’m visual) and I felt a little better about the whole thing.

Jan. 20th – I had a few errands to run like going to the ATM and then the bank for Mary. We were on a time crunch since I had to pick up the boys from school but we managed to go to Dollar Tree for a few birthday party supplies for Alaethia. We went Downtown to look for some Care Bears, at the same place I went to last year, but I didn’t find the small ones. I got 4 of the bigger ones and when we got home I realized she already had Cheer Bear. Oh well, that one can be Emily’s LOL.

Of course she wanted to hold the Care Bears all the way home. I had a feeling I wouldn’t get them back till her actual birthday LOL. Which was fine; they were going to be hers anyway, I just had to figure out how to “borrow” them from her to decorate them and hang them up the day of her party.

I started unloading all the stuff when we got home. Alaethia had already gotten comfortable with her “babies”, or Care Bears, while I was outside and got really upset when I tossed my bag onto the sofa. She screamed, “Mommy! Get your bags off the sofa, my Care Bears are watching TV!” She’s too cute!

I texted Luis, my TKD instructor, to ask if I could have class at 4 instead of 5 since Jorge, Mary, Andy, Noelia, Mario and I were going to the Leeann Womack/Joe Nichols benefit concert. He never texted back, so I figured he wasn’t going to be able to go at 4. Oh well. I was going to shower early, but I wasn’t going to class I figured I’d shower after I got the boys. Well, Luis texted back at 2:50 that I could got at 4, so I got in the shower, stuck my hair in a bun and picked up boys. I finished getting ready and went to class. He had me to the fitness part first and then practiced some kicks. I had a water break and then…sparring. It was officially the 3rd time I’ve sparred if you count my yellow to yellow-advanced test.

I did horribly. I probably annoyed him. I hate that I scream and pick my hands up all dainty-girl-like–so embarrassing. He kept telling me to stop doing that, to just slide back when he was about to strike, but I would slide back and then shut my eyes and bring my hands up LOL. I hope we practice more often. I don’t wanna suck again during my test! He did say I kick fast, I just have to work on the sliding part.

I told Luis that’s what makes me not want to continue with my belts; the sparring during the tests! I’ve literally spent nights tossing and turning worried about it! They think it’s hilarious though, stressing me out about sparring. They’re always making stuff up about how an upcoming tournament is mandatory and that I have to compete!

I got home, rinsed off all the sweat, blow-dried and flat-ironed my hair, and got dressed. The boys were separated ahead of time since they like to fight when I’m not around. I got the kids’ food ready and got Mom situated in the living room with the girls’ things. Mario got home and got dressed and then Mary, Mario and I took off to pick up Jorge.

We stopped by Taco Bell/Long John Silver’s in Pharr (yum) and we ate in the car before we got to Jagz, where they were having the concert. I used to like that place when it was a pizza buffet/rides place for kids but now it’s an event center. Very awkward layout for an event center; the ceilings are REALLY low.

The line was HUGE and we met up with Andy and Noelia. We joked all the way inside. We were too late to get seats and since I’m vertically challenged it wasn’t like I could see anything anywhere that we stood. So we just talked. A local band was playing first and we could hardly hear anything. Then when Joe Nichols came out his mike didn’t work, so he had everyone sing along to “Brokenheartsville”. He also sang, “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off” which is one of my favorites of his. We could hear Leeann Womack a little better and I may have gotten at least one good picture. She sang a few songs, but my faves are “I’m Gonna Love You Tonight” and “I Hope You Dance”. Ah, that last one was beautiful! I’ll always remember that song because it’s the one they played when Eenan graduated from Kindergarten *tear*.

Ah yes. This was also the day I started drinking sodas again and eating crap! Ugh!

Jan. 21st – I stayed up late downloading music and then spent like half the day (till noonish) exchanging music with John. I made one badass work out playlist and another one with my favorite songs. I meant to start on my cleaning/organizing as soon as I woke up but I can’t do anything when John visits. He keeps showing me videos, stories and makes me listen to music when he’s here, hence the reason I didn’t start cleaning till noon.

As I was walking into living room once Alaethia runs up to me with a little finger pressed against her lips and hisses, “Shhh! I just put my sons and daughters to sleep!” She had all her Care Bears lined up on the sofa again, all covered up with our throw blankets LOL. She’s hilarious.

It was very easy to get my work done with my iPod on. I got almost the whole house done, except for the dining room. Ugh. That was going to be a project all on its own!

I had to shower and get dressed to pick up the boys and then took then to Taekwondo. I think that was the night Luis said Jaylen would start going to class with the kids who needed help. Jaylen was NOT happy about that. He does everything correctly (you should see the kid’s Pandae (sp?) kick!), but he gets too overconfident and just half-asses (there’s no better way to put it LOL) his Horse Stance and the basics. So, until he improved on that he had to go to the other class. Which meant he’d be going on the evenings I go, right after my class. Eek!

I made shrimp Alfredo and garlic toast for dinner. Then I made some chocolate chip & peanut butter cup Tollhouse cookies Mom bought for me to make. And I had half a Pepsi. OMG. I seriously need to make some dietary changes. And well, I need to quit going to sleep late and waking up late. I’m not even making poor Mario breakfast these days! And I’m still stalling on starting the P90X workout again! Argh!


I’m so bad at updating everything. Well, except of course Twitter/Tweetdeck, which automatically sends everything to Myspace and Facebook. I’d started the whole 365 thing on Flickr–not joining the groups or anything, just for myself really–and I think I got to day 7 or 8 and that was it! I was hoping at least keeping up with that since I do a crappy job of keeping up with this blog. Oh well!

Mario and I were supposed to be working on the plans for our hopeful, future kitchen/dining room remodel, but he says he was waiting for me all day to talk about it and I was busy. Of course I was busy! I was getting the rest of the stuff I needed for Alaethia’s birthday this weekend (and I still forgot the helium tank, 2 bags of tortilla chips and mayo) and then I got home and cleaned and then I took the boys to Taekwondo. Luis, the instructor, gave them kind of like a pop quiz. The boys almost ended up having to go back to the white belt class for extra practice! They’ve gotta perfect their form by Thursday or else!

Anyway, so yeah. After I made dinner and fed all the kids (Rolando included; he came to visit after TKD) I came over to the living room where Mario was on his laptop so we could start jotting down plans for the remodel. We’ve been sitting here for at least 2 hours on our respective laptops and I keep bringing it up but he says now he’s not in the mood. Makes me so mad!

Well, since he won’t hear me out, I’ll jot down my ideas here. We’re both thinking of completely flipping the dining room and kitchen, kind of like what Sally and Pete did at their house. So when you’re walking in the from the living room, it would be living room, dining room and then kitchen. The only problem is the darn bathroom! It’s right next to the dining room right now, which I HATE! We’re thinking of completely flipping the bathroom around making a tiny hallway for it. I was thinking of making a partition wall next to the hallway, so that it’s not RIGHT THERE next to the kitchen when we remodel. But I don’t know. Mario doesn’t like the idea because he says it’ll take away from the cabinet space. We’re going to have so much more room anyway if we do flip it!

And in the dining room, I want to make that awkward angled wall a mostly chalkboard wall with a cork board on one side, with a nice moulding around them/separating them. I also want a credenza or hutch or something with shelves and doors to hide the kids’ game boards, crayons, notebooks and anything else they usually leave lying around in the dining room. BUT, Mario doesn’t like the idea of cabinets in there. Poo.

(…1 1/2 hrs. later…) Well we finally went in there, measured and taped things off. We’re going to have to do some major changes in there to get the counter space we want. Like moving the hallway entrance (to the bedrooms) from the dining room to the kitchen (were the awkward wall is) and then the rest of the space on that wall will be chalkboard for the kids! The bathroom doorway will be moved completely to the opposite side with a partition wall so the door way’s not THAT close to the kitchen. We’ll have a top-to-bottom pantry where the bathroom door used to be and we’re going to hopefully have enough space for an island with cabinets for the bigger appliances and pots/pans and a space for my cookbooks. I’m so excited, you have no idea. Unfortunately, though, we’re going to have to do it all little by little since we’re on a tight budget. But we can do it. Just gotta have a little patience with our situation…and each other LOL.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Starting this up at 12:11, so I’m not to late, heh. Had to stop our celebration half an hour early and bring the kids inside because idiots in our neighborhood started shooting their guns. They do this crap every year!

John chilled out with me most of the day. We watched some marathon on VH1 about the new millennium and I got a quick work out in before I showered and went to McAllen to cash Mario’s pay check. I wanted to have the entire house completely clean, but I only got to do a few dishes, 2 loads of laundry and toss out the trash before I had to leave. I always hear Mom in my head saying “if you don’t have the house clean on New Year’s Eve, you’re going to have a messy house the entire new year” and “if you don’t shower on New Year’s Eve, you’re going to be dirty the entire new year”. I at least got the shower part done LOL. And the messy house isn’t anything new, heh.

We had lunch and Mom got situated with all the kiddos before we left. We went all the way to McAllen and I stopped by Mario’s work to drop off the things he asked me to take with me. He said the checks still weren’t in, so to go ahead and waste time in town. I looked down at my legs, which haven’t been shaven in weeks because it’s been cold. I was in shorts since it was in the 70’s today and my favorite jeans were in the dryer back at home. I was NOT about to go into Barnes & Noble with legs like that LOL. So John and I just waited in the parking lot, listening to music and sharing the latest gossip. We waited about an hour and a half, just so that Mario could finally get his check and tell me he needs to get something for his Boost phone so he’d go ahead and go to the bank. So basically…I went to McAllen for NOTHING. I could have been cleaning the house! Or baking! Or starting on the dips for tonight!

So I get home and since John wasted all that time he asked me to give him a haircut. Fine. Then Mario gets home and wants one. Fine. Then my dad-in-law wanted one and a beard trim. Oh, alright.

So needless to say, I didn’t get the dips done :(. And we find out at the last minute that everyone’s going over to Grandpa Dario’s for a bar-b-q instead of getting together at our house. As crappy as it would be not hanging out with the entire family, it’s a tradition to pop fireworks with the kids, eat and have a few drinks here, at home.

Mario and Jaylen left to buy fireworks and Mary, Alaethia and I went to Walmart to get a few things. Mom stayed with Eenan & Emily. I got the s’more’s stuff, got some Moscato wine, beer, and pizzas since I wasn’t making the dips (can you tell I’m bummed about not having Spinach Artichoke and Velveeta/Rotel dip? LOL).

As soon as I got home I popped the pizzas in the oven. Rolando, Eenan’s friend, was already here. The boys were outside popping fireworks under Mario’s supervision.

An arsenal of fireworks!

Mario wasn’t in a good mood at all. He even snapped at me a few times, and I told him to stop ’cause he was being super rude. What a way to bring in the new year! I ignored it, though, and enjoyed spending time with the in-laws, Mom and my kiddos.

Eenan had a little moment of emo-ness, too. He was sad because Angela and the other kids weren’t here, but I told him it was fine, he was still spending time with his best friend and siblings. He threw a small fit outside and I just snapped. I sternly told him, “All the people that matter the most are HERE! You, and everyone else that’s complaining (*cough*Mario*cough*) need to realize that!”

I didn’t hear any more complaining after that.

I got everyone fed and the boys popped more fireworks. Emily was having a blast with her grandparents and Alaethia was coloring with her Crayola stuff. She’s still not too fond of fireworks.

The boys were getting a little overexcited with the fireworks, so we brought out the S’mores stuff. They were excited to melt their own marshmallows with the skewers.

S'mores time!!!

They had about another hour to pop fireworks before Rolando was picked up. I brought out the bottle of wine and Mario opened it and poured my glass, as a nice peace offering that I gladly accepted.

The girls were becoming antsy, Jaylen was sleepy and quickly becoming moody and then the neighbors started shooting so we came inside. I texted and responded to a few New Years texts and then John came over around 12:40 to pick up some food he forgot here. He chilled for a bit, shared some disgusting stories (LOL, typcial John) and then left. The girls are now sleeping and Mario’s still outside, drinking alone, still in a not-so-good mood according to his Myspace status. *sigh*

I can’t believe a whole year’s passed. 2009 was a really good year. I became a stay-at-home mom again. Emily, my surprise baby, came into my life and made it even better than it was. My entire family’s healthy and well, even though Gramma did have her bouts of pneumonia, she prevailed and she’s healthy again. I hope God keeps her that way for many more years to come. We did lots of cool things during summer, like going to my very first concert every (George Strait & Sugarland in Houston!) and we visited Disney World again! The boys and I joined Taekwondo and I feel healthier than I have in a long time. I’m finally 120 pounds again (hope to get to 110–it’s not too little, I’m only 4’11”, remember!). And countless other blessings I can’t recall off the top of my head. I know 2010 will be even better!

Must work on a New Year’s Resolution list tomorrow!